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D&A Rules







Instructions on Railway Servants (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 1968
Letter No. Date RBE No. Subject
E(D&A) 2022 RG6-17 02.01.2023 02 Procedure for dealing with safety related disciplinary cases
E(D&A) 2022 RG6-12  27.12.2022 167 Inquiry under Railway Servants (Discipline & appeal) Rules, 1968- Appointment of inquiring authority; clarification.
E(D&A) 2022 RG6-7 10.11.2022 147 Comments of Disciplinary Authority/Appellate Authority in the matter of appeal/revision under RS(D&A) Rules, 1968
E(D&A) 2008 RG6-290 29.03.2022   Submission of disciplinary cases of Non-Gazetted Railway Servants- reintroduction of Single Window System in Railway Board Office
 E(D&A) 2008 RG6-29 05.08.2020   Submission of disciplinary cases of Non-Gazetted Railway Servants- Modification in procedure of Single Window System.
E(D&A) 2017 RG6-24 16.03.2020   Referring the cases to RRT for advice under Rule 24(2) of Railway Services (Discipline & Appeal) Rules,1968- Clarification.
E(D&A) 2021 RG6-7 15.03.2021 22 Imposition of incorrect/unintended penalty by Authorities (Disciplinary/Appellate/Revisionary) - reg.
E(D&A) 2020 GS1-1 06.03.2020 30  Amendment to sub-rule (3) (i) & (3)(ii) of Rule 13 and sub0rule (4) of the Rule 13 of Railway Services (Conduct) rules, 1966
E(D&A)2019 RG6-19 14.11.2019 195 Special Drive for DAR Cases of non-gazetted staff
E(D&A)2017 RG6-21 18.09.2017 133 Rule 14(ii) of Railway Servants (D&A) Rules, 1968 – Following of proper procedure regarding
E(D&A) 2014 RG6-35 21.10.2015 130 Instructions regarding timely issue of chargesheet under RS(D&A) Rules, 1968
E(D&A)2012 RG6-34 30.09.2015 119

Imposition of penalties of dismissal, removal or compulsory retirement – Determination of appointing authority reg.

E(D&A) 2014 RG 6-35 18.02.2015 12 Rule 5 of Railway Servants (Discipline and appeal) Rules, 1968 – Instructions regarding timely review of suspension.
E(D&A) 2009 RG 6-46 9.5.2014 45

Selection Grade in Group 'A' Services - Application of Sealed

Cover procedure in grant of Non-functional Selection Grade.


E (D&A) 2008 RG 6-36 15.1.2014 9 Determination of date of increment after expiry of   duration of penalties of withholding of increments/reduction to lower stage imposed for less than a year regarding.
(D&A) 2008 RG 6-29 23.12.2014   Introduction of Single Window System in Railway Board for receiving disciplinary cases of non-gz. Railway Servants.
E(D&A) 2012 RG6-5 20.3.2012 36 Action on inquiry report- Communicating tentative decision for disagreement with the findings of the Inquiry Officer etc.
Notification 19.01.2011 10

Amendment to Railway Servants (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 1968- Schedules-I and II.


E(D&A) 2008 RG 6-36 16.12.2010 179 Determination of stage(S) in the penalty of reduction to lower stage in the time scale of pay following implementation of the recommendations of the VIth Central Pay Commission
No.E(D&A) 2009 RG 6-45 31.03.2010 48 Penalty of Withholding of Increments imposed under Vth Central Pay Commission scales and operated as per VIth Central Pay Commission Scales effective from 1.1.2006


E(D&A) 2008 RG 6-29 04.08.2009 140 Need for speedy finalisation of disciplinary cases.
E(D&A) 2009 RG6-18 16.06.2009 106 Withdrawal/withholding/recovery of pension/gratuity in the case of minor penalty proceedings.
E(D&A) 2008 RG6-41 06.02.2009 22 Railway Servants (Discipline And Appeal) Rules, 1968 ?
Observance of provisions thereof for conducting disciplinary proceedings reg.


E(D&A) 2006 RG6-38 16.10.2008


Appointment of retired officials as Inquiry Officer for
conducting departmental inquiry reg.
E(D&A) 2008 RG6-29 23.09.2008 121 Need for speedy finalisation of disciplinary cases regarding.
E(D&A) 2008 RG6-11 21.04.2008 57 Penalty of reduction to a lower time scale of pay, grade,
post or service-imposition on permanent basis reg.
E(D&A) 2003 RG6-35 21.04.2008 56 Communication of Government?s Displeasure to Retired Railway Servants reg.

E(D&A) 2008 RG6-9



Advice of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) in
the disciplinary cases to be communicated to the delinquent employee along with the final order of penalty.


E(D&A) 2003/RG6-25 27.11.2007 155

Review of an order by the same authority which hadpassed original order in the case and conduct of suchreview during the pendency of the case before a court of law regarding.

E(D&A) 2007 RG6-29 09.10.2007 128 Simultaneous action of prosecution in a court and
initiation of departmental proceedings.
E(D&A) 2007 RG6-24 10.08.2007 105 Amendment to Chapter III of Indian Railway Establishment Manual, Vol.I, 1989 Edition regarding "Rules regulating Seniority of Non-gazetted Railway servants."
E(D&A) 2001/RG6-39 (Pt.) 17.07.2007 97 Procedure and guidelines to be followed regarding promotion of Railway servants against whom disciplinary/court proceedings etc. have been initiated-Circumstances in which a case is to be kept in sealed cover regarding.
E(D&A) 2006/RG6-45 08.02.2007 20 Validity of the plea of discrimination where the cited decision was a wrong decision ?observations of Hon?ble Court reg.


E(D&A)2004 RG6-8 20.10.2006 159 Review of suspension of Railway servants.
E(D&A) 2004/RG 6-8 19.07.2006 95 Suspension of Railway Servants ? Review of ? Instructions reg.
E(D&A) 2004/RG 6-8 18.07.2006 94

Notification : Amendment to Rule 5 of RS(D&A) Rules, 1968


E (D&A) 2003 RG 6 -31 22.8.2005 137 Procedural drawbacks noticed during the conduct of disciplinary proceedings.
E (D&A) 2004 RG 6 -26 12.8.2005 135 En-masse transfer of Catering staff from Railways to IRCTC on deemed deputation- pending DAR cases- regarding.
E (D&A) 2004 RG 6 -37 29.7.2005 123 Promotion and grant of consequential benefits to Railway servants who are considered for promotion during the pendency of departmental/criminal proceeding and are found suitable and are also subsequently exonerated/acquitted.
E (D&A) 2005 RG 6 -23 18.7.2005 120 Exercise of disciplinary powers in respect of railway servant transferred from one Railway/Division to another Railway/Division or Unit etc. – Clarification regarding.
E (D&A) 2005 RG 6 -19 24.6.2005 106 Disciplinary Authority in respect of Group ‘B’ Railway officers officiating in Senior Scale.
E (D&A) 2005 RG 6 -5 26.5.2005 89 Promotion of persons undergoing a penalty – clarification regarding.
E (D&A) 2004 RG6 -52 22.2.2005 34 Cases of persons whose conduct is under investigation or against whom a chargesheet is pending – consideration for promotion- clarification regarding.
E(D&A) 2004 RG 6-40 28.1.2005 18 Placement of Group ‘B’ Officers against whom disciplinary/court proceedings etc. are pending, in the higher pay scale of Rs.8000-13500/-  - Procedure and guidelines to be followed.


E(D&A) 2004 RG6-45 24.12.2004 263 Schedule III to RS (D&A) Rules, 1968- Exercise of disciplinary powers of Chief Administrative Officers.
E(D&A) 2004 RG6-22 5.11.2004 233 Dealing with court cases in connection with disciplinary proceedings.
E(D&A) 2004 RG6-14 2.7.2004 143 Streamlining of Conduct of Disciplinary proceedings to reduce delay.
E(D&A) 2003 RG6/15 7.5.2004 97 Promotion of Railway servants against whom disciplinary proceedings have been initiated- procedure to be followed.
E(D&A) 2003 RG6-37 13.2.2004 28 Revisionary powers in disciplinary case.


E(D&A) 2003 RG6-35 30.9.2003 -- Communication of ‘Government’s Displeasure’ to retired railway servants.
E(D&A) 2001 RG6-39 16.12.2003 217 Promotion from Group ‘B’ to Group ‘A’ and within Group ‘A’ of Railway Officers – Circumstances in which a case is to be kept in sealed cover.
E(D&A) 2002 RG6-36 2.9.2003 155 Imposition of penalties of Dismissal, Removal or Compulsory retirement on non-gazetted staff- notification of Appointing Authority.
E(D&A) 2003 RG6-14 29.7.2003 130 Promotion of Railway servants against whom disciplinary/court proceedings are pending – applicability of extant instructions to review DPC/supplementary  selection regarding.
E(D&A) 2002 RG6-13 14.5.2003 83 Railway Servants (Discipline & Appeal) Rules, 1968 – Choice of Retired Railway Servants as Defence Assistant – Conditions regarding.
E(D&A) 2003 RG6-5 19.02.2003 36 Procedure for dealing with safety related Disciplinary cases.
E(D&A) 2001 RG6-39 24.1.2003 22 Promotion from Group B to Group A and within Group A of Railway Officers – circumstances in which a case is to be kept in sealed cover- regarding.


E(D&A) 2001 RG6-58 28.11.2002 217 Imposition of penalty or reduction to a lower time scale of pay, grade, post or service for a specified period – Effect of penalty in the higher grade or post etc. on restoration of the railway servant to that higher grade or post on expiry of the penalty.
E(D&A) 2002 RG6-36 25.11.2002 211 Imposition of penalties of dismissal, Removal, or compulsory retirement – Determination of appointing authority reg.
E(D&A) 2002 RG6-27 24.9.2002 168 Need for issuing ‘Reasoned’ and ‘Speaking’ orders by Disciplinary/Appellate Authority in Discipline and Appeal cases.
E(D&A) 2000 RG6-30 23.9.2002 167 Procedure for non-CVC Vigilance cases pertaining to Group ‘C’ and Group ‘D’ employees – Consultation with vigilance regarding.


E(D&A) 2001 RG6-37 13.12.2001 238 Imposition of minor penalty by the Disciplinary Authority after consideration of Charged Official’s statement of defence to the major penalty chargesheet.
E(D&A) 99 RG6-20 6.12.2001 235 Promotion of Railway servants against whom disciplinary/criminal proceedings, etc., are pending.
E(D&A) 2000 RG6-13 8.10.2001 200 Imposition of penalty of withholding of increments in the promotion grade.
E(D&A) 2001 RG6-5 30.7.2001 146 Revision of penalties under RS(D&A) Rules, 1968.
E(D&A) 97 RG6-72 28.5.2001 99 Decisions taken on file in disciplinary cases – question whether such decisions are to be treated as final even though not communicated to the charged officials.
E(D&A) 2000 RG6-30 16.5.2001 93 Procedure for non-CVC vigilance cases pertaining to Group ‘C’ and Group ‘D’ employees.
E(D&A) 2000 RG6-60 9.5.2001 89 Procedure to be followed in conducting departmental inquiries and the role of the Inquiry Officer regarding.
E(D&A) 2001 RG6-1 14.3.2001 51 Disciplinary Jurisdiction of Election Commission of India over Government Servants deputed for election duties.
E(D&A) 2000 RG6-24      20.02.2001 37 Appointment of Board of Inquiry in disciplinary proceedings.
E(D&A) 2000 RG6-24 20.2.2001 36 Status of Inquiry Officer.
E(D&A) 2000 RG6-64 30.1.2001 22 Recovery of pecuniary loss from an employee caused by him to the Government or Railway Administration – Clarification regarding.


E(D&A) 2000 RG6-41 21.11.2000 199 Continuation of departmental proceedings against retired railway servants who were under suspension on the date of their retirement.
E(D&A) 99 RG6-26 19.6.2000 115 Status of the disciplinary case in the event of the charged official.
E(D&A) 99 RG6-6 24.4.2000 76 Re-employment of Railway employees dismissed, removed or compulsorily retired from service, under Rule 402 IREC Vol.I.
E(D&A) 99 RG6-40 13.1.2000 7 Comments of the disciplinary authority on the appeal under 21(3) to the RS(D&A) Rules regarding.
E(D&A) 93 RG6-61 11.1.2000 5 Revision of a disciplinary action after the retirement of Railway employee from service.


Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 03-01-2023  

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