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   Corporate Overview







2020/Sig/RDSO/EOI 24.06.2020 Calling of Expression of Interest by  RDSO for various Signalling items



Monsoon Precautions for Signalling Systems



Empowering RVNL for approval of design documents of S&T installations on Indian Railway for doubling/ tripling/ new line projects being executed by RVNL

2020/Sig/EDSD/Signal Asset


Review of Asset Replacement Criterion (Codal Life ) of Signalling items in view of Technological Advancements



Co-opting of following officers for reviewing and updating of IRSEM



Open House Discussions with S&T Field Supervisors, Maintainers and Assistant (S&T) over all Zonal Railways



Standardisation of Buildings for upcoming CTCs and RBCs



IMPRINT for Indian Railways



Starter Indicators at Platforms



Route Release by passage of train- SEM Pt- II para 21.5.8

2012/Sig/SGF/7/Pt (e-3080586)


Cross Acceptance/ Approval policy

2019/Sig/33/1 SEM-II/Misc


Nomination of Sub Committees for Revision / Re-issue of IRSEM Pt- I & Pt-II

2019/Sig/17/36/ETCS L-2(e-3304767)


Applying for associate membership of EULYNX  for designing of Interface between EI/Relay Interlocking and RBC in the project of ETCS L-2



Empowering RVNL for approval of Design Documents of S&T installations on IR for Doubling/3rd Line/New Line Projects executed by RVNL



Umbrella work  for provision of Remote  Diagnostic & Predictive maintenance system at 100 stations on Golden Quadrilateral & Golden Diagonal (GQ & GD) routes

2017/Sig/Moderzation/ Signalling 16.03.2020 Design & Development of Artificial Intelligence Powered Systems to improve RAMS functionality of S&T system
2018/Sig/17/16/1 13.03.2020 Price Variation Cause for 6 Quad Cable as per IRS: TC 30.2005 (Ver.-1) Amd
2018/Sig/17/35-Sig Cable/1 13.03.2020 Use of HDD along the track for laying of signaling and telecom cable
2013/Sig/Vig/01/Pt 13.03.2020 System Improvement regarding warranty claims warranty/Guarantee period.
2020/Sig/IMPRINT 11.03.2020 Impacting Research Innovation and Technology (IMPRINT)
2015/Sig/Non-Gaz/1 11.03.2020 Compliance of HOER provisions in respect of S&T Staff
2013/Sig/G/2/RDSO 09.03.2020 Provision of Signals on Gantry
2019/Sig/86th SSC 06.03.2020 RDSO controlled S&T items proposed for delisting
2018/E&R/3(2)/1 04.03.2020 D&G charges in various works estimates
2017/Sig/Signallng/Modernization 27.02.2020 Workshop on Railways and Defence Sector to promote Steel usage in the country.
2015/Sig/SF/1 24.02.2020 Asset Performance
2013/Sig/G/2/RDSO 17.02.2020 Impacting Research Innovation and Technology (IMPRINT)
2014/Sig/Stores 14.02.2020 Proper Accountable and Upkeep of Signalling material in Depots
2012/Sig/Safety Performance/2(pt) 13.02.2020 Detection of track on rusty rails
2018/Sig/7/6-RVNL/1 13.02.2020 Empowering RVNL for approval of Design Documents of S&T installation of Indian Railways
2013/SIG/IRISET 07.02.2020 Restoration of original duration of Training for Group ‘B’ Officers
2018/Sig/18/6/Data-Logger/1 31.01.2020 Safety Alarm generation by Data loggers
2013/Sig/G/2/RDSO 30.01.2020 Standardization of buildings for upcoming  CTCs & RBCs
2013/Sig/TCAS/status 30.01.2020 Execution of works of TCAS on 1200 km on SCR- Monitoring .
2019/Sig/33/1/SEM-II/Misc 30.01.2020 Revision / Re-issue of  IRSEM Pt I & Pt II.
2013/Sig/TCAS/Status 16.01.2020 Request for approval for engaging  consultancy services at international level to develop interoperability between ETCS Level-2 and TCAS and other requirement for Indian Railways.
2019/Sig/25-Conf/1 14.01.2020 Proceedings of Performance  Review Meeting of CRB & Board  Members with all  GMs & DRMs through Video Conference (VC) on 24.12.2019
2019/Sig/WP/IR/1(UMB Works  10.01.2020 Approval of works under sanctioned Umbrella works vide item no. 371of Pink Book 2019-20 under Plan Head-33
2012/Sig/ATSS 10.01.2020 Technical System Application Approval (TSAA) of Electronic Interlocking (EI)
2017/Sig/Modernization/CTC 08.01.2020 Provision of Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) systems in the supplementary budget 2019-20 against demand No. 82.
201/Sig/Safety Performance  07.01.2020 Disconnection Memo.
2018/Sig/36-SD/1 06.01.2020 Standardization of Signalling  Drawings
2016/Sig/Modernisation  02.01.2020 Provision of Modern Automatic Train Protection System.
2016/Sig/PMO/1 01.01.2020 Expenditure Efficiency: Action Plan for reducing wasteful expenditure.


Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 08-09-2020  

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