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Amendment in Subject List





Amendment No. 1

Revised Subject List of Electrical Engg. and RE Directorates 


Amendment No. 2

Formation of MSE Cell 


Amendment No. 3

Amendment in the Subject list of E(P&A)-I 


Amendment No. 4

Duties of Intelligence Cell under Security Directorate 


Amendment No. 6

Allocation of subject in the Duty list of Economic Unit.


Amendment No. 7

Dutylist of EnHM Directorate


Amendment No. 8

Tranfer of subject of Marine Insurance Contract from F(S)-I Branch to RS (Pol) Branch


Amendment No. 10

Duty list of Financial Services Cell.


Amendment No. 11

Nodal Directorate (Infra) for High Speed Rail Corridor Project/Studies.


Amendment No. 12

Revised Duty list of Track-I Branch


Amendment No. 13

Amendment in subject list of Civil Engineering and L&A Directorate


Amendment No. 14

Duty list of TC(RCT) Branch


Amendment No. 15

Addendum to the Subject List of F(E) Special Branch


Amendment No. 15a

Transfer of Subject from  Development Branch to M(N) Branch


Amendment No. 16

Transfer of subject from Safety(Imp) to Safety(DM) Branch


Amendment No. 17

Transfer of subject of Administrative Matter related to Commission of Railway Safety


Amendment No. 18

Change in the Subject List of E(SCT)-II Branch


Amendment No. 19

Change in the Subject List of LM/PA Branch


Amendment No. 19

Transfer of subject from H&FW to E(GR)-II


Amendment No. 20

Addition of subject in the subject list of C&IS Dte.


Amendment No. 21

Amendment in the duty list of Project Cell/Planning Directorate


Amendment No. 22

Change in the dutylist of Project Cell


Amendment No. 23

Transfer of Subject Magazine on Trains


Amendment No. 24

i) Revised Duty List of EnHM and amendment in duty list of L&A and Electrical Directorate.

ii) Revised Duty list of EnHM Dte.(Modification to OO 105 of 2018)


Amendment No. 25

International Cooperation- Amendment in Duty list of Infrastructure Cell


Amendment No. 26

Boost to Technical Textiles on the Indian Railways.


Amendment No. 27

Revision in the Subject List of TC-1


Amendment No. 28

Handling of Staff Matters of NCO by M(N) Branch


Amendment No. 29

Revision in the subject list of Transformation Cell


Amendment No. 30

Revision in the Subject List of LM(B) Branch of L&A Directorate


Amendment No. 31

Distribution of new subjects pertaining to Establishment Directorate.


Amendment No. 32

Restoration of work to ED/Heritage


Amendment No. 33

Revision in the subject list of CE-II, LM/L, Mech.(Coaching) and TG-IV Branch


Amendment No. 34

Allocation of subject of losses/subsidy in Passenger segment/fares to Stat(CA) Branch.


Amendment No. 35

Transfer of work related to execution of Semi High Speed Corridor-(Amendment in Subject List of CE-II)

36 Amendment No. 36 Concerned Branch for Stepping of Pay on issues arising other than RSRP Rules
37 Amendment No. 37 Concerned Branch to deal with issues of Notional Increment on the of supperannuation


Amendment No. 39

Revised duty list of EDs working in Civil Engineering and Track Directorates.


Amendment No.40

Re-distribution of work between LM/B and SD-I

40 Amendment No.41 Revision in the subject list of E(RRB)
41 Amendment No.42 Revision in the subject list of E(NG) Branches.
42 Amendment No.42A Dealing with representation of OBC Railway Employees.
43 Amendment No.43 Allocation of Subject of Rail University to E(Training) branch - reg
44 Amendment No.44 Dealing with Parliament questions etc. relating to Railway Accidents
45 Amendment No.45 Creation of Project Development Cell
46 Amendment No.46 Formation of Prosecution Cell in Board's Office
47 Amendment No.47 Transfer of Subject of Fertilizer to TT-III Branch
48. Amendment No 48 Revision in the subject list of Hindi (OL)-I Branch in Official Language Directorate
49 Amendment No 49 Revision in the subject list of F(X)I and F(X)II Branch
50 Amendment No 50 Distribution of work between SD-I and SD-II Branches under Land and Development Directorate
51 Amendment No 51 Allocation of subject related to Line Box of Loco Pilots/Drivers to Elect. (TRS)



Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 08-08-2022  

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