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91 Officer Order No. 91 of 2014-Implementation of Bio-Metric Attendance System in Board's Office (Locations of IRIS-Eye Detecting Machines)
90 Reiterating the provisions/instructions and existing guidelines for preventing leakage of classified information/documents
88 Amendment to Board's MOP (Amendment No.13)
82 Aadhar Enrolment Camp
81 Linking of Aadhar with RUID
80 Introduction of Aadhar Enable Bio-metric Attendance System.
77 Delegation of power for consultancy contract for PPP projects
76 Communication of information to press
75 Transfer of references to other Ministries/Departments- Need to adhere to AOB Rules
72 Re-designation of Director Signal-II/Railway Board as ‘Director Project(S&T)/Railway Board’.
71 LIMBS software in Board’s Office Nodal Officer.
70 Trail runs for Adhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System (AEBAS)
69 Installation/management of Biometric Attendance devices
68 Distribution of PC based AEBAS and its management.
67 Adv(Accounts) will report directly to FC on all matters and will manage IRAS cadre
66 Enrolment for Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System (AEBAS)
60. Re-designation of the post of ED/PSU
58. Implementation of LIMBS Software in Board's Office
57 Submission of files relating to Parliament Business to MOS(R)/MR
56 Enrolment for Aadhar Based Biometric Attendance System.
55 Summons/Notices etc. issued by Tribunals/Courts etc. - Procedure regarding.
53 Punctuality in Board’s Office
52 Enrolment Camp for Aadhaar Based Biometric Attendance System.
49 Guidelines for Noting
48 Adhering to the deadlines set by PMO
47 Transfer/posting orders in respect of RPF Officers - procedure regarding
46 Duties of Intelligence Cell Under Security Directorate.
45 Channel of submission with regard to IRAS Cadre
42 Record Retention Schedule
39 Allocation of work to Minister of State in the Ministry of Railways
38 Duties/Deployment of Officials of Stenographic Cadre.
36 Punctuality in Attendance
35 Observance of Punctuality in Board's Office
34 IRAS cadre matters put up to Board (FC) through AM/F
30 Looking after arrangement of Board Members.
24 Re-designation of JS(C) to JS(G) II
23 Re-designation of EDFX to EDFX II

Re-designation of the post of ED/LL(D&A) as JS(Conf./Personnel)

20 Proper Submission of Files
17 Official Dealings with Members of parliament and State Legislatures – Observance of proper procedure
16 Procedure regarding Transfer/Postings/Deputations etc.
15 Power of acceptance of Stores Tenders (Amendment to O.O.No. 39 of 2013 – work to be handled by Hon’ble MSR(A), MSR(K) and MR)
14 Power of acceptance of Stores Tenders
13 Handling of Parliament Question-Disputed Cases.
12 Administrative matters of DFCCIL to be dealt with by PSU Directorate
11 Non participation in strike.
9 Power of acceptance of Work Tenders by MR and MSRs
8. Power of acceptance of Work Tenders
6. Office Order No. 06 of 2014
4. Re-designation of DE(GP)II as DE(GC) and its work allocation


Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 01-01-2024  

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