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31.12.2021 74    Extension of the time period of submission of life certificate for  Central Government pensioners till 28th February 2022 in wake of current Covid-19 pandemic

2017/ACII(CC)/TAM/37/1-e-Part 1

28.12.2021     Status of implementation of TAMS.
2021-BC-AP-1.7/18-19 24.12.2021 73   Audit Para 1.7 of Comptroller and Auditor General of India's Report No. 5 of 2021 (Railways) regarding Recoveries at the instance of Audit.
2020/ACII(CC)/37/7e 23.12.2021     Status of implementation of WAMS.
2017/ACII(CC)/TAMS/37/1-e-Part 1 16.12.2021 72   Migration of ARMS and MERS applications.


15.12.2021     Para 1.8 of Comptroller and Auditor General of India's Report for the year ending March 2013 (No.26 of 2014) for Railways regarding Recoveries at the instance of Audit.


15.12.2021 71   Introduction of objective Type Questions in Appendix III A IREM Examination for filling up of the posts of Sr.SO(A/cs), Sr.TIA & Sr.ISA and merger of these Supervisory Staff of Accounts Department.


13.12.2021 70 30 Issues raised by IRFC regarding GST compliance.

2010/AC-II/21/10 Pt  IV

03.12.2021 69   Extension of time period for submission of life certificate by pensioners - reg.
2021/AC-II/2/5/e 02.12.2021 68   ACS No. 154 of Indian Railway Finance Code Vol. II Creation of a new detailed Head under Minor Head -300/SMH-04.
2019/ACII/9/13 01.12.2021 67   Operation of Miscellaneous E-Receipt System (MERS) Portal.
2021/AC-II(CC)/37/10e 30.11.2021 66   Passing of rites inspection bills.


26.11.2021 65   Introduction of General Departmental Competitive Examination (GDCE) in Accounts Department.
2021/ACII/9/2/e  25.11.2021 64   Authorisation of AXIS Bank for e-freight mode collection.
18..11.2021 62   Replacement of BSR code with IFSC code in e-pension debit scrolls.
2021/ ACII/2/4/E 18.11.2021 63   ACS No. 153 of  Indian Railway Finance Code Vol. II- Creation of a new              Sub Head and detailed Head under Minor Head-200
2021/ ACII/1/8 15.11.2021 60 29 Issues raised by IRFC regarding GSt compliance


09.11.2021 59   Physical verification of Railway Pensioners at Banks.
2017/ACII(CC)/TAMS/37/1-e-Part(I) 08.11.2021     Status of Implementation of TAMS.
2017/ACII(CC)/TAMS/37/1-e-Part(I) 29.10.2021 58   Implementation of TAMS, User Manual for working of Error Sheet Modules in Fois.
2019/AC-II/9/13 29.10.2021 57   Operation of Miscellaneous E-Receipt System (MERS) Portal.
27.10.2021 56   Delegation of powers- Passing of Journal Adjustment vouchers, Transfer Schedules, Establishment Bills, Stores/Expenditure Bills etc.

2021/ACII(CC)/37/15 :  

14.10.2021 55   Non-utilization of the utilities developed in IPAS.
2010/ ACII/21/10( Pt.IV) 11.10.2021 54   Submission of Annual life Certificate. 
2016/ACII(CC)IPAS/37/12 07.10.2021 53   Appointment of Nodal Railways for various modules of IPAS
2017/ACII(CC)/TAMS/37/1-e-Part(I)  07.10.2021     Status of implementation of Traffic Accounts Management System (TAMS)
2017/ACII(CC)/TAMS/37/1-e-Part(I) 06.10.2021     Status of implementation of Traffic Accounts Management System (Tams)

 2018/AC-II/GST/1 (Part)

05.10.2021 52 28 Change in GST Rates
2016/ ACII/1/6/Main ( Pt.III) 08.09.2021 50 26

Directives for compliances to be undertaken prior to filing of returns for tax period of September,2021



30.08.2021 49 25 GST-TDS Reconciliation of EBRS funded Contracts.
2018/AC-II/1/57 30.08.2021 48 24 Requirement of LTDC Number for Income Tax-TDS pertaining to IRFC-EBR Project


24.08.2021 47   Procedure for levying penal interest on accredited banks for doing government agency business reg.


16.08.2021 46   ACS No. 152 of  Indian Railway Finance Code Vol. II Change in nomenclature of existing Plan Head- 53 as Customer Amenities.


10.08.2021 45   Introduction of new Minor Heads "205-Special Loan for COVID related resource Gap" and '800-Other Loans' under Major Head'7002-Loans to Railways.


10.08.2021 44   Simplification of Pension Procedure-Submission of Undertaking by retiring Railway employees.


06.08.2021 43   Passing of RITES inspection bills.


04.08.2021 42   Implementation of TIA module.
2018/ACII(CC)/IPAS/37/9 30.07.2021 41   Validation of Employee Pay Roll database.
2017/AC-II/1/11/GST References 29.07.2021 40 23 Discontinuance of Kerala Flood Cess (KFC) with effect from 1st August 2021
2018/AC-II/1/57 03.08.2021 39 22 Reconciliation of expenditure incurred vis-a-vis details shared with IRFC under EBR(S) and EBR(IF) and other connected issues.
08.07.2021 38   Expeditious settlement of family pension cases by banks and issue of pension slip. 
05.07.2021 37   Payment of Family pension , gratuity and other dues to the family on the death of a Railway servant during service .
2020/AC-II/21/3 04.07.2021      'ALERT' regarding recent Cyber Crime - Online updation of Digital Life Certificate (Jeevan Pramaan Patr)
2010/AC-II/21/3(Part-i)  29.06.2021 36   Simplification of Pension Procedure- Submission of Undertaking by retiring Railway employees.
2020/ACII(CC)/37/ 7-e 21.6.2021 35   Implementation of Workshop Accounts Management System (WAMS)
2021/AC-II/9/2/e 15.6.2021 33   Authorization of Private Sector banks for extending Government business including Government agency business-  Accreditation of HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank & AXIS Bank for handling the transactions pertaining to e-freight system reg.
15.6.2021 32   Implementation of TAMS: Generation of “JV generation under Traffic Book Part-B.
2020/ACII(CC)/37/7e 03.06.2021     Status of implementation of WAMS.
03.06.2021 31   Implementation of TAMS; Testing of “JV generation under Traffic Book Part-B”.
2021/AC-II/9/2/e 17.05.2021 30   Authorisatio of Private Sector Banks for extending Government Business including Government Agency Business
2015/AC-II/21/11 12.05.2021     Commencement of Pension Payment toRailway Pensioners in view of prevailing pandemic.
2021/APP/6-1/2020-21 07.05.2021 29  
2021/AC-I/6/2/SCT 01.04.2021 28   Submission of Preliminary Account Current for and to end end of March,2021
 2021/AC-II/2/2/e 01.04.2021 27   ACS No. 151 of  Indian Railway Finance Code Vol. II-Introduction  of new account heads for expenditure related to AYUSH
2016/AC-II/01/06/CRIS 31.03.2021 26 21 Applicability of GST under forward charge and reverse charge on outward supply of services
2018/AC-II/01/57 30.03.2021 25 20 Lower Deduction Certificates issued under Income Tax and allied deductions- Revised EBR-IF Model
2020/Track-I(P)/GST 22.03.2021   19 Accounting process of IRFC Infrastructure Leasing Contracts under EBR-S source.
2018/AC-II/1/57 23.03.2021 24   Addition to the list of IRFC,sbank accounts
2021/AC-I/6/2/SCT 19.03.2021 23   Submission of Actual Account Current to end of March,2021
2021/AC-I/6/2/SCT 15.03.2021 22   Submission of Preliminary Account current for and to end of March 2021
2017/AC-II/1/11/GST References  15.03.2021 21 17 Action points for GST compliances- 31st March 2021
2017/AC-II/1/11/GST References 15.03.2021 20 16 Action points for GST  compliances from 01st April 2021
2020/BC-AP.1.7/17-18 12.3.2021 18   Recoveries at the instance of Audit.
2016/AC-II/01/06/CRIS 09.03.2021 19 15 Amendment to turnover threshold for e-invoicing under GST
2017/AC-II/1/11/GST References 09.03.2021 17 14 Action points for GST compliances-31st March 2021
2018/AC-II/1/57 09.03.2021 16 13 Addition to the list of IRFC GSTN
2018/AC-II/1/52 01.03.2021 15 12 Subject line to be need for display : Submission of GST Annual Return for Financial Year 2019-20
2019/ACII/2/6e 26.02.2021 14   Revised Codal life  of Assets- ACS 89 to Indian Railway Finance Code Vol- I
2015/AC-II/2/6  25.02.2021 13   Accountal of expenditure under Capital Covid.
2018/AC-II/1/57 25.02.2021   11 Expected Income Tax TCS from Vendor's payment for the FY-2021-2022.
2018/AC-II/1/57  22.02.2021 12 10 Deduction of Income Tax from Payments to vendors under revised EBR-IF Model  
2018/AC-II/1/57 19.02.2021 11 09 Addition to the list of IRFC's bank accounts
2018/AC-II/1/57 17.02.2021 10 08 Addition to the list of IRFC GSTN
2018/AC-II/1/57(M&P) 17.02.2021   07 Standard Novation Agreement - EBR-IF Funded Contracts.
2018/AC-II/1/52 15.02.2021 09 06 Submission of GST Annual Return for Financial Year 2019-20
2018/AC-IV/B.O./5/2/DEBITS 08.02.2021 08   Procedure Order for Identification and Financing of Rolling Stock Assets against EBR (IRFC) Funds.
2018/AC-II/1/57 03.02.2021 07 05 Novation Agreement for contracts under EBR-S Source of funding.
 2018/AC-II/1/57 02.02.2021 06 04 Accounting Process of IRFC  Infrastructure Leasing Contract under EBR-S Source.
PC-VII/2020/HRMS/6(Pt.) 22.12.2020     Rollout of new Modules of HRMS w.e.f. 01.01.2021
2018/AC-II/1/57 22.01.2021 05 03 Reconciliation of GST TDS & Income Tax-TDS liabilities with remittance to IRFC under revised EBR-IF model1
2018/AC-II/1/57 15.01.2021 03 02 Accounting process of IRFC In frastructure Leasing Contracts under EBR - S source.
2016/AC-II/1/06/CRIS 01.01.2021 01 01 Submission of GST Annual Return for Financial Year 2019-20.







Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 06-01-2022  

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