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1201.  A railway servant wishing to adopt a new name or to effect any modification in his existing name should be asked to adopt the change formally by   a  deed changing his name. In order that the execution of the document may not be in doubt, it is desirable that it should be attested by two witnesses preferably those known to the Head of the Office in which the railway servant is serving.   The execution of the deed in Form No. 75 of Appendix 9 should be followed   by   publication of the change in a prominent local newspaper as well as the Gazette of India, publication being undertaken by the railway servant at his own expense in both cases. For the publication of the advertisement in the Gazette of India, the railway servant should be directed to approach   the Manager of Publications, Government of India, Publication Branch, Civil Lines, Delhi. In the cases in which Railway servants get the change   of their names notified in the State Government Gazette, the publication in the Government of India Gazette need not be insisted upon. 

1202.  It is only after the formalities described in the foregoing paragraph have been complied with and satisfactory evidence of identity and execution of the documents adduced by the railway servant that   the adoption of the new name or change in the existing name should be recognized officially, entries in Government records so far as may be necessary being amended accordingly. True copies of the relevant documents should be retained and placed on the personal file of the railway servant concerned. 

1203.  In the case of change in names of women railway servants consequent on their marriage, formalities indicated in paragraphs 1201 & 1202 above need not be observed, provided that the Head of the Office or Department concerned is   satisfied that the change sought to be effected is, in reality in pursuance of the marriage and that the new name is after the name of the husband. The change of name in such cases should, however, be notified to all officials concerned. 

1204.  As regards change in names consequent on a departmental clerical error, the procedural instructions indicated in paragraphs above   need   not   be followed and necessary corrections should be effected in the official records.   The correct name should be notified to all concerned in this case also.  

1205.  In the case of change of name of the father of a railway servant, it is not binding on the part of the railway servant concerned to follow the change. But if he does so, the prescribed formalities laid down in paragraphs above should be followed.