701 Agency for supply
702 Exceptions
703 Agency for purchases
704 Purchase by the Railway Board
705 Purchases arranged by the Administration
706-707 Direct purchase of Directorate General of Supplies and Disposal Items
708 Modes of Direct Purchase
709 Bulletin and Daily Tenders
710 Deleted
711 Local purchase of Materials of small value
711 A Local purchase of Stores by DRMs,CEs (C), CSTEs(C), CEEs (C) of Railways,R.E., M.T.P. (R)s and other offices not attached to the Stores Department
711 B Opening of Current Accounts against Cash, Imprest by Stores Officers
712 Accountal of local purchases
713 Essential Points
714-717 Purchase Orders
718 The Supply Forms
718-A Supplier's Challan
719 Combined Receipt and Issue Notes
720 Deleted
721-728 Part Supplies
729 Distribution
730 Orders for Direct Despatch
731 Purchase of Non-stock Items
732 Submission of Requisitions
733 Scrutiny of Requisitions in the Depot
734 Registration of Requisitions
735 Directorate General of Supplies and Disposal Items
736 Items Purchased by the Railways
737 Forcing of Stock Items
738 Pricing of Purchase Orders
739 Procedure for payment of Supplier's Bill in respect of Direct Delivery Orders
740 Requisitions
741 Distinguishing letters for Price List Number
742 Scrutiny of Requisitions
743 Price Factor
744 Challans, Receipt Notes etc. to be stamped 'X"
745 Ledger Cards of Stores obtained for Trial
746 Stocking Arrangements
747 Record of Trials
748-755 Orders on other Zonal Railways/Production units
756 Deleted
757 Inspection
758A - 758B Inspectorate of the Directorate General of Supplies and Disposals
759 Government Test House of the Directorate General of Supplies and Disposals at Calcutta
760 Materials Purchased Abroad
761 Procedure of Inspection
762-763 Rejected Stores
764 Rejection Memo
765 Rejection Register
766 Check of Large Consignments of Materials Purchased From Firms
767 Register of Purchase Orders
768 Check of Supplies with Purchase Orders
769-771 Reminder system for overdue Deliveries
772-773 Risk Purchase and the Method of dealing with Defaulting Firms
774 Standard Weight
775-780 Materials with No Tolerances