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Office Order - 2019

O.O No.


1. Revision in the Subject List of Transformation Cell
6 Preparation of Memoranda fro Board Meeting and issues requiring decision/attention of Board.
10 Implementation of e-Office in Board's Office
13 Revision in the subject list of LM(B) Branch of L&A Directorate.
14 Change in designation of Gazetted Officers of Printing & Stationery Deptt. pending merger with Stores Department.
16 Merger of PFC Branch with PG Branch under PG Directorate
17 Grant of Individual/Group Cash Award
22 Re-distribution of work of Accounting Reforms Cell.
24 Distribution of new subjects pertaining to Establishment Directorate.
26 Administrative Control of Rail Bogie Karkhana,Yadgir
28 Re-designation of the posts of DG/S&T and DG/RS
30 Restoration of work to ED/Heritage
31 Transfer of work related to monitoring of "NIVARAN' portal to E(Rep) Branch under EDE.
32 Allocation of works to Board (MMM & MS&T)
33 Mandatory Use of e-filing in Board's Office
35 Extension of Invitation to Hon'ble MoS(R)
36 Revision in the subject list of CE-II, LM/L, Mech.(Coaching) and TG-IV Branch
37 Allocation of work to Minister of State in Ministry of Railways 
38 Procedure for submission of request for release of accommodation out of emergency quota
39 Partial modification regarding handling staff matters of NCO
40 Modification in Subject List of Mechanical/Coaching Directorate
41 Allocation of work to Minister of State in Ministry of Railways -Amendment to Office Order No. 37 of 2019
43 Standing Looking After Arrangement of AM(B), AM(F), PED(F)
44 Usage of e-Office application-Scanning Centre regarding.
47 Reporting System for Centralised Training Institutes on Technical Issues.
48 Routing of Files through MoS(R)
57 Reporting of Officers in Traffic Commercial Directorate
59 Submission of files of Parliament Questions-regarding.
60 Extension of Invitation to Hon'ble MoS(R)
61 Meeting with Central Ministries 
63 Delegation of Powers in respect of all type of Tenders.
64 Change in nomenclature of designations of Under Secretaries and Section Officers in E(O)I Branch.
65 Change in designation of the post of JDTC/G as JDPM/IT
66 Transfer of works related to execution of Semi-High Speed Corridors:New-Delhi-Mumbai and New Delhi-Howrah to Civil Engineering Directorate.
67 Forwarding of Minutes/RoD of the meetings of Hon'ble MR with his counterpart Foreign Ministers or Delegations.
68 Allocation of subject of losses/subsidy in Passenger segment/fares.
69 Transfer of charge of Code Revision Cell
70 Temporary instructions regarding working arrangement in the Civil Engineering Directorate.
71 Re-designation of the HAG level post of Head of Faculty in IRIFM/SC.
72 Grant of Individual/Group Cash Award
73 Condemnation Committee for Computer Systems and Peripherals
74 Assistance to Department Related Standing Committees for reviewing of existing acts/laws
75 Re-designation of the posts of officers in E(O)II Branch.
76 Rationalisation of Organised Railway Services in Board's Office
77 Delegation of Power to AMs/PEDs/Secretary/RB-Award Policy reg.
78 Implementation of e-Office.
79 Implementation of e-Office.
80 Reporting arrangement During Sick Leave of AM/RS.
81 Re-designation and reporting structure post rationalization.
83 Review of existing Acts/Legislations.
84 Regular looking after arrangement of ED Level officers under Boafd(FC).
85 Implementation of e-Office.
86 Delegation of AM Level Tender Power to PED/Finance.
87 Re-alignment of reporting structure in Security Directorate.
88 Delegation of AM Level Tender power to PED/RS(C).
89 Revised duty list of EDs working in Civil Engineering and Track Directorates.
89A Transfer of subject of IT enablement to CE-I. (Corrigendum to Office Order No 89 of 2019)
90 Re-distribution of work between LM/B and SD-I
92 PED/Recruitment as Ex-officio as Ex-Officio Secretary to RRCB
93 Re-designation of the posts of Deputy Directors in Traffic Commercial Dte.
94 Implementation of e-office in Board's Office
95 Reporting relationship of EDs working in Civil Engineering Directorate.


Important Letters/Circulars


64th Railway Week, 2019 (Shield for Best Kept Section in Board's Office)

2 Change of designation of Gazetted Officers of Printing & Stationary Deptt. pending merger with stores department.
3. Change in the Designation of PHODs and CHODs in Zonal Railways/PUs.
4. Change in Reporting Authority/Directorate of IROAF.
5. Cadre Control/Manpower Management of Mechanical & Electrical Staff involved in Maintenance & Operation of Dielsel Locos and EMU/MEMU/TL/AC.
6.  "Revised date and Time of Mumbai Function"
7. Holding of Exhibition at CST Mumbai -  Number-1 ,  Number-2
8. Re-designation of the post of CPM/AR(HAG) to CAO/AR
9. Mandatory use of e-filing in Board's Office Training - reg
10. Letter from Officers to bear complete communication details with signature.



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