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2018/AC-II/1/57/PART-i  29.12.2023     Standard Novation agreement-ERB-IF Funded Contracts.
2023/AC-II/45/4 29.12.2023 NON RBA   Implementation of TAMS.

2021/ACII/9/2/e 3349409

21.12.2023 38/2023   Authorisation of Bandhan Bank Limited for disbursing pension through e PPOs on behalf of Ministry of Railways.
2017/AC-II/1/19/SPVs(part) 30.11.2023 37/2023 14 Guidelines for issuing GST invoices for O&M charges against SPVs and accounting of GST invoices from SPVs for User charges.

2023/AC-II/25/7/e 3448622

24.11.2023 36/2023   Salary Bill- Strengthening of Internal checking mechanism.

2010/AC-II/21/10 Pt IV (Vol-ii)

09.11.2023 34/2023   Physical verification of Railway Pensioners at Banks.

2017/AC-II/1/6/GST/Main Vol IV

09.11.2023 35/2023 13 Instructions regarding applicability of GST under Forward Charge Mechanism for all Outward supplies with effect from 20.10.2023.
2021/AC-II/9/2/e3349409 08.11.2023 33   Authorisation of IDFC First Bank Limited for handling e freight business on behalf of Ministry of Railways and approval of e FPB
2017/AC-II/1/6/GST Main/Vol.IV 20.10.2023 32/2023 12 Outward supply of goods and service of Ministry of Railways earlier under reverse charge changed to forward charge.
017/AC-II/1/6/GST Main / Vol.IV 19.10.2023 31/2023 11 Tracking GST Proceeding received at Zonal Railway/Production Units.

2017/AC-II/1/6/GST Main / Vol.IV 

25.09.2023 30/2023 10 Claiming of Input Tax Credit on Catering bills of IRCTC.

2023/ACII/25/5/e 3441856

22.09.2023 29/2023   Strengthening of Internal checking mechanism.
2023/AC-II/1/3/GST Reference 24.08.2023 28/2023 09 Mismatch of GST data between GSTR-I and GSTR-3B.
A(E)/A3/2023/10/2 21.08.2023 27/2023   Changes in Appendix III of IREM, Vol-I (Revised Edition 1989). 
2018/AC-II/1/57(M&P) E-OFFice No. 3326180 11.08.2023 26/2023 08  IRFC-GST Issue
2023/ACII/21/4/SCF/e 3439680   10.08.2023 25/2023   Uploading of Subscriber Contribution File (SCF) from IPAS to Protean  (formerly known as NSDL). 


02.08.2023 24/2023   Nomination by pensioners under the payment of Arrears of pension ( Nomination) Rules, 1983 for payment of life- time arrears.


18.07.2023 23/2023   Review of Accountal of expenditure.
2017/AC-II/1/6/GST Main/Vol.IV 13.07.2023 22/2023 07 Online compliance pertaining to liability / difference appearing in GSTR-1 vs GSTR-3B in accordance with Rule 88C of the CGST 88C of the CGST Rules, 2017 
2017/AC-II/1/6/ GST Main/ Vol.IV 13.07.2023 21/2023 06 Instructions w.r.t. Input Tax Credit (ITC) flagging of input services, input goods and capital goods for Production Units.
2019/AC-II/9/13/e 3318722 04.07.2023     Operation of Miscellaneous E-Receipt System (MERS) portal. 
2019/AC-II/20/4/PFA Conf 13.06.2023 20/2023   Minutes of the Review Meeting with FA&CAOs (Traffic & Capex Management) held on 07.06.2023

2017/AC-II/1/6/GST Main/Vol.IV

26.5.2023 19/2023 05 Applicability of GST on Deposit Works.
2017/AC-II/1/6/GST Main/Vol. IV 19.05.2023 18/2023 04 Action points for Special All India GST drive against fake registration.
2016/AC-II/01/06/CRIS 17.05.2023 17/2023 03 Amendment to turnover threshold for e-invoicing under GST
2010/AC-II/21/10/Pt. IV 15.05.2023 16/2023   Disbursement of Railway Pension through Private Sector Banks.
2017/AC-II/1/6/GST Main/Vol.IV 03.05.2023 15/2023 02 Requirement to file form GSTR-9C for FY 2021-22-(discharging of outstanding liability.)
2023/APP/6-1/2022-23 18.04.2023 14/2023   APPROPRIATION ACCOUNTS FOR THE YEAR 2022-23.
E(NG)I-2022/NM/2 17.04.2023 ---   Change of name by pensioner/family pensioner
2023/AC-II/2/1 12.04.2023 13/2023   Accountal of expenditure incurred projects covered under 'Sovereign Green Bonds'.
2023/ACII/20/14  11.04.2023 12/2023   Promotional prospects of Ministerial staff of Cash & Pay department- allowing them to appear in Appendix-2/IREM, Appendix -3/IREM & Appendix-4/IREM examination of Accounts department.
2017/AC-IV/BO/5/2/Debits 31.03.2023 11/2023   Procedure for raising Bulk Order debits in respect of Rolling Stock funded from other than EBR-IRFC.
2023/ACI/6/2/SCT 03/04/2023 10/2023   Submission of Supplementary-I Actual Account Current to end of March, 2023.
2014/AC-II/1/3 31.03.2023 09/2023   Representation for accepting payment made through book adjustments as full and final settlement of Service Tax dues.
2015/ACII/20/ App.III 27.03.2023 - - Question Bank of objective type questions in Appendix III A IREM Examination for filling up of the posts of SSO(A/cs), Sr.TIA & Sr.ISA.

 2017/AC-II/1/6/GST Main/Vol.IV

22.03.2023 08 01 Action points for GST compliances- 31st March 2023
2023/ACI/6/2/SCT  21.03.2023 07   Submission of Supplementary-I Actual Account  Current to end of March, 2023.

2017/ACII(CC)/TAM/37/1-e-Part I

10.03.2023 06   Online Coaching Balance Sheet and Electronic Cash Remittance Note (e-CR)
2023/AC-II/9/2/e 3422025 27.02.2023 05   Opening of Government Bank Accounts.
2020/AC-IV/PHE/Fin. Review/2022-23 27.02.2023 04   Submission of Financial review in IPAS.
2019/AC-II/20/4/PFA conf 23.02.2023 03   Minutes of the Review Meetings held with PFAs/Zonal Railways and Production Units held in Board's office on 08.02.2023, 09.02.2023, 10.02.2023, 13.02.2023, 14.02.2023 and 17.02.2023.
2016/AC-II/01/06/CRIS 22.02.2023     Process of flagging GST Input Tax Credit (ITC) Transaction.
No. 2023/ACI/6/2/SCT 22.02.2023 02   Submission of Preliminary Account Current for and to end of March. 2023
2013/BC-AP-1.9/17/20-21 02/2023 01 -- Recoveries at the instance of Audit.


13.01.2023     Cyper Security- Incident Reporting.


























Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 10-04-2024  

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