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2019/EnHM/08/03 06.12.2019 Swachhta Pakhwara campaign 2020 over Indian Railways
2017/EnHM/25/11 07.11.2019 Relaxation of eligibility criteria for Startups (recognised by Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Ministry of Commerce & Industry) in Service Tenders 
2016/EnHM/26/13 22.10.2019 Clarification regarding Month and Year from which life of Linen - Bed Roll items to  be considered. 
2019/EnHM/11/01 03.10.2019 Plastic Waste Management
2018/EnHM/08/05 01.10.2019 Special Drive on Cleanliness of Trains.
2018/EnHM/08/05 27.09.2019 Cleanliness drive and Swachhta Pakhwara - activities to be observed on 2nd October, 2019.
2019/EnHM/11/01 25.09.2019 Plastic Waste Management
2019/EnHHM/10/06 16.09.2019 MoU with CII for 'Facilitation of Green Initiatives in Indian Railways'.
2018/EnHM/01/02/Vol.II 12.09.2019 Implementation of directions of Hon'ble NGT/Delhi in OA No.141/2014 in the matter of Saloni Singh and others vs. UOI and Ors.
2019/EnHM/11/01 12.09.2019 Plastic Waste Management
2018/EnHM/17/04 09.09.2019 Minutes of the 2nd and 3rd meeting of the Passenger Amenities Committee (PAC) held on 27.06.2019 and 30.07.2019 respectively in Rail Bhawan
2018/EnHM/08/05 09.09.2019 Swachhta-Hi-Seva from 11th September to 2nd October 2019
2018/EnHM/08/05 06.09.2019 Special Drive on Cleanliness of Trains
2018/EnHM/08 02.09.2019 Cleanliness Drive and Swachhta Pakahwara.
2017/EnHM/15/11 29.08.2019 Re-designing of uniform for OBHS staff on premium Trains.
2018/EnHM/01/02/Vol.II 28.08.2019 NGT directions in OA No. 141/2014 of Saloni Singh and Ors. Vs UOI and Ors.
2019/EnHM/11/01 19.08.2019 Plastic Waste Management
2018/EnHM/06/02 06.08.2019 3rd Party Audit-cum-Survey of cleanliness ranking of 720 stations for 2019- to be conducted by QCI.
2018/EnHM/08/02 02.08.2019 150th Birth Anniversary of  Mahatma Gandhi- Action Plan of Railways
2017/EnHM/26/08 31.07.2019 Linen sets for AC Coach Passengers
2018/EnHM/08/05 24.07.2019 Corrigendum to Swachhta Pakhwara from 16th September to 30th September, 2019
2016/EnHM/15/09 17.07.2019 Monitoring of Coach Mitra
2017/EnHM/06/04 16.07.2019 Cleaning of Coaches under CTS
2015/EnHM/09/01 Pt. I 15.07.2019 Climate Change - Conservation of Water
2018/EnHM/08/05 10.07.2019 Swachhta Pakhwara from 16th Sept. to 30th Sep. 2019.
2019/EnHM/15/09 03.07.2019 Trains Housekeeping Data
2017/EnHM/25/11  26.06.2019 Improving housekeeping of trtains and stations
2016//EnHM/15/09  26.06.2019 Monitoring of attendance and work of OBHS Staff.
2018/EnHM/01/02 13.05.2019 Implementation of directions of Hon'ble NGT
2019/EnHM/08/01 01.05.2019 Check/Drive for stinking toilets in coaches.
2019/EnHM/10/04 01.05.2019 Observance of World Environment Day 2019.
2019/EnHM/15/20 30.04.2019 Trains Housekeeping Data.
2016/06/13 30.04.2018 Monitoring of attendance and work of OBHS Staff
2018/EnHM/01/02 24.04.2019 OA No. 606/2018 before Hon’ble NGT.
2018/EnHM(CE)/01/02  17.04.2019 Implementation of directions of Hon'ble National Tribunal (NGT) dt 26.03.2019 in OA No.1414/2014.
2000/M(C)/141/8  15.04.2019 Report on monitoring of stinking toilets in coaches
2000/M(C)/141/8  08.04.2019 Action to eliminate foul smell in toilets
2018/EnHM/06/02 01.04.2019 3rd party Audit -cum- Survey of cleanliness ranking of Stations for 2019.
2018/EnHM/01/02 01.04.2019 Oders of Hon’ble NGT of Delhi in OA no.141/2014 in the matter of Saloni Singh & Others Vs. UOI & Ors.
2017/EnHM/03/05 20.03.2019 Climate Change – Conservation of Water.
2018/EnHM/06/02 14.03.2019 Cleanliness cum Audit Survey -2019.
2018/EnHM/01/02 12.03.2019 Directions of Apex monitoring committee appointed by Hon’ble NGT in OA No. 606/2018.
2018/EnHM/01/02 08.03.2019 Action Plan with verifiable indicators – compliance of order of Hon’ble NGT Dated 21.01.2019
2018/EnHM/01/02 06.03.2019 Design of webpage of each identified station in compliance to NGT order Dated 21.01.2019 in OA No.141/2014.
2018/EnHM/01/02 05.03.2019 Directions of Apex monitoring committee appointed by Hon’ble NGT 606/2018.
2017/E&R/3(2)/2 20.02.2019 D&G Chargers in Various Works estimates.
2018/ENHM/01/02 18.02.2019 Order of Hon’ble NGT of Delhi Dated 22.01.2019 in O.A No. 141/2014.
2018/EnHM/01/02 18.02.2019 ''List of 37 Stations Identified in compliance to NGT in OA.141/2014".
2018/EnHM/01/02 07.02.2019 Implementation of orders of Hon'ble NGT in respect of OA No. 606/2018 dated 20.08.2018 & 31.08.2018 - Compliance of MSW Rules, 2016.
2018/EnHM/01/02 30.01.2019 Orders of Hon'ble NGT of Delhi in OA no. 141/2014 in the matter of Saloni Singh & Others Vs. UOI & Ors.
2018/EnHM/20/02 25.01.2019 ''Environment Management and Clean;iness (Trains and Stations) shield for Railway Week National Award function - 2019''
2016EnHM/13/02 25.01.2019 Setting up of small scale Waste to Energy Plants at different waste generating units under 1% funds.
2016/EnHM/13/02 18.01.2019 Provision of 1% for Environment related works in the Estimates for sanctioned and new works.
2016/EnHM/13/02 01.01.2019 Framing of estimates and defining ''workable rate'' criteria for finalisation of bids for sanitation works


Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 13-02-2020  

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