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Chapter 6
Medical Attendance and Treatment Rules


Railway servants employed in the office of the Railway Board the Research Design and Standards Organisation and office of the Railway Liaison Office at New Delhi and their families


Railway servants employed on Indian Railways and in offices not covered in Rule 601óreferred to above




 Entitlement of Medical treatment


Places where railway servant is entitled to get treatment


Entitlement  of female railway servant


 Treatment at railway servant's residence


Charges for services rendered which are not included in medical attendance or treatment


Duties of medical officers in urgent cases


Medical attendance in foreign service


Medical attendance for persons transferred from service governed by other rules


Medical atten≠dance for railway servants on leave


Railway servants on foreign Railways


Rail≠way servants on deputation abroad


Medical attendance and treatment of the family of Railway servants


Charges for service at a hospital other than Railway hospital for family of Railway servant


Medical attendance at a consulting room maintained by authorised medical attendant


Medical attendance in the hospitals recognised by Govern≠ment


Medical treatment includes confinement of Railway servant's wife


Payment of fees for Medical attendance of families at residence


Contract system


Medical facilities for private servants


Railway servants injured in civil disturbances


Infectious diseases and quarantine


Report of infectious diseases


Verification of diseases when a Railway servant resides within the prescribed beat of a medical officer


Verification of diseases beyond the prescribed beat of medical officer


Duty of railway servant under quarantine


Duty of Railway servant not under quarantine in whose household an infectious disease is verified


Treatment of cases of infectious diseases in civil hospital


Treatment of diseases viz. T.B.Mental diseases. cancer and polio myelitis


Consultation and/or treatment for mental diseases