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Chapter 5
Leave Rules


Short title


Extent of application


Right to leave


Effect of dismissal, removal or resignation on leave at credit


Conversion of one kind of leave into another


Commencement and end of leave


Combination of different kinds of leave


Combination of holidays with leave


Employment during leave


Maximum amount of continuous leave


Application for leave


Grant of leave


Leave account


Verification of title to leave


Leave when not to be granted


Recall to duty before expiry of leave


Return to duty from leave


Absence after the expiry of leave


Grant of leave on Medical Certificate


Grant of leave on Medical Certificate to Group A and Group B Officers


Comutted leave/Leave on Production of Medical Certificate by the Railway Servants


Leave to a railway servant who is unlikely to be fit to return to duty


Leave on average pay


Calculation of leave on average pay


Leave applicable to school staff


Leave on half average pay


Commuted leave


Leave not due


Leave not due to temporary railway employees


Extraordinary leave


Leave to probationers and a railway servant on probation


Leave to Special Class Railway Apprentices


Leave to Apprentices Mechanics


Leave to Trade Apprentices


Leave to other Apprentices


Extraordinary leave to Apprentices


General Conditions for grant of leave to Apprentices


Leave to persons re-employed after retirement


Leave to workshop staff

 540. Leave preparatory to retirement.


Leave preparatory to retirement 540.


Leave beyond the date of retirement or quitting service


Leave on termination of employment and leave (terminal) to temporary railway servant


Drawal of leave salary


Leave salary


Leave salary to workshop staff


Leave salary to running staff


Reckoning of special pay for leave salary


Advances of leave salary


Cash equivalent of leave salary in case of death in service


Payment of Cash equivalent of Leave Salary in case of death


Cash payment in lieu of unutilised leave on average pay on the date of retirement


Maternity leave


Paternity Leave


Child Adoption Leave


Paternity Leave to male casual Railway employee


Special disability leave for injury intentionally inflicted


Special disability leave for accidental injury 


Hospital leave




Study leave