Indian Railway Telecommunication Manual


Chapter -I Organisation of the Signal and Telecommunication department.
Chapter -II  Role of PTCC and PTCC clearances.
Chapter -III    Role of WPC and SACFA clearances.
Chapter -IV Communication requirements for new stations.
Chapter -V   Train Traffic Control
Chapter -VI   Video Surveillance System
Chapter -VII   Line Plant System- Overhead & Underground Cable
Chapter -VIII  Line Plant System –Communication through RE Cable
Chapter -IX   Telephone Exchange & Trunk Exchange

Chapter -X 

Quad cable Based Control communication system

Chapter -XI  

Radio Communication (VHF)
Chapter -XII     Multichannel Radio system
Chapter –XIII   Optical Fibre Communication system

Chapter -XIV 

Digital Multiplexing Equipment

Chapter -XV 

Chapter -XVI Power Plant system for Telecom. Installations
Chapter –XVII  Accident Communication
Chapter -XVIII   Mobile Communication-GSM-R
Chapter -XIX  Yard Communication system
Chapter -XX Sound Distribution system
Chapter –XXI  

Passenger Information system

Chapter -XXII  Satellite Communication System
Chapter -XXIII 

Protection of Telecom Equipments against Lightning

Chapter -XXIV   Instruction for Protection to Staff
Chapter -XXV  Fault Control Procedures
Chapter -XXVI Inspection
Chapter -XXVII Painting
Chapter -XXVIII Drawings and Specifications
Chapter -XXIX Books of Reference