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Trackman Related

Letter No. RBE No. Subject Date
113 Engagement of Ex-Servicemen as Gatemen on Contract Basis 06.10.2023
2023/CE-I/GNS/6 --- Merger of Cadres 07.08.2023
2023/CE-I/GNS/4   Review the sanction strength of Track Maintainers - SSE wise 22.05.2023
2023/CE-I/GNS/3 --- Reduction of Manpower in Civil Engineering Department 11.05.2023
E(NG)II/2021/RC-4/1 48/2023 Engagement of Ex-Servicemen as Gatemen on Contract Basis 03.04.2023
E(NG)II/2021/RC-4/1  57/2022 Engagement of Ex-Serviceman against vacancies in Safety Categories of Bridge Organization, Track Machine Organization and other similar technical safety categories on Contract Basis 12.05.2022
2015/CE-/GNS/2 44/2019 Revision of percentage distribution of posts of Track Maintainers. 08.03.2019
2016/CE-I/GNS/4 pt. --- Payment to the Track Maintainers deputed for night patrolling duties, for purchase of dry cell – PNM/NFIR Agenda Item No. 44/2016.      07.12.2017
E(NG)I-2012/PM5/1   Norms/Procedure for future Promotion in the Unified Cadre of Track Maintainers. 14.10.2014
No. E(NG)I-2007/PM5/5 - Merger of Senior Permanent Way Supervisor (Sr. P.Way) with Junior Engineer (P.Way)- Revised guidelines for induction to JE/P.Way. 29.10.2014
2014/CE-I/GNS/1   Status of Human Resources with Engineering Department on IR system.


2012/CE-I/GNS/20   Revision of percentage distribution of posts of Track Maintainers. 01.04.2014
2010/CE-I(Spl)/GNS/15/ Pt.I   Corrigendum to Indian Railways P.Way Manual (IRPWM) w.r.t. the duties of Track Maintainers in Grade-I to Grade-IV. 22.09.2014
2013/CE-I/GNS/29   Implementation of approved recommendations of the Joint Committee on Package & Career Progression for Trackmen Categories. 12.09.2014
2014/CE-I/GNs/7 - Family accommodation for Trackmen and provision of HRA where trackmen are accommodated in barracks/Duty Huts 11.06.2014
2013/CE-I/GNS/23 Pt. - Item no. 28-A/2013 of PNM/AIRF meeting, held on 16-17 Jan. 2014 in regard to “Plight of the Women recruited against the vacancies of Trackman”. 28.05.2014

- Working of Track Maintenance Categories on Zonal Railways. 04.03.2014
- Thought For Better ‘Dasha’ and ‘Disha’ Of Track Maintenance Cadre on Indian Railways.  Jan 2014
2013/CE-I/GNS/29   Implementation of already agreed to recommendations of the Joint Committee on Package and Career Progression for Trackman.    01.01.2014
No. 2010/CE-I(Spl)/GNS/15(Pt.) - CUG phone facility to Track Maintainer Gr.I and to each patrolling team on track. 10.09.2013
2011/CEDO/SR/15/O/Vol.I - Organising the resources for Track Maintenance Activities on Indian Railways- “Standing Instructions”. 16.12.2013
2002/CE-II/TK/Trackmen Report - Cleaning of Tracks. 29.02.2013
2002/CE-II/TK/Trackmen Report -

Development of Warning System/Hooter and making part of each Gang working in open line and similar other conditions.

2002/CE-II/TK/Trackmen Report - Patrolling of a team consisting of 2 persons in Extremist/terrorist & Naxalite areas during night patrolling.


F(E)I/2012/AL-29/7 110/2012 Grant of Washing Allowance to the category of Track Maintenance Gr.-III & IV. 01.10.2012

E(IW) 2012/UN-1/5


Issues related to Package & Career Progression of Trackman– Recommendations of the Joint Committee reg.




Grant of Special Allowance to Track Maintainer  deployed for manning any of the Engineering Gates  @ Rs.375/- per month





Restructuring/Reorganisation of staffing Pattern of Trackman on Indian Railways


E(NG)I-2012/PMS/1 81/2013 Norms/Procedure for future promotion in the Unified cadre of Track Maintainers. 13.08.2013
95/CE-I/GNS/2 Vol.II-Pt.II RB/CE-I/1/2006 Manpower for track maintenance/ Rational formulae. 03/06.03.2006
E(W)95UN1-19 RBE No. 219/05 Issue of uniform and other accessories to Gangmen(Trackmen), Keymen, Mates and Patrolmen 27.12.2005



Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 11-10-2023  

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