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Letter Nos. Subject Dated
2010/M(C)/137/2 Corrosion repair in MLR & POH workshops 09.12.2016
2010/M(C)/137/2 Audit of corrosion repair in workshops during MLR & POH 09.12.2016
95/M(C)/141/1 pt. mom Rationalization of Maintenance Infrastructure and practice for Rolling Stock 07.12.2016
95/M(C)1137/42 Vol.IlI Proliferation of LHB coaches - CRS sanctions 22.11.2016
2007/M(C)/137/16 Vol.VI Production of LHB EOG (LS-3 and LS-5) second class non-AC coaches 22.11.2016
97/M(C)/137/1 Vol XI Manufacture of ICF Conventional Coaches with CBC 22.11.2016
97/M(C)/137/1 Vol XI Fitment of CBC on ICF coaches during MLR 22.11.2016
99/M(C)/141/21 Provision of dustbin in Non-AC coaches under Mission Swachh Bharat Abhiyan 28.10.2016
20141M(C)/141/4 Status of tenders other than procurement - Monthly position 14.10.2016
76/M(C)/137/31 Vol. II Provision of Fire Extinguishers in prescribed quantity & at earmarked place 04.10.2016
2003/M(C)/141/3 pt. Fitment of Auto Genitor Automatic hygiene and odour control system in coaches 16.09.2016
89/M (C)/202/10 Vol III Distribution & Pasting of Posters In Railway Coaches-regarding 14.09.2016
95/M(C)/141/1 Enhanced round trip kilometres for Mail Express train with LHB stock 12.09.2016
89/M (C)/202/10 Vol III Distribution & Pasting of Posters In Railway Coaches-regarding 08.08.2016
2007 M(C) /137/16 Vol (ix) Committee report on Corrosion of FIAT Bogie Frame 03.08.2016
2016/M(C)/137/2 Conversion of GS coaches into Deen Dayalu coaches during MLR 14.07.2016
91/M(C)/137/23 pt. Implementation of e-tendering in Works Contracts on Indian Railways through IR's E-Procurement System (IREPS). 10.06.2016
91/M(C)/137/23 Public procurement policy for goods produced and services rendered by Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) by Central Ministries/Departments/Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs). 08.06.2016
2004/MC/138/3 Coaching maintenance Targets for 2016-17. 02.06.2016
2006/ M(C)/137/l1(PNM) Provision of additional foldable berth in Non LHB AC coaches and provision of  tool box 18.05.2016
2007/M(C)/137/16 Vol.VI Furnishing of non-AC LHB coaches 16.05.2016
20091M(C)/165/6 Constitution of committee to review specification of the mechanized laundries and related issues. 11.05.2016
2007/M(C)/138/1 Mechanical Shield Data for year 2015 23.04.2016
89/M(C)/202/10 Vol III instructions for pasting of stickers in trains for creating awareness 08.03.2016
2009/M(C)/165/6 Washing of pillows being provided to AC class passenger on trains 1 28.03.2016
2009/M(C)/141/6Vol II part(II) Restricting entry into coaching depots and prohibiting usage of coaches as rest-shelters by onboard staff 18.03.2016
2006/M(C)/165/9 Revised guidelines for On Board Housekeeping Services (OBHS) Scheme  17.02.2016
2004/Chg-II/13/Stoppage Policy Provision/withdrawal of stoppage of Mail/Express trains, rationalisation and review 24/02/2016
No. 92/ M(C)/137/2 Vol (VI) Pt AMC for subassemblies of coaching stock 18.01.2016
No. 87/ M(C)/202/10 Vol (iii) Display Chart for Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) in Sub- Urban Trains. 14.01.2016
No.97/M(C)/137/1 Vol (VII)

Clarification regarding maintenance pattern of trains being upgraded to run at130 kmph after conversion from ICF design to LHB design stock.



Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 23-06-2021  

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