Instructions on Railway Servants (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 1968
Letter No. Date RBE No. Subject
Notification 19.01.2011 10

Amendment to Railway Servants (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 1968- Schedules-I and II.


E(D&A) 2008 RG 6-36 16.12.2010 179 Determination of stage(S) in the penalty of reduction to lower stage in the time scale of pay following implementation of the recommendations of the VIth Central Pay Commission
No.E(D&A) 2009 RG 6-45 31.03.2010 48 Penalty of Withholding of Increments imposed under Vth Central Pay Commission scales and operated as per VIth Central Pay Commission Scales effective from 1.1.2006


E(D&A) 2008 RG 6-29 04.08.2009 140 Need for speedy finalisation of disciplinary cases.
E(D&A) 2009 RG6-18 16.06.2009 106 Withdrawal/withholding/recovery of pension/gratuity in the case of minor penalty proceedings.
E(D&A) 2008 RG6-41 06.02.2009 22 Railway Servants (Discipline And Appeal) Rules, 1968 –
Observance of provisions thereof for conducting disciplinary proceedings reg.


E(D&A) 2006 RG6-38 16.10.2008


Appointment of retired officials as Inquiry Officer for
conducting departmental inquiry reg.
E(D&A) 2008 RG6-29 23.09.2008 121 Need for speedy finalisation of disciplinary cases regarding.
E(D&A) 2008 RG6-11 21.04.2008 57 Penalty of reduction to a lower time scale of pay, grade,
post or service-imposition on permanent basis reg.
E(D&A) 2003 RG6-35 21.04.2008 56 Communication of Government’s Displeasure to Retired Railway Servants reg.

E(D&A) 2008 RG6-9



Advice of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) in
the disciplinary cases to be communicated to the delinquent employee along with the final order of penalty.


E(D&A) 2003/RG6-25 27.11.2007 155

Review of an order by the same authority which hadpassed original order in the case and conduct of suchreview during the pendency of the case before a court of law regarding.

E(D&A) 2007 RG6-29 09.10.2007 128 Simultaneous action of prosecution in a court and
initiation of departmental proceedings.
E(D&A) 2007 RG6-24 10.08.2007 105 Amendment to Chapter III of Indian Railway Establishment Manual, Vol.I, 1989 Edition regarding "Rules regulating Seniority of Non-gazetted Railway servants."
E(D&A) 2001/RG6-39 (Pt.) 17.07.2007 97 Procedure and guidelines to be followed regarding promotion of Railway servants against whom disciplinary/court proceedings etc. have been initiated-Circumstances in which a case is to be kept in sealed cover regarding.
E(D&A) 2006/RG6-45 08.02.2007 20 Validity of the plea of discrimination where the cited decision was a wrong decision –observations of Hon’ble Court reg.


E(D&A)2004 RG6-8 20.10.2006 159 Review of suspension of Railway servants.
E(D&A) 2004/RG 6-8 19.07.2006 95 Suspension of Railway Servants – Review of – Instructions reg.
E(D&A) 2004/RG 6-8 18.07.2006 94

Notification : Amendment to Rule 5 of RS(D&A) Rules, 1968