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1601. Holidays in Workshops and other Offices 

Except where specifically provided otherwise, the number of holidays to be observed in the railway offices situated in the States and the Railway Workshops are as indicated below :  

(i) (a) The Central Government offices will observe not more than 16 bare holidays in a calendar year; 

(b) Of these 11 would be compulsory holidays (3 National Holidays namely Republic Day, Independence Day and Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday and 8 holidays relating to minority communities namely Idu'l Zuha, Muharram, Good Friday, Buddha Purnima, Idu'l Fitr, Guru Nanak's Birthday, Christmas Day and Mahavir Jayanti, the remaining five non-compulsory days being determined once for all; 

(c) If any of these 16 holidays falls on a Sunday/Saturday or any other holiday, it would not be substituted by another holiday. 

(d) The number of Restricted Holidays to be chosen by Central Government employees will continue to be two each year to be selected from the list of Restricted holidays. 

(ii) The Line- Staff would also observe 9 Closed  Holidays in a year. The compulsory holidays to be observed will be only three National Holidays and the remaining 6 holidays would be determined by their representative once for all. 

(iii) The workshop staff of Railways will be entitled to 15 holidays in a year including 3 National Holidays. [E-(LR) III/81/HLI-5 dt. 8-12-81.] 

(iv) If it is not possible to allow the staff to avail the holidays, they will be eligible for compensation in lieu thereof as in the case of National Holidays. 

(v) Project Casual Labour who have completed 180 days of continuous employment would be entitled to 9 holidays in a year (including the three National Holidays). 

(vi)  National Holidays : 

All non-gazetted staff who do not enjoy Public Holidays as they cannot be relieved of their duties on those days, are granted 9 holidays—the three National Holidays, viz. Republic Day, Independence Day and Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi and six other specified holidays to be chosen by the staff representatives in accordance with the general directives of the Government.