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RCA publishes and distributes the following books and also sells them to public.
1. Goods Tariff Part-I (Vol.I) 
2. Goods Tariff Part-I (Vol.II)
3. Coaching Tariff Part-I (Vol.I) 
4. Coaching Tariff Part-I (Vol.II) 
5. Coaching Tariff Part-I (Vol.III)
6. Red Tariff
7. Alphabetical List of Rly. Stations in india
8. Railway Map of India 
9. Code Initial Book 
10. Telegraph Code Book
11. Conference Rules, Part-I-Rules, Regulations & Constitution of IRCA (Hindi Edition)
12. Conference Rules part-II
13. Conference Rules Part-III
14. Conference Rules Part IV
15. Telephone Directory of Principal Railway Officers
16. Coaching Tariff No.25 Part II
17. Coaching Tariff No.25 Part III
18. Coaching Tariff o.24 Part IV
19. Goods Tariff No.44 Part II
The General Branch also deals with the distribution of Time Tables to MPs, Maintenance of Office tools and Plants, Estate Management.
NEUTRAL CONTROL BRANCH: This branch is based at HQs Office/New Delhi. Various monthly/quarterly statements received from Neutral Control Points (Workshops, ROH depots & Sick Lines over Indian Railways) are complied in NC branch and submitted to Railway Board and Zonal Railways. This branch maintains the records for the Railway Quarters allotted to Neutral Control staff over NC points. The Instructions/Directives pertaining to maintenance of Coaches & Wagons issued by Railway Board/RDSO are circulated to all the NC points. Correction slips pertaining to CR part III & IV are also issued from this branch
NC/HQ ADMINISTRATION BRANCH: This branch is located in IRCA/HQs office, New Delhi. It maintains establishment records of the 438 staff posted at the Neutral Control points over Indian Railways and 77 staff of IRCA headquarter. The personnel matters are also dealt with in this branch.