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Compendium 2016






Letter No




2011/AC-II/1/6/RVNL 30.12.2016 102 Revised Procedure order for budgeting, release and accountal of funds to/by RVNL and financial transfer of completed projects of RVNL
2016/AC-II/9/3 30.12.2016 101 Arrangements for smooth exchange of bank notes wich cease to be legal tender on the expiry of 8th November, 2016
2016/AC-II/2/3 27.12.2016 100 Incidence of indirect tax payments in IR
2016/AC-II(CC)/IPAS/37/3(Zonal  Railways) 26.12.2016 99 Payment of Dearness Allowance to Running Staff-Clarification
2015/ACII/45/11 21.12.2016 98 Apportionment of Goods earnings through FOIS.
2010/AC-II/ 21/10(PT.IV) 16.12.2016 97 Verification  of pensioners/family pensioners in Banks.
2012/ACII/9/3 16.12.2016 96 Guidelines for payment of Government money into the accredited bank branch through Debit/Credit Cards.
2000/AC-II/20/23(Pt) 13/12/16 95

Viva-voce test for confirmation of Stock Verifier in ASV grade as per Appendix-IV/IREM.

2016/AC-II/21/Misc Matters 09.12.2016 94 Admissibility of Dearness Relief to pensiones on absorption in PSUs/employed family pensioners.
2015/AC-II/2/5 08.12.2016 93 Introduction/modification of new/existing Detailed Head for Cashless Treatment Scheme in Emergency (CTSE) in Indian Railway Finance Code Vol.II (Second Reprint Edition 2008)- Classification of Earnings (Appendix-III) - Abstract ‘Z’ - Sundry Other Earnings and  Classification of Revenue Expenditure (Appendix-I)., Demand No.11, Abstract ‘J’ Staff Welfare and Amenities. 
2016/ACII/9/5 01.12.2016 92 Payment Gateway for Indian Railway e-procurement system( IREPS)- Engagement  of Private Sector Bank for integration with IREPS for e-collection of dues of e-tenders and auctions.
2016/ACI/Misc 30.11.2016 91 Correct Classification of Expenditure
2016/AC-II(CC)/IPAS/37/7 25.11.2016 90 Payment of Dearness Allowance to Running Staff
2016/AC-II(CC)/IPAS/37/12 24.11.2016 89 Nomination of Nodal Railway for implementation of TAMS
2016/AC-II/21/10 22.11.2016 88 Salary Advance for the month of November, 2016 to be paid to Non-Gazetted employees.
2016/AC-II(CC)/IPAS/37/12   18.11.2016 87 Nomination of Nodal Railway for implementation of WAMS
2016/AC-II/9/3 15.11.2016 86 Remittance into Government Account and redrawal therefrom of cash in the form of bank notes of denominations of the existing series of Rs. 500/- and Rs. 1000/- (specified by MOF SO 3407(E) dated 08.11.2016) by Heads of office/ Accounts Officers/Drawing and Disbursing Officers etc. in Government of India/Union          Territories without Legislature and NCT Delhi.
2016/ACII/9/3 09.11.2016 85 Railway ticketing operations and its deposit in the Railway deposit account in connection with cease of specified bank notes ( `1000 and  ` 500) to be legal tender on and from the 9th November,2016.
2016/AC-II/1/5  08.11.2016 84 Service Tax Certificate for Transportation of goods by Rail (STTG Certificate)
2015/AC-II/2/6 3.11.2016 83 Accountal of funds under allocation EBR(IF) sanctioned projects
2012/AC-II/21/4/AIRF 4.11.2016 82 Inordinate delays in payment of pension under LARSGESS scheme
2014/AC-II/21/13 01.11.2016 81 Seeding of aadhaar numbers in Employees Master Data
2014/AC-II/21/12(PT) 27.10.2016 80 Revision of pre-2006 PPOs and making entry of payment of Fixed Medical Allowance to pensioners/family pensionsers
2015/AC-II/21/1 18.10.2016 79 Minutes of Dy.CAOs/G conference held at Railway Board on 07.10.2016
2015/AC-II/21/13 18.10.2016 78 Modification/Amendment to Para 1111 and 1122 of of Chapter XI-BILLS and para 1901 of Chapter XiX-Cash and Pay Department in Accounts Code I for modifying the procedure of disbursement of cheques and accountal of connected Bills by Accounts and Pay Office. 
2006/AC-II/20/10 (PT) 17.10.2016 77 Redeployment of Surplus staff of Cash & Pay office. 
2014/AC-II/21/Misc. 18.10.2016 76 ACS NO. 47 to Accounts code part-I Amendment to the scheme of payment of Railway pension through PSBs.
2012-BC-AP-Chapter 3/2010-11 05.10.2016 75 Transparency in Budgeting and Financial Management in Railways (Report No. 3 of 2012-13)
2013/AC-II/216 04.10.2016 74 Additional relief on death/disability of Government servants covered by the Defined Contribution Pension System (NPS).
2016/AC-II(CC)/IPAS/37/12 05.10.2016 73 Appointment of Nodal Railways for various modules in IPAS
2016/AC-II/2/6 30.09.2016 72 Introduction of new Sub and Detailed heads of accounts head in classification of Capital and Other Works Expenditure in Indian Railway Finance Code Vol. II for provision of bio-toilets in coaches as a part of ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’
2006/AC-II/1/11 29.09.2016 71 Levy of MUTP surcharge for Mumbai suburban section over Western & Central Railway- Accounting procedure regarding.
2014-BC-AP- Chapter 3/ 2012-13 29.09.2016 70 ATN for Audit para Chapter-3-C&AG’s Report No. 19 of 2014 (Railway Finances).
2014/AC-II/21/12 (Pt) 29.09.2016 69 Revision of pre-2006 PPOs and making entry of payment of Medical allowance to Pensioners /Family Pensioners
2006/AC-II/9/1/Pt.III 23.09.2016 68 Authorization of Private Sector Banks to conduct Government Business-Collection of cash from Railway Stations.
2016/AC-II/21/8 21.09.2016 67 Implementation of the recommendatuibs if 7th CPC- Revision of Post-2016 pension cases.
2014/AC-II/21/4 23.09.2016 66 Action taken Note on Item no. 1.12 of report no. 53 of 2015 of Chapter 1- State of Finances.
2016-BC-AP-1.9/14-15 21.09.2016 65 Recoveries at the instance of Audit
2013/AC-II/21/6 21.09.2016 64 Monthly update on PAOs performance by NSDL - New Pension System
2016/AC-II/2/5 14.09.2016 63 Clarification on issue of STTG Certificate


14.09.2016 62 Fortnightly Review of CAPEX
2016/AC-II/20/10 14.09.2016 61 Timely settlement of Inspection Reports (IRs) and Audit Paras
2016/AC-II/20/10 02.09.2016 60 Road Map to Operationalize IRIFM
2016/AC-II/20/9 30.08.2016 59 Minutes of FA&CAOs’ Conference held on 23.8.2016
2006/AC-II/20/10(Pt) 19/8/2016 58 Redeployment of Surplus Staff of Cash & Pay Office
    57 Not Issued
2016/AC-II/21/6 24.08.2016 56 ACS no. 46 to Accounts Code Part-I Amendment to the scheme of Payment of Railway Pension through PSBs- RBA no. 56
2016/AC-II/21/8 19.08.2016 55 Implementation of Government’s decision on the recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission- Revision of Pension of pre-2016 Pensioners/Family Pensioners, etc. 
2016/AC-II/21/7 16.08.2016 54 New Pension System (NPS) and its implementation.
2016/AC-II/2/5 08.08.2016 53 Levy of Service Tax on Transportation of Goods by Rail
2016/AC-II/2/5 08.08.2016 52 Abolition of Cesses
2016/AC-II(CC)/IPAS/37/7(Zonal Railways 3/08/2016 51 Pay Commission – Pay Fixation - IPAS
2014/AC-II/21/4 26.07.2016 50 NPS implementation - station of pending grievances related to ‘Contributions not reflected in account’
2015/AC-II/21/1 08.07.2016 48 Minutes of Pension Review Meeting held on 24.6.16 at Western Railway/Mumbai
2016/AC-II/2/2 13.07.2016 49 Corrigendum to ACS-131  regarding Introduction /modification of sub and detailed heads of accounts under D. No. 9/G in F-II for budgeting/accounting of Expenditure on station cleanliness

2016-BC-AP-Chapter 2/14-15

28.06.2016 47 Action taken on Misclassifications of Expenditure and objectionable Expenditure in Accounts – 2014-15 (C&AGs Report No. 53 of 2015)
2016/AC-II/45/10 27.06.2016 46 Quantum of debits to be raised in case of missing PRS Tickets/Rolls.
2014/AC-II/2/2 30.06.2016 45 Introduction/modification of sub and Detailed heads of accounts headunder Demand 9/g, Indian Railway finance code Vol.II  for budgeting /accounting of ‘Expenditure on Station Cleanliness.
2016/AC-II/2/5 27.06.2016 44 Service Tax issues- Clarifications thereof. 
2006/AC-II/9/1/Pt. III 23.06.2016 43 Authorization of Private Sector Banks to conduct Government Business.
2016/AC-II/2/4 22.6.2016 42 Introduction of new Minor-Head, Sub Head and Detailed Head of accounts for booking the Expenditure towards Nirbhaya Funded Projects under Capital classification of expenditure in Indian Railway Finance Code Vol. II  
2016/AC-II/2/5 21.06.2016 41 Service Tax issues- Clarifications thereof
2015/AC-II/21/1 17.06.2016 40 Transmission of physical PPOs- endorsement regarding issuance of e-PPOs
2015/AC-II(CC)/37/6 16.06.2016 39 Reorganization of staffing pattern of EDP Centres
2013/AC-II/3/1 03.06.2016 38 Introduction/modification of Sub & Detailed heads of account under Demand 7/E, Indian Railway Finance Code Vol.II (reprint adition 2008) for maintenance of certain applications handled by CRIS.
2015/AC-I/6/2/SCT 30.05.2016 37 Accountal of Service Tax - Introduction of Krishi Kalyan Cess


27.05.2016 36 Government Agency Business Arrangement
2014/AC-II/21/6 23.05.2016 35 Additional Relief on death /disability of Government servant covered by Defined Contribution Pension System (NPS)
2013/AC-II/21/1 20.05.2016 34 Revision of pension of pre-2006 pensioners-application from the pensioners
2015/AC-II/21/8 12.05.2016 33 Implementation of Single Window system for reimbursement of Railway pension with State Bank of Hyderabad
2015/AC-II/21/1(pt) 12.05.2016 32 Transmission of physical PPOs to CPPC
2015/AC-II/2/2 11.05.2016 31 Introduction of new Plan Heads for ‘Training/HRD’ in Classification of Capital and Other works expenditure in Indian Railway Finance Code vol.II for Human Resource Development
2015/AC-II/45/11(pt) 27.04.2016 30 Generation of statement 7-C through CRIS.


26.04.2016 29 Allotment of Numerical Codes-DFC stattions
2014/AC-II/21/6 19.04.2016 28 SCFs pending for matching and booking and outstanding remittance - NPS
2016/AC-I/6/2/SCT 12.04.2016 27 Submission of Actual Account Current for  and to end of March 2016
2015/Q.Field Inspection Report 05.04.2016 26 Submission of the reports of the Internal Audit cell and Field Inspections carried out by Railway officers
2015/AC-II/21/13 05.04.2016 25 Payment of telephone bills through electronic mode.
2016/ ACII/9/1 31.03.2016 24 Minutes of Apex Committee Meeting held on 03.02.2016 at New Delhi
2013/AC-II/21/1 30.03.2016 23 Stepping up of notional full pension w.e.f.01.0120016 for the purpose of Dearness Relief and additional pension for absorbee pensioners.
2012/AC-II/2/6 31.03.2016 22 Introduction of accounts head in F-II for meeting arrears of 7th CPC
2015/AC-II/21/1(PT) 16.03.2016   Issuance  of PPOS through IPAS.
2015/BC-AP-Chapter3/2013-14 21.03.2016 21 Audit Report No. 15 of 2015-Chapter 3- Review of Suspense Balance in IR
2016/AC1/6/2/SCT 21.03.2016 20 Submission of Approximate Accounts Current for and to end of March'2016.
2015/AC-II/45/11 11.03.2016 19

Minutes of the Meeting held in Railway Board on 10.03.2016 in connection with apportionment of freight earnings.

2015-B-256/Misc(Pt) 04.03.2016 18 Fuel Bill paying activity - permission to make payments of their respective Oil bills by Production Units and decentralization of payments of Lubricant Bills
2015/AC-II/21/8 02.03.2016 17 Acs NO. 45 TO Accounts Code Part –I Amendment to the scheme of payment of Railway pension through PSBs
2015/ACII/9/5 23.02.2016 16 Cash pick up arrangement for lifting of cash from stations.
2015/AC-II/21/1 19.02..2016 15

Minutes of Dy.CAO/Gs’ Conference held in Railway  Board on 18.02.2016

2012/ACII/1/10 15.02.2016 14 Implementation of Cheque Truncation System (CTS): Dispensation of the requirement of forwarding of government cheques in physical form to Government.
2013/AC-II/21/8 16.02.2016 13 Implementation of Single Window System for Reimbursement of Railway Pensions-IDBI bank. 
2014/AC-II/21/6 15.02.2016 12 SCFs pending for matching an booking an outstanding remittances - NPS
2016/AC-II/20/4 11.02.2016 11 Minutes of FA&CAOs Conference held on 23/1/16 at Delhi
2015/FS cell//1/8 09.02.2016 10 Booking of works expenditure against EBR-IF
2014/AC-II/21/6 01.02.2016 09 NPS Service Week from 01.02.2016 to 06.02.2016
2015/AC-II/45/4 04.02.2016 08 Recoveries at the instance of Audit during year 2013-14
2015/AC-II/2/6 25.01.2016 07 Accountal of funds unde allocation EBR(IF) sanctioned projects.
2015-B-256/Misc 22.01.2016 06 Fuel Bill paying activity-permission to make payments of their respective Oil bills.
2015/Sec(SPL)/220/2 21.01.2016 05 Repair and Maintenance of RPF Barracks
2015/AC-ii/2/2 21.01.2016 04 Introduction of new Plan Heads for “Training/HRD” in classification of Capital and Other works expenditure in Indian Railway Finance Code Vpol.II for Human Resource Development.
2015/AC-II/21/6 19.1.2016 03/2016 Details of officers authorised to sign PPOs.
2015/AC-1/3/4 14.01.2016 02 Booking of expenditure under PH-30 (Railway Safety Fund), amount received from DFCCIL towards cost sharing projects.
2015/AC-II/2/6 06.01.2016 01 Introduction of new Sub Head and Detailed Head of accounts for booking the lease charges payable under EBR-IF funding under Revenue and Capital classification of expenditure in Indian Railway Finance Code Vol. II.


Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 20-05-2021  

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