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2021E(GC)12-87(61) Restoration of HAG/IRAS posts. 29.08.2021
2021E(GC)12-44(58) Operation of SAG/IRTS post. 06.08.2021
2021E(GC)12-49(57) Operation ofJAG/IRTS post 04.08.2021
2021E(GC)12-46(53). Operation of General post. 04.08.2021
No. 2020 E(GC) 12-100 (103) Transfer of the SAG/IRSEE post of CEE/PLG/NCR(PC:04NC4P001) to NCR to be operated as ADRAM/JAT/NR. 08.12.2020
No. 2020 E(GC)12-78(102) Swapping of HAG/IRHS post of WR (PC:8558) with SAG/IRHS post of SR (PC: 8600). 25.11.2020
No. 2020 E(GC) 12-86 (101) Transfer of HAG/SAG/IRSSE posts. 20.11.2020
No. 2020 E(GC) 12-17 (100) Transfer of 01 JAG/IRSME (PC:05RM5P006) post from IRIMEE to Metro Railway/Kolkata. 20.11.2020
No. 2020 E(GC) 12-71 (99) Operation of SAG/IRSE posts. 20.11.2020
No. 2020 E(GC) 12-97 (98) Operation of SAG/IRSE posts. 20.11.2020
No. 2020 E(GC)12-92(97) Transfer/Operation of SAG/IRTS posts. 17.11.2020
2020E(GC)12-81(80) Rationalization of posts of Organized Railway Services in Board's Office. 30.09.2020
2021E(GC)12-21(59) Restoration of HAG/SAG IRSEE posts. 01.09.2020
No. 2020E(GC)12-4 Transfer of HAG/SAG posts of Electrical Deptt. 23.06.2020
No. 2020E(GC)12-92 Transfer of SAG/IRSEE  post (PC:04CO4P0006) of ECoR to NER for operation as ADRM/BSB/NER. 23.06.2020
No. 2020E(GC)12-44 Operation of HAG/SAG IRSS posts on Metro & NR. 19.06.2020
No. 2020E(GC)12-100 Transfer of one JAG/IRSEE post (PC-04RD5P016) 17.06.2020
No. 2020E(GC)12-34(40) Operation of SAG/IRTS post on NR as OSD/MHA. 17.06.2020
No.2019E(GC)12-90(Pt.II)(39) Operation of SAG/IRSE post 12.06.2020
No.2020E(GC)12-37(37) Transfer of JAG/IRAS post of ECR (PC:02EC5P004) to RB for operation as DPG/MoSR Cell 05.06.2020
No.2020E(GC)12-14(38) Restoration of HAG post of CPD/SD/NER which was transferred to NR for its operation as CPD/TMS/NR, to NER 05.06.2020
No.2020E(GC)12-33(34) Transfer/Restoration  of HAG/SAG IRAS  posts 05.06.2020
No.2020E(GC)12-35(35) Transfer  of HAG/SAG IRSSE posts 03.06.2020
No.2019E(GC)12-087(36) Transfer  of SAG (General Cadre) post of RRB/Chairman, Mumbai (PC:01CR4P012) to Central  Rly 03.06.2020
No.2020E(GC)12-41(51) Transfer  of 02 JS/IRSME Post of IRIMEE Post code (PC:05RM7P001)and (PC:05RM7P002) to RWF 10. 07. 2020
No.2020E(GC)12-43(49) Transfer  the HAG/IRSSE post of CSTE/Prolect-1 of SCR (PC:10SC3P002)to RRB Chandigarh for operation as Chairman/ RRB/ Chandigarh. 26.06.2020
2020E(GC)6-1 Creation of 16 revenue charged gazetted posts for new TRD assets. 24.06.2020
2012 E(GC) 13-2 (67) S.B.Civil Writ Petition No.465/1995 filed by Sh. Sohan Singh & Anr Vs. UOI & Ant. before Division Bench of Rajasthan High Court - Formation of a separate Prosecution Cadre on the Railways. 12.06.2020
2020E(GC)12-20(33) Transfer the HAG/IRSEE post of PCEE/C/ER (PC: 04ER3P002) to NCR for its operation as SDGM/NCR 01.06.2020
2020E(GC)12-2(31) Transfer of SG/JAG IRTS posts from NR to WR 21.05.2020
2020E(GC)12-8(30) Transfer of HAG/IRSEE post of PCEE/NER (04NF3P002) to NWR for its operation as PCEE/C/NWR 21.05.2020
2017E(GC)12-71(146-A) Operation of the SAG posts of different departments as ADRMs. 18.05.2020
2020E(GC)12-22(22-A) Operation of IRSSE posts 13.05.2020
2019E(GC)12-29(23) Operation of HAG/IRSE post 30.04.2020
2020E(GC)12-22(22) Operation of IRSSE posts 30.04.2020
2020E(GC)12-19(16) Operation of IRTS post 30.04.2020
2019E(GC)12-96 (130) Transfer of SAG/IRSME post of ADRM/NGP/CR (PC:05CR4P007) and CME-I/COFMOW (PC:05SW4P010) 30.04.2020
2020E(GC)12-24(19) Operation of IRAS post 27.04.2020
2020E(GC)12-21(18) Operation of IRSS posts 27.04.2020
2019E(GC)12-59(17) Operation of IRTS posts 27.04.2020
2016E(GC)16-9(Cadre Review)(Vol.III)IRSEE (20) Transfer of HAG/SAG/IRSEE posts 27.04.2020
2016E(GC)16-9(Cadre Review)(Vol.III)(IRSEE)(32-A) Restructuring of Gazetted Cadre of Group 'A' Railway Services -  Indian Railway Services of Electrical Engineers (IRSEE) 27.04.2020
2019E(GC)12-45(13) Transfer of HAG/IRSE posts from SR and ECoR to Railway Board for operation as PED/Vig. and PED/Infra 19.03.2020
2016E(GC)16-9(Cadre Review)(Vol.III)(Pt.III)(12) Transfer of SAG/IRSEE post 18.03.2020
2019E(GC)12-62)14) Operation of IRTS posts 18.03.2020
2018E(GC)12-60(10) Operation of SAG General Cadre post of SDGM of MCF/RBL (PC:01MC4P001) as Chairman/RRB/Siliguri/NFR 06.03.2020
2016E(GC)16-9(Cadre Review)(Vol.III)(IRPS)(29-A) Restructuring of Gazetted Cadre of Gr. 'A' Railway Services -  Indian Railway Personnel Service (IRPS) 03.03.2020
2019E(GC)12-63(85) Transfer/Operation of JAG/SS post of RPF 29.08.2019
2019E(GC)12-60(83) Transfer of SAG IRSE post of CE/Plg. From Southern Railway to Railway Board 20.08.2019
2019E(GC)12-62(82) Operation of SAG/IRTS post 19.08.2019
2016E(GC)16-9(Cadre Review)(Vol.IV)(X) Restructuring of Gaz. Cadre of Gr. A Railway Services 19.08.2019
2016E(GC)16-9(Cadre Review)(Vol.IV)(IX) Restructuring of Gaz. Cadre of Gr. A Railway Services 16.08.2019
2019E(GC)12-58 (77) Transfer/ operation of the SAG/IRSEE posts of CEE/C/BPL/WCR at JBP/WCR 14.08.2019
2019E(GC)12-36(79) Transfer of post of IRSME Cadre 09.08.2019
2019E(GC)12-42(63A) Transfer of SAG/IRSME post of CME/Plg./NCR to CR 05.08.2019
2015E(GC)1-2(81) Extension of currency of the HAG workcharged post of GM, Metro Railway/ Kolkata in level 16 of 7th CPC Pay matrix beyond 31.03.19 30.07.2019
2019E(GC)11-1(80) Creation of one SG/JAG supernumerary post for the period from 29.09.18 to 25.10.18 in favour ofo Shri V Balaiah, voluntarily retired JAG/IRAS officer at ICF, Chennai. 29.07.2019
2016E(GC)16-9 (CR)(Vol.III) (IRSME) (36B) Restructuring of Gaz. Cadre of Gr. A Railway service-IRSME 18.07.2019
2016E(GC)16-9 (CR)(Vol.III) (IRSS) (30A) Restructuring of Gaz Cadre of Gr. A Railway service- Indian Railway Stores service (IRSS) 18.07.2019
2019E(GC)12-53 (65) Transfer/ operation of SAG/IRPS posts 18.07.2019
2019E(GC)12-52(78) Operation of HAG/SAG IRAS posts 12.07.2019
2019E(GC)12-57 (76) Operation of IRTS posts 10.07.2019
2019E(GC)1-1 (70) Extension of currency of GM, NFR (Con.) for a period of two years beyond 31.03.18. 25.06.2019
2019E(GC)12-50(73) Transfer of SAG/IRSME post of Director STC/SBC/SWR to COFMOW 25.06.2019
2019E(GC)12-49(71) Operation of SAG/IRSE posts. 21.06.2019
2019E(GC)12-48(68) Operation of SAG/IRSE posts. 17.06.2019
2012E(GC)13-2(67) S.B. Civil Writ Petition No. 465/1995 filed by Sh. Sohan Singh & Anr Vs. UOI & Anr. Before Division Bench of Rajasthan High Court- Formation of a separate Prosecution Cadre on the Railways 12.06.2019
2019E(GC)12-47(66) Operation of IRTS posts 12.06.2019
2019E(GC)2-44(58) Transfer of 12 IRMS post of Dr. Of Cancer Research Institute/Varanasi/NER to Central Super Specialty Hospital/Hajipur/ECR. 11.06.2019
2019E(GC)12-42 (64) Transfer of SAG/IRSME post of CRSE/FR/SWR to SR 11.06.2019
2019E(GC)12-42(63) Transfer of SAG/ IRSME post of Director/STC/GKP/NER to CR 07.06.2019
2019E(GC)12-42(62) Operation of IRTS posts 04.06.2019
2019E(GC)12-30 (61) Operation of IRTS & General Cadre posts 03.06.2019
2019E(GC)12-36(46) Transfer of SAG post of Sr. Prof/DMI/SWR to ICF  03.06.2019
2016E(GC)16-9(Cadre Review) (Vol.III) (IRSME)(36C) Restructuring of Gaz. Cadre of Gr. A Railway Service-IRSME 31.10.2019
2016E(GC)16-9(Cadre Review) (Vol.III) (IRTS)(33A) Restructuring of Gaz. Cadre of Gr. A Railway Service-IRTS 31.10.2019
2016E(GC)16-9(Cadre Review) (Vol.III) (IRSSE)(31A) Restructuring of Gaz. Cadre of Gr. A Railway Service-IRSSE 24.10.2019
2016/E(GC)16-9(Cadre Review)(Vol.III)(Genl)(89 P) Distribution of Gazetted posts of General Cadre 11.09.2019
2006-E(GC) 16-4 Extension of Currency of temporary gazetted posts - Streamlining of precedure. 15.06.2011
2006-E(GC) 16-4 Proposal of extension of currency of workcharged posts of Construction Organisation. 01.06.2011




Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 07-09-2021  

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