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AC Alternating Current, Air conditioned
ACD Anti-Collision Device
ACP Alarm Chain Pulling
ARMV Accident Relief Medical Van
ART Accident Relief Train
AT welding Alumino-Thermit welding
AVCs  Avenue charts
BG Broad Gauge
BPAC Block Proving by Axle Counter
BOBYN Hopper wagon
CAP Capital
CBC Centre Buffer Coupler
CC Closed Circuit
Cr Crores
DF Development Fund
DMU/DEMU Diesel Multiple Unit, Diesel Electric Multiple Unit
DRF Depreciation Reserve Fund
DRM Divisional Railway Manager
EMU Electrical Multiple Unit
FB welding Flash Butt welding
FWU Four-wheeler Units
GB Green Book
GM General Manager
GPS Global Positioning System
GTKMs Gross Tonne Kilometres
HODs Head of Departments
Hq. Headquarter
ICF Integral Coach Factory
IPS Integrated Power Supply
IR Indian Railways
IT Information Technology
LC gate Level Crossing Gate
LWR Long Welded Rails
M&P Machinery & Plant
MACLS Multiple Aspect colour light signalling
MG Metre Gauge
MMU Mobile Mechanised Units
NCR North Central Railway
NG Narrow Gauge
OFC Optical Fibre Cable
OHE Over-head Equipment
PB Pink Book
POL Petrolium
ppm Parts per Million
PSC sleepers Pre-stressed Concrete Sleepers
R&D Research & Development
RCF Rail Coach Factory
RDSO Research Design and Standards Organization
ROB/RUB Road over bridge/Road under bridge
ROH Routine Overhaul
RPF Railway Protection Force
RRB Railway Recruitment Board
RSF Railway Safety Fund
RSP Rolling Stock Programme
RSRC Railway Safety Review Committee
RKms Route Kilometers
Rev Revenue
SLR Guard’s Brake Van
SPART Self- Propelled Accident Relief Trains
SPURT Car Self Propelled Ultrasonic Rail Testing Car
SRSF Special Railway Safety Fund
STC Systems Training Centre
TAWD Train Actuated Warning Device
TRC Track Recording Car
TTM Tie Tamping Machines
TVUs Traffic Vehicle Units
USFD Ultra Sonic Flaw Detector
UTS Ultimate Tensile Strength
VCD Vigilance Control Device
w.r.t With respect to
ZISTUs Zonal  Integrated Signal and Telecom Units.
ZTC Zonal Training Centre