201. Standard Classification of Stores.—The following is the standard classification of the railway stores which should be strictly followed on all railways. Railway Stores have been divided into 75 groups, the group number being specified as the first two digits in any price listNo. pertaining to that group.     

Major Group 


Group No.




0   Steam locomotive parts & fittings
  0 WP/WG/WL/WT.
  1 Other IRS locos BG.
  2 Non-IRS locos BG.
  3 YP/YG/YL/YM.
  4 Other IRS steam locos MG.
  5 Non-IRS steam locos MG.
  6 All steam locos NG.
  7 Rail mounted steam cranes BG/MG/NG.
  8 Rail mounted diesel cranes BG/MG/NG.
  9 Diesel loco parts & fittings
  10 Alco DLW diesel electric locomotives BG/MG/NG. WDM1, WDM2, WDS5, YDM4, YDM4A, Power Packs.
  11 WDM1, WDM2, WDS5, YDM4, YDM4A, Vehicle Portion.
  12 VVDM1, WDM2, WDS5, YDM4, YDM4A, Transmission.
  13 MAK/CLW diesel hydraulic locomotives BG/MG/NG/ WDS4, WDS4A, ZDM3 Power Pack.
  14 WDS4, WDS4A, ZDM3 Vehicle portion.
  15 Hardware items Common to group 10 & 11.
  16 General Motors diesel electric locomotives BG & MG WDM4, YDM3, YDM5.
  17 Henschel Main line diesel hydraulic locomotives WDM3.
  19 Non-standard diesel locomotives YDM1, N/ZDM1,ZDM2,WDS1,WDS2.
2   Electric loco parts & fittings
  21 DC Elec. locos BG pre-war.
  22 DC Elec. locos BG post-war   (WCM1, 2, 3, 4, 5, WCG2).
  24 AC Elec. locos "GROUP" WAM1, WAG2, WAG3, WAG4.
  25 AC Elec, locos-Japanese design WAM2, WAM3, WAG2.
  26  AC Elec. locos of  CLW.
  27 AC/DC Elec. locos BG.
  28  All AC Elec. locos MG.
3   Carriage, Wagon, EMU, Railcar Parts & fittings
  30 ICF Coaches BG & MG.
  31 ICF EMU coaches BG & MG.
  32 Diesel Railcars BG/MG/NG.
  33 BEML Coaches BG & MG.
  34 Jessops Coaches BG/MG.
  35 EMU Coaches BG/MG (Jessop, Breda, etc.).
  36 Other Coaching stock BG/MG.
  37 Old IRS design wagons, CR, O, MBC, NCL.
  38  New IRS stock wagons, BOX, BOI, BCX, BRH & future new designs.
  39 Other goods stock e.g., IRCA & non-IRS.
4   Electrical Stores
  40 Cables, Conductors & transmission materials and wires.
  41 Insulators & insulating materials.
  42 Electrical fittings.
  43 All instruments, appliances & component instruments.
  45 T.L. Cells & train lighting materials (not included elsewhere).
  46 Electrical sub-station transmission & distribution equipment (not included elsewhere).
  47  Electrical machinery & parts including carbon brushes of all types.
5   Signals & Telecommunication Stores
  50 Telegraphs & telephones equipment.
  52 Wireless equipment including electronic components and spares for communication.
  54 Signal & interlocking material, mechanical single wire and their parts & fittings.
  55 Signal & interlocking material, mechanical double wire and their parts & fittings.
  56 Signal & interlocking material, electrical and their parts & fittings.
6   Engineering Plant machinery & parts.
  60 Permanent Way, Track Tools & Bridge work.
  61 Building materials including sanitary-ware, roofing materials   (other than G.I. sheets), Bricks, Sand, Cement, Lime etc.
  62 Pipes, tubes & fittings including valves.
  65 Plant & Machinery including Cranes-complete unit
  66 Spares for Plant & Machinery and Cranes.
  67 Road Motors, Auto-trucks, trolleys & material handling equipments other spares.
7,8,9    General Stores
  70 Abrasives & grinding wheels.
  71 Brushes, brush ware & basketware and bamboo products.
  72 Tools accessories & components & instruments.
  73 Hardware, fasteners, rivets, bolts, nuts, screws, studs and pins and cotters.
  74 Hardware-other than fasteners-Iron-mongery-Tin-ware, etc, including expanded metals, oil lamps, parts and fittings, stores, etc. wire ropes, chains and allied fittings.
  75 India Rubber, Leather, Canvas & Plastics & kind of Materials (except those pertaining to technical classification).
  76 Electrodes cutting & welding accessories, Elect. & Oxyacetylene.
  77 Paints, Enamels, Varnishes and Painter's stores including painter's oils and spirits.
  78 Crockery, Cutlery, Nampery, kitchen and tableware, furniture and other equipments including clocks, watches etc.
  79 Cloth, clothing and personal equipment and cotton products such as Cord, Twine ropes and Waste Cotton.
  80 Petroleum & petroleum products other than fuel oil.
  81 Acids, chemicals & chemical products (including soaps, disinfectants, insecticides & explosives) and vegetable oils.
  82 Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, Hospital instruments & appliances.
  83 Stationery, forms, drawing office instruments, laboratory apparatus, photographic equipment & printing press equipment
  84 Refractories, glass, glass substitute, asbestos, asbestos fibre, joint & packing material.
  85 Bearing ball and roller.
  86 Miscellaneous including fire fighting equipment and marine material.
  90 Metals ferrous.
  91 Metals Non-ferrous.
  91 Fuel & Fuel oils.
  93 Timber.
  97 Rolling stock complete units.
  98 Scrap.

 Within each group there will be sub-groups to broadly identify groups of items within the main group. Details of sub-groups within each group are placed at Appendix-I. The two digits following the main group identify sub-group in a price list number pertaining to the main group. 

201.    Out of the 75 groups under which the railways stores have been classified, some of the groups are unified. Under unified groups, any particular item is identified on all railways with one PL No. Individual railways shall therefore not allot regular PL Nos. to individual items under the unified groups and this will be done only by the railway that originally prepared the unified price list book. List of groups that are unified and the individual railways which have prepared the unified groups is placed at Appendix II. 

202.    Standard Nomenclature of Stores.—The nomenclature of each of the several items of stores in each of the classes referred to in paragraph 201 should be strictly in accordance with that prescribed in a printed standard nomenclature list, each item of which shall be assigned a number, reference to which will serve to identify the article completely. 

203.    The items of each class in the list shall be arranged in alphabetical order, the name of the article or commodity being placed first, followed by its description and lastly where necessary, the purpose for which it is used. 

204.    Part Number Code.—for items that cannot be adequately described without mentioning the purpose for which they are intended, indicating letters should be prefixed to the numbers according to a Standard Code for such items. 

205.    Standard Specifications & drawing.—Standard specifications and drawings of raw & manufactured materials are prescribed by the Rly. Board, RDSO and the General Managers from time to time and price list should give a reference to the code numbers of such specifications. stores which do not specify the standard specifications and drawings should gradually be worked out and substituted in time those which do so.   List of standard specifications which have been adopted for use on Indian Railways are issued by Rly. Board/RDSO from time to time. Indian Railways standard specifications are also issued by Rly. Board & RDSO from time to time for certain items. List of items for which IRS drawings exist are circulated through  the quarterly notifications issued by RDSO. All materials indented by the consumers and procured by the C.O.S., should, where I.R. Standard exist conform to such standards. 

206.    To enable consuming departments to exhaust supplies of obsolete and non-standard materials in stock as rapidly as possible, in preference to other items, such items should be distinguished from the rest in the printed nomenclature lists, in some suitable manner. 

207.    The units to be used in accounting for quantities of receipts or issues for each item of stores should be shown in the printed nomenclature lists.   Such units shall be those adopted generally and in the largest number of cases for the issue of the items.   The employment of dual units of measurement in price lists and ledgers for any item of stores is prohibited.   The list of codes in use for units of accountal is placed at Appendix III. 

208.    The nomenclature lists, referred to also as Priced Stores Lists or Price Lists, which should be in the following form are not intended for the pricing of issues of stores but for supplying consuming Departments with a list of stores showing their correct description and identifying numbers.

Code No. Description Specn. or Drg. Unit of accountal Rate


Slocking Rlys. Remarks



 209. The Price Lists should be kept up-to-date by the prompt issue of serially numbered correction slips of a standard size which could be conveniently filed. All corrections in Price Lists, except those in which a whole page is substituted, should be carried out in manuscript in ink. 

210.    Rates for New Stores.—(a) Stores Purchased. —The rates for 'new' stores should be the 'average book rate' or the 'current market rate' whichever is less.   The average book rate is the rate arrived at by dividing the value balance shown in the priced ledgers by the quantity balance.   The current market rate is, in the absence of any special notification by the Controller of Stores, the last purchase price paid for other than petty supplies.   When there have been no recent purchases (i.e. within three years), the current market rate should be ascertained and fixed by the Controller of Stores. 

Note.— When the last purchase price or the current market rate is lower than the average book rate by 10 per cent or more, or when, though the variation is less than 10 per cent special circumstances justify the revision of the average book rate, the balance of stores in stock should be re-valued at the lower rate and the difference between the two balances adjusted against Stock Adjustment Account (See also paragraphs 2554 and 2560). 

(b) Workshop Manufactured Stores. —The Price list rates for workshop manufactured stock items would be the rates fixed half yearly by the Mechanical Department and the average book or ledger rates will be the price list rates in force from time to time necessary revaluation of balances in stock being made at each revision of the price list rate (see also paragraphs 1535 to 1537). 

211. Schedule of Scrap. —The rates for scrap materials should be included in the Schedule of Scrap. These rates should be revised as frequently as necessary and not less frequently than once a year by the Controller of Stores in consultation with the Chief Accounts Officer with reference to the best data available, such as the average prices realized at recent auction sales. If there is any difference of opinion between the Controller of Stores and the Chief Accounts Officer on the subject the matter should be referred to the General Manager whose decision will be final. 

212. Book Rate for Scrap. The schedule rate will ordinarily be the book rate for all receipts and issues of scrap from and to departments of the railway. When the schedule rate is revised and is lower than the previous rate the balances in hand should be revalued at the revised rate by operating on the Stock Adjustment Account. If, however, the revised rate is higher than the previous rate, the following procedure should be followed :— 

(a) The existing stock should not be revalued at the revised rate ; 

(b) Future receipts should be credited at the revised rate ; and, 

(c) Issues should, however, be priced at average rates struck on the priced ledgers as and when required. 

Appendix ‘I’


( Steam Loco Parts & Fittings (Groups 00 to 06 ) 

(1) All Roller and Ball Bearings are to be listed in Groups 85. 

(2) All Fire Bricks are to be listed in Groups 84.

Sub-Group IRS Symbol


1 2


    I. Running, Spring & Standing Gear
1 AB Axle Boxes and details.
2 TB Tender Axle Boxes and details.
4 SN Spring & Spring Gear.
5 TY Tyres.
6 WL Wheels and Axles.
7 SG Sanding Gear and details.
8 _ _
9 __ For items to be numbered locally by Railways.
    II.  Bogie, Frame, Cab, Draft and Brake Gear
10 BE Bogies and Trucks.
11 TE Tender bogies and Trucks.
12 FR Frames & details.
13 BD Buffing and draw gear.
14 BG Brake Rigging and Gear.
15 VB Vacuum Brake Equipment.
16 …..
17 CB Cab Fittings.
    For items to be numbered locally by Railways.
    III.    General Fittings and Miscellaneous Items
20 EQ Equipment - Tools, etc.
21 ML Misc. fittings/pipe clips etc.
22 __ V.D.O. Tachograph/Speed Indicator, drive cable space.
23 P Pipes, pipe couplings, flanges including elbo tees and connections of general application.
24 RC Rough Castings.
25 …….
26 GL Greases and Oil Nipples.
27 OC Oil boxes, Cups and Covers.
28 LB Lubricators.
29 —. For items to be numbered locally by Railways.
    IV.   Hardware Items (Special to rolling stock)
30 BT Bolts
31 NT Nuts
32 PN Pins
33 SC Screws
34 SU Studs
35 WC Washers
36 RT Rivets
37 BU Bushes
38 KY Keys, Feathers, Dowels and Cotters.
39 For items to be numbered locally by Railways.
    V.    Motion Parts and Allied Details
40 PX Piston rod with heads and cross heads.
41 CR Connecting rods and coupling rods with details.
42 MN Motion details including reversing arrangements, bushes and motion pins excluding piston rods 'X' head valves and gears (PX, FV, CV & LV).
43 CL Cylinder with covers and cylinder details including bush, piston valve/slide bar, cylinder cocks and gearing.
44 PK Piston rods, valve spindle packing.
45 PV Piston valves excluding Piston Valve Liners (Bush)-(CL).
46 CV Caprotti valve and gearing.                                     
47 LV LENTZ Valve and gear.
48 For items to be numbered ; locally by Rlys.
49 __ VI.    Boiler mountings, details & allied fittings
50 BR Boiler details, i.e. all outer plates, Tube Plates domes,
    including boiler tubes, ferrule tube plate, stays, boiler  fittings steading brackets, mud and inspection doors, manhole doors, hand rails but excluding fire box, details fire doors (PX) Fire rates (FG) and Boiler mountings (BM).
51,52 BM All boiler mountings including fussible and washout plugs ashpan drench cook etc. excluding injectors, ejectors (EJ) Lubricators (LB).
53 AN Ashpan and details.
54 FG Fire and rocking grate including rocking grate cylinder and gearing.
55 SX Smoke box and doors details including super heater header with element tubes anti-vacume valves, branch steam pipes exhaust steam pipes, blast pipes, span arrestor and chimneys.
56 CG Clothing details (cylinder and boiler) including Crinoline bands.
57 MG Mechanical Stokers.
    VI.    Boiler mountings, details and allied fittings—contd.
59   For items to be numbered locally by Rlys.
60   Fire box details including fire hold doors, arch tubes.
61   Fire box. Stay stthermic syphon excluding fire bars.
62 FX (FG) and Mechanical Stokers (MS) and excluding fire bricks.
64 to 68   …….
69   For items to be numbered locally by Rlys.
    VII.   Steam fittings and tender and Misc. fittings not covered elsewhere.
70 EJ Ejectirs.
71 IR Injectors.
72 RG Regulations,   including stuffing boxes for regulator rods and internal steam pipes.
73 TC Tenders, tanks, bunkers, sumps and water lever gauges.
74 to 78
79 For items to be numbered locally by Rlys.
98 Railways own items.

 Alco/DLW Diesel Electric Locomotives BG/MG/NG

(Power Pack)

Group Sub-Group Description
1 2 3
10 1 General Assembly, Drawings etc.
  2 Turbo Support, Main Base, Cylinder Block and Explosion Door Assemblies.
  3 Crankshaft and Vibration Damper, Extension shaft, Piston and Piston Pin, Connecting Rod and Tacho Generator Assemblies.
  4 Cylinder Head and Valve Lever Assemblies & Sub Assemblies.
  5 Fuel Oil System, Governor & Mountings, Push Rod Lifter, Acceleration Control & Over Speed Trip Assemblies.
  6 Lub. Oil Pump Inlet Header, Crankcase Exhauster & Lub. Oil Strainer Assemblies.
  7 Water pump Assembly, Water Outlet Headers and Water piping.
  8 Generator Connection, Exhaust Manifold, Turbo Super
  12 Ferrous Castings.
  13 Non-ferrous Castings.
  14 Forgings.
  15 Bearings & Bushings. 
  16 Springs.
  17 Gasket, Oil Seals & 'O' Rings.
  18 Items made of Sheets, Ferrous & Non-ferrous.
  19 Items made of Plates & Billets.
  21 Rounds.
  22 Hex. & Sq. Bars.
  23 Tubes.
  24 Other Items (Engine).
  25 Name Plates & Identification Tags.
  31 Regulating Valves, Lub. Oil Cooler.
  32 Crankcase Exhauster.
  33  Fuel Injection Pump, Nozzle and Holder.
  34 Governor.
  35 Air Pressure Control Valve and After cooler Blower.
  36 Exhaust Manifold.
     Alco/DLW Diesel Locomotives Electric Locomotives—BG/MG/NG (Vehicle Portion)
11 1 Diesel Locomotives outline arrangement, Max. Outline drawing dimension, Maintenance Drawings, Alignment Drawings etc.
  2 Motor Truck Arrangement and allied assemblies.
  3 Underframe and allied assemblies.
  4 Superstructure and allied assemblies
  5 Apparatus and allied assemblies.
  6 Piping assemblies
  10-13 Components made out of steel Plates, Flats, Sheets and  Aluminum Plates.
  15 Components made out of Steel angles, channels & I-Beams.
  16 Components made out of Rounds and wires.
  18 Components made out of Hexagonal & Square Bars.
  19 Components made out of Wire netting, expanded metal, wire mesh, billets and key stock.
  20 Components made out of Steel pipes, special steel tubes and flue tubes.
  22 Components made out of Non-ferrous Tubes including copper tubes, admiralty brass tubes and aluminum tubes.
  23 Forgings.
  25 Steel, C.I., M.I. and Non-ferrous Castings.
  27 Rubber and plastic products.
  28-30 Pipe Fittings viz. Couplings, Elbows, Tees Unions, Weld-o-lets, Weld Couplets, etc.
  32 Special Pipe Fittings, i.e. Aeroquip, Dresser & Ermeto Fittings.
  34 Pipe Clamps, Adalet clamps, Hinges, Handles, Universal Clamps, Name plates, Wooden Items etc.
  36-37 Brake & Vigilance control items.
  38 Air compressor Exhauster.
  39 Valves & Cocks.
  40 Bearings.
  41 Springs.
  42-43 Special Loco Fittings.
  44 Auxiliary Fittings.
    Alco/DLW Diesel Electric Locomotives— BG/MG/NG
    (Hardware items common to group 10 & 11)
15 1-10 Hexagonal Head Bolts and Cap Screws.
  11-14 Studs.
  15 Machine Screws.
  25 Set Screws.
  26 Drive Screws.
  27 Machine Screws.
  28-30 Dowels & Taper Dowels.
  31 Keys.
  32 Cotter Pins.
  33 Cotter Pins, Split Pins, Roll Pins, Spiral Machine Pins, Nails, Lock Wires.
  34 Rivets and Retaining Rings, Snap Rings and Miscellaneous Bolts and Rings etc.
  35-38 Nuts of various types and sizes—e.g. Plain, Slotted, Square, Castle, Hug Lock, E.S.N.A. Wing Nuts. Weld Nuts, Jam Nuts etc.
  39-41 Washers of various types—e.g. Plain, (Cadmium plated and Stainless Steel), Spring lock, Asbestos, Nylon, etc.

 Sub-Grouping of Major Group No. 13 (NU)-MAK/CLW/Diesel Hydraulic Locomotives—BG/MG/NG, WDS-4, WDS-4A, ZDM-3

  Power Pack
Sub Group No. Description
0 Vacant.
1 Engine Block.
2 Crank Shaft and Fly Wheel etc.
3 Pistons and Connecting Rods.
4 Cylinder Head.
5 Valve and Injection Pump Drive.
6 Engine Control.
7 Distribution Gear Case and Main Coupling.
8 Auxiliaries Drive and Accessories.
9 Super Charging Equipments and Fittings.
10 Engine Accessories.
11 to 19 Vacant.
  Suri Transmission
20 Vacant.
21 Housing Assembly.
22 Vacant.
23 Drive Shaft Assembly.
24 Converter Shaft Assembly.
25 Out-put Shaft Assembly.
26 Other Equipments.
27 to 29 Vacant.
  Reversing Gear Box
40 Vacant.
41 Reversing Gear Box Housing Assembly
42 In-put Drive Assembly.
43 Reversing Shaft Assembly.
44 Counter Shaft Assembly.
45 Jack Shaft Assembly.
46-47 Vacant.
  Other Equipments
48 to 59 Vacant.
  General Fittings and miscellaneous items
60 Vacant
61 Steel and Iron Castings.
62  Pipes and Pipe Fittings.
63 Miscellaneous items.
64 to 79 Vacant.
  Hardware Items & Gaskets
Sub-Group No.                            Description
80 Vacant.
81 Bolts
82 Nuts
83 Pins.
84 Screws.
85 Studs.
86 Washers.
87 Rivets.
88 Keys.
89 Circlips.
90 Gaskets.
91 to 99 Vacant.

 Sub-Grouping of Major Group No. 14 (NU) MAK/CLW/Diesel Hydraulic Locomotive—BG/MG/NG, WDS4, WDS4A, ZDM-3 Frame, Drett, Gear and Bogie (Vehicle Portion)

00 Vacant.
01 Frame and details.
02 Cattle Guard.
03 Draft and Buffing Gear.
04 Foot Step details.
05 Vacant.
06 Compensating Ballast for Eventual Axle Load Increase.
07 Bogie and details.
08 to 09 Vacant.
  Spring gear, running gear, motion details, brake gear and sanding gear
10 Vacant.
11 Spring gear and details.
12 Axle Box and details.
13  Axles and Wheels.
14 Tyres.
15 Motion Parts and allied details.
16 Power Brake arrangement
17  Vacuum Brake Equipments and Pneumatic Installation complete.
18 Hand Brake arrangement.
19 Sanding Gear Equipments.
20 Safety Strap Details.
21 to 29 Vacant.
  Cab & Super Structure
30 Vacant
31 Driver's Cab and Fittings.
32 Hoods (for Engine & Transmission).
33 Fuel Tanks and details.
34 Driver's Control complete.
35 Battery Box and details.
36 to 39 Vacant.
  Installations and Equipments
40 Vacant
41 Fuel Installation.
42 Cooling Installation.
43 Electrical Installation.
44 & 45 Vacant.
46 Auxiliaries.
47 Vacant.
48 Electrical Equipments.
49 Vacant.
50 to 69 Vacant.
  General Fittings and Miscellaneous Items
70 Vacant.
71 Steel Castings.
72 Pipe Fittings.
73 Fire Extinguisher.
74 Tools.
75 to 77 Vacant.
78 Miscellaneous Items.
79 Vacant.
  Hardware Items (Special to Rolling Stock)
80 Vacant.
81 Bolts.
82 Nuts.
83 Pins
84 Screws.
85 Studs
86 Washers.
87 Rivets.
88 Keys
89 Vacant.
90 to 99 Vacant.


 Details of Sub-Groups of Diesel Loco Parts and Fittings (including Electrical Gear)

Groups 16 to 19

Sub-Group IRS Symbol Description
    I.    Running, Spring and Sanding Gear.
01 AB Axle Boxes and details.
02 __ __
04 SN Springs & Spring Gear.
05 TY Tyres.
06 WL Wheels and Axles.
07 SG Sanding Gear and details.
08   __
09 __ Items to Railway's part numbers.
    II.     Bogie, Frame, Cab, Draft & Brake Gear
10 BE Bogies and Trucks.
12 FR Frames and details.
13 BD Buffing and draw gear.
14 BG Brake rigging and gear.
15 VB Vacuum Brake equipment.
16 AR Air Brake equipment.
17 CB Cab fittings.
18 ---
19 __ Items to Railway's part numbers.
    III.     General fittings and miscellaneous items
20 EQ Equipment-Tools, etc.
21 ML Misc. fittings, pipe clips etc.
23 PC Pipes, pipe couplings, flanges including elbows, tees and connection of general application.
24 RC Rough Castings.
25 GK Gaskets, labyrinth, etc.
26 GL Grease and oil nipples.
27 OC Oil boxes, cups and covers.
28 LB Lubricators.
29 Items to Railway's part numbers.
    IV.     Hardware Items (Special to rolling stock)
30 BT Bolts.
31 NT Nuts.
32 PN Pins.
33 SC Screws.
34 Su Studs.
35 WE Washers
36 RT Rivets
37 BU Bushes.
38 KY Keys, Feathers, Dowels and Cotters.
39 __ Items to Railway's part numbers.
    V.    Body, Engine and Allied Components
40 BF Body and frame fittings.
41 CR Connecting and coupling rods.
42 GP Gears and Pinions.
43 CS Carden Shafts.
44 BL Blower and details.
45 BP Belts and pulleys.
46 CP Coupling and connections (not pipe couplings)
47 CO Cooling Equipment.
48 FS Filter and Filter Soaks.
49 Items to Railway's part numbers.
50 CN Controls and instruments.
51 cx Compressors-Exhausters.
52 FP Fuel injection pump.
53 FT Fuel tanks.
54 DE Diesel engine.
55 DX Diesel engine auxiliaries.
56 HT Hydraulic transmission.
57 SP Super Charger.
58 GV Governors.
59 ------ Items to Railway's part numbers.
    VI.    Electrical Gear
60 ET Electrical transmission.
61 EF Electrical fittings.
62 BS Brushes, carbon for motors.
63 MO Motors for auxiliary.
64 PO Poles.
65 RE Resistors.
66 RL Relays.
67 SD Safety devices.
68 BA Batteries.
69 SW All switches (excluding isolating switches)
70 IS Circuit breakers and isolating switches.
71 RF Rectifiers.
72 TR Transformers.
73 ARN Arno Converters.
74 GE Generators including battery chargers.
75 IV Interlocking Box.
76 CAP Capacitors.
77 CC Fuses.
78 CCD Silicon Cell Check device.
79 RQ Roof equipment including surge arrestor.
80 FC Traction motor field controller.
81 GIG Notch indicating device.
82 GR Tap changer and accessories.
83 IG Ignitron and its excitation circuit.
84 MP Master controller and driver's desk.
85 MV Magnet Valves.
86 PT Pantograph.
87 SM Serve Motors and Combinators.
88 SH Shunts.
89 SL Smoothing reactors.
90 SON Signal Horn & Buzzer.
91 TM Traction motors and reversers.
92 DER Dynamic and regenerative brake equipment
93 CM Contractor-Electro Magnetic and electropneumatic.
94 NF Fule Free Breaker.
95 WN WM Coupling.
98 Rly.'s own materials/items.
99 __ Second hand/Repairable/items.

 Details of Sub-Groups of Electric Loco parts and Fittings (including Traction equipments) 

Electrical Gear (Group 20 to 29)

    I.    Running spring and Sanding Gear
1 AB Axle, Boxes and details.
2 __  
3 HT Mechanical Transmission.
4 SN Spring and Spring Gear.
5 TY(WL) Tyres, Wheel & Axles.
7 SG Sanding gear and details.
8 Items to Railway's part numbers.
    II.   Bogie, Frame, Cab, Draft & Brake Gear.
10 BE Bogies and trucks.
11 FR Frames and details (For Pt. II Vol. I only).
12 FR Frames and details.
13 BD Buffing and draw gear.
14 BG Brake rigging and gear.
15 VB Vacuum brake equipment.
16 AR (AE) Air equipment including air brake equipment.
17 CB Cab fittings.
19 Items to Railway's part numbers.
    III.   General fittings and miscellaneous items.
20 EQ Speedometers and accessories.
21 ML Miscellaneous fittings, pipe clips, etc.
23 PC Pipes, pipe couplings, including elbows, tees and connection of general application
24       __       __
25 GK Gaskets.
26 GL Grease and oil nipples.
27 OC Oil seals and buckets.
29 Items to Railway's part numbers.
    IV.   Hardware items (special to Rolling Stock).
30 BT Bolts.
31 NT Nuts.
32 PN Pins.
33 SC Screws.
34 SU Studs.
35 WC Washers.
36 RT Rivets.
37 BU Bushes.
38 KY Keys, feathers, dowels & cotters.
39 Items to Railway's part numbers.
    V.   Body Engine and allied component.
40 BF Body and frame fittings.
41 CR Connecting and coupling rods.
42 GP Gears and Pinions.
43 CS Carbon shafts and Jacqumin drive.
44 BL(V) Blower and details.
45 BP Belts and pulleys.
46 CP (CD) Couplings and connections (not pipe couplings)
47 CO Cooling equipments.                                           '
48 FS Filters and filter soaks.
49 Items to Railway's part numbers.
50 CN Measuring instruments.
51 CP Compressors and Aux. Compressors.
52 PE Water Pumps.
53 PH Oil Pump.
54 PV Exhauster.
56 GRA Tap Changer N 32.
59 Items to Railway's part numbers.
    VI.   Electrical Gear and Traction Equipment.
60 ET Electrical Transmission.
61 EF Electrical fittings including plugs, sockets & head-light accessories including signal horn & buzzer.
62 BS Brushes, Carbon for motors.
63 MO DC Motors for auxiliaries, including GE.
64 FRL Relays, Functional.
65 RE(R) Resistors.
66 RL(Q) Relays.
68 BA Battery.
69 TF Transformers for Control Circuit.
70 SW (BL & CTR). All switches.
71 DJ HC Circuit breakers.
73 TR (ATE, TF, TFI) Transformers (Powers).
74 AX Armo Convertone and other AC Auxiliaries.
75 VR Voltage regulators & stablisers.
76 BV Interlocking box.
77 CAP Capacitors.
78 CC Fuses.
79 SI Silicon rectifier and its equipment, Rectifier cells (Silicon Selenium, Zener, etc.).
80 CCD Silicon cell check device.
81 RQ (RE,ET). Roof equipment.
82 FC Traction Motor Field Controller & reversers.
83 GIG                                      Notch indicating device.
84 GR                               Tap changer N 40h and accessories.
    VI.   Electrical Gear and Traction Equipment
85 IG Ignitron & excitron rectifiers & their excitation circuits.
86 MP Master controller and drivers desk.
87 MV Magnet Valves.
88 PT Pantograph.
89 CM Em contactors.
90 SM (SM, SCO) Servo combinators.
91 SH Shunts.
92 SL Smoothing reactors.
94 TM Traction Motors.
95 DBR Dynamic & regenerative brake equipment.
96 CPM Contactor Electro Pneumatic.
97 NF Fuse Free Breaker.
99 CT Contacts & contact tips for relays & contractors.
 Details of Sub Groups of Group 30 & 31—I.C.F. Coaches, BG & MG
Main Group Sub-Group


0 Bogie Gear
  00 Bogie Assembly.
  01 Axle wheel set, axle box guides and axle box springs.
  02 Roller bearing with axle box, front & rear covers.
  03 Bogie frame.
  04 Bogie bolster.
  05 Bogie bolster suspension & laminated springs.
  06 Centre Pivot arrangement
  07 Bolster anchoring & side bearer arrangement.
1   Under frame & Body Shell.
  10  Body Shell assembly.
  11 Underframe.
  12 Head stock complete.
  13 Through floor complete.
  14 Body side walls.
  15 End constructions.
  16 Roof constructions.
2   Exterior Equipment
  21 Draw gear complete.
  22 Buffer gear complete.
  23 Screw coupling complete.
  24 Steps, railings, ladders, etc.
  25 Gangways, flexible gangway, bellow etc.
  26 Exterior accessories.
3   Brake
  31 Brake Block arrangement.
  32 Bogie brake arrangement, rack and pinion brake.
  33 Brake arrangement on underframes.
  34 Hand Brake.
  35 Vacuum air brake equipment, apparatus pipe & Emergency brake.
  36 Brake, apparatus etc.
4   Internal Furnishing
  41 Floor, floor coverings, etc.
  42 Side Wall & end construction, panelings and moldings.
  43 Partition walls and mouldings.
  44 Ceilings and moldings.
5   Doors & Windows
  51 Body side doors with locks.
  52 Door bearings and sealing arrangements.
  53 Windows complete for body side doors.
  54 Body side windows complete.
  55 Lavatory windows complete.
  56 Interior doors & accessories complete.
  57 Equalizing device for shutters.
  58 Body side sliding doors.
6   Interior Furnishing
  61 Seats & upper berths.
  62 Luggage racks.
  63 Lavatory & lavatory vestibule equipment.
  64 Interior equipment & accessories.
  65 Luggage compartment equipment.
  66 Mail Compartment equipment.
  67 Equipment for special compartment.
  68 Motor & pilot car compartment.

 Details of Sub-Groups of Carriage & Wagon Components (including electrical gear and traction equipment for EMU stock) Groups 32—39

Sub-Groups        IRS Symbols


    I.   Running and Spring gear
1 AB Axle boxes and details.
4 SN Springs and spring gear.
5 TY Tyres.
6 WL Wheels and axles.
9   Items to Railway's part numbers.
    II. Bogie Frame, Draft and Brake Gear
10 BE Bogies and Trucks.
12 FR Underframes and details.
13 BD Buffing and draw gear.
14 BG Brake rigging and gear.
15 VB Vacuum brake equipment.
16 AR Air Brake equipment.
19   Items to Railway's part numbers.
    III.   General Fittings and Miscellaneous Items
20 EQ Equipment—Tools etc.
21 ML Miscellaneous fittings, pipe clips etc.
22 HG Hydraulic gear.
23 PC Pipes, pipe couplings flanges including elbows, ices and connection of central application
24 RC Rough castings.
25 GK Gasket, labyrinth, etc.
29   Items to Railway's part numbers.
    IV. Hardware  Items  (Special    to   Rolling Stock)
30 BT Bolts.
31 N'T Nuts.
32 PN Pins.
33 SC Screws.
34 SU Studs.
35 we Washers.
36 RT Rivets.
37 BU Bushes.
38 KY Keys, feathers, dowels and cotters.
39   Items to Railway's part numbers.
    V.  Body Fillings and Battery Box and Dynamo Suspension Fittings
40 BF Body fittings (Carriage).
41 AS Alarm signal fittings (Carriage).
42 CF Compartment fittings (Carriage).
43 LF Lavatory and water tank fittings (Carriage).
44 RV Roof vents (Carriage).
45 Doors and windows.
59 Items to Railway's part numbers.
    VI.   Electrical gear and Traction equipment.
60 ET Electrical transmission.
61 EF Electrical fittings including plugs, sockets and head-light accessories
62 BS Brushes, carbon for motors Please refer Major Group— 47, Sub-group 41.
63 MO Motors for auxiliaries.
64 PO Poles.
65 RE Resistors.
66 RL Relays.
67 SD Safety devices.
68 BA Battery.
69 Items to Railway's part numbers.
70 SW All switches (excluding isolating switches).
71 IS Circuit Breakers and isolating switches.
72 RF Rectifiers.
73 TR Transformers.
74 ARN Arno converters.
75 GE Generators including battery chargers.
76 BV Interlocking box.
77 CAP Capacitors.
78 CC Fuses.
79 Items to Railway's part numbers.
80 CCD Silicon cell check device.
81 RQ Roof equipment including surge arrestor.
82 FC Traction motor field controller.
83 GIG Notch indicating devices.
84 GR Tap changer and accessories.
85 IG Ignitron and its excitation circuit.
86 MP Master controller and driver's desk.
87 MV Magnet Valves.
88 PT Pantograph.
89 Items to Railway's part numbers.
90 SM Misc. items for B.G., Diesel Rail Cars.
91 SH Shunts.
92 SL Smoothing reactors.
93 SON Signal Horn and Buzzer.
94 TM Traction motors and reverses.
95 DBR Dynamic and Regenerative brake equipment.
96 CM Contractor Electromagnetic and Electro pneumatic.
97 NF Fuse free, breaker.
98 Misc. items for N.G., Diesel Rail Cars.
99 __ Items to Railway's part number.


Group No. Sub-Group No. Description
1 2 3
  01 Cables, Conductors & Transmission materials and Wires.
  03 Cables, rubber insulated Aluminum conductor up to 650/1100 volts.
  05 Cable, rubber insulated Copper conductor up to 650/1100 Volts.
  07 Cords Flexible.
  09 Cables PVC & Polythene insulated.
  11 Cables, P.I.L.C.
  20 Cable, other types.
  22 Conductors, copper, Bare.
  30 Conductors, aluminum, Bare.
  31 Copper wire, enamelled.
  32 Copper wire, single cotton covered.
  33 Copper wire, double cotton covered.
  36 Copper wire, Silk, Glass, Rockbestos & Paper covered.
  40 Aluminum Wire, enameled.
  41 Wire resistance.
  90 Wire fuse.
  98 Miscellaneous.
  99 Railway's own items.
41   Insulators & Insulating Materials.
  1 Bakelite/Hylam rods, sheets, blocks.
  3 Ebonite rods, blocks etc.
  5 Vulcanised Fibre sheets, rods, blocks.
  7 Other Insulating sheets, cloth, rods, Tubes etc.
  9 Insulating tapes of all types.
  11 Sleeves of all types.
  13 Insulating compounds.
  15 Insulator, porcelain with allied fittings.
  17 Porcelain tubes, blocks, cleats and connectors etc.
  90 Miscellaneous.
  98 Railway's own items.
 42   Electrical Fittings.
  1 Adaptors, Sockets and Plugs.
  2 Switches of sorts.
  3 Holders of sorts.
  4 Battens, Casing Boards, Wooden Plungs, Blocks, Rawl Plungs, etc.
  6 Clips.
  7 Strips of sorts.
  8 Fuses & Fuse fittings.
  11 Lamps & Tubes and fittings.
  21 Shades & Shade parts.
  22 Bawl Glass.
  24 Lenses of sorts.
  31 Conduit pipes & fittings.
  40 Tubular Lug sockets and terminals.
  50 Fans & Components.
  90 Miscellaneous.
  98 Railway's own items.
  99 …………….
 43   AH Instruments,   Appliances   and    Component Instruments.
  01 Current measuring instruments.
  02 Voltage measuring instruments.
  03 Energy measuring instruments.
  04 Humidity measuring instruments.
  05 Illumination measuring instruments.
  06 Power measuring instruments.
  07 Pressure measuring instruments.
  08 Temperature measuring instruments.
  09 ………………..
  10 Miscellaneous Instruments.
  11 Crafts for recording Instruments
  21 Air & Ventilation
  22 Cooling Appliances& Components
  23 Heating appliances & Components
  24 Indicating
  29 Mislenious appliances
  30 Torches, Cells and Fittings
  90 Mislenious
  98 Railway's own items.
  99 ………………..
45   T.L, Cells & Train Lighting Materials(not Including elsewhere)
  1 Turbo Generator & Spares.
  2 Engine Headlight Equipments & Spairs
  11 Dynamo & Driving Car
  13 Switch Gear.
  14 Recifiers, Cuplers & Their Spare Parts
  15 T.L. Lamps all tyres and Fittings.
  17 Cells, Batteries, Box and allied fittings.
  18 T.L. Fan & Components.
  21 A.C. equipments and spare parts pertaining to Rolling stock only.
  90 Miscellaneous.
  98 Railway's own items.
  99 ……………….
 46   Electrical Sub-station, Transmission & Distribution Equipments (not included elsewhere).
  01 Sub-station and track sectioning equipment
  02 Circuit breakers.
  04 Rectifiers.
  05 Relays.
  06 Switch gear.
  11 Arrestors Lightning.
  13 Bolts.
  15 Bonds.
  17 Boxes, dividing.
  19 Clamps, clips and collars clavis.
  21 Connectors and contactors.
  23 Fittings ending and splicing.
  25 Poles steel.
  27 Screws.
  29 Sleeves and sockets.
  31 Springs.
  33 Thimbles and Lugs.
  35 Washers and Split Pin.
  90 Miscellaneous.
  98 Railway's own items.
  99 ………………..
47   Electrical Machinery & Parts including Carbon Brushes of all types.
  1 D.C. Generators other than T.L. Dynamos.
  2 A.C. Generators.
  3 D.C. Motors.
  4 A.C. Motors.
  5 Convenors & Inverters.
  20 Transformers.
  21 Rectifiers.
  22 Condensers, Capacitors.
  30 Circuit Breakers.
  31 Control Panels.
  32 Cutouts, fuses, fuse links, fuse-boards etc.
  33 Relays.
  34 Resistance and Regulators.
  35 Starters and Switches.
  36 Electronic control equipment and apparatus.
    Carbon Brushes.
  41 Carbon Brushes for rolling stock traction equipment
  42 Carbon Brushes for traction sub-station equipment.
  43 Carbon Brushes for T.L. Fans & Dynamos.
  44 Carbon Brushes for other Fans.
  45 Carbon Brushes for other electrical Machinery.
  90 Miscellaneous.
  98 Railway's own items.
50   Telegraphs & Telephone Equipments.
    Telegraph Equipment.
  01 Galvanometers and Relays.
  02 Keys Telegraph.
  03 Miscellaneous   items; Feed Resistances, Lighting arrestors switches.
  04 Sounders.
    Telephone Equipment
  11 Coils Induction.
  12 Condensers.
  13 Cords.
  14 Diaphragms.
  15 Exchanges, Telephones & Ancillary equipment.
  16 Fuses.
  17 Generators Magneto.
  18 Main distribution frame I.D.F. etc,
  19 Micro telephone sets.
  20  Plugs.
  22 Selectors-Exchange Apparatus.
  23 Telephone and Accessories.
    Traffic Control Telephone Equipment.
  31 Apparatus Case, Selector and their parts.
  32 Key-Cases and Keys, Selector-and their parts.
  33 Protectors and test switches.
  34 Selectors and their parts.
  35 Telephone sets, Control and their parts.
  36 Way Station Selector I.T.I. Type.
  37 Control equipments R.E. Type.
  51 Miscellaneous-Annuciators Bells Buzzers.
  52 Annunciators.
  53 Bells and Bell Pushes.
  54 Buzzers.
  55 Eliminators Battery and their parts.
  56 Lamps.
  90 Meters and Testing Equipments.
  98 Miscellaneous.
  99 Railway's own items.
52   Wireless Equipment including Electronic Components and Spares for Communication.
  5 Lamps dial, pilots indicating etc. and accessories.
  6 Capacitors.
  7 Chokes and Coils.
  8 Connectors.
  9 Fuses and Fuseholders.
  10 Loudspeakers and Microphones and components.
  15 Resistance.
  16 Relays.
  17 Switches..
  18 Sockets.
  19 Sleeves.
  20 Transformers.
  21 Valves.
  22 Wire Antena.
  23 Accessories for antena.
  24 Stand by generators and components.
  90 Miscellaneous.
  98 Railway's own items.
54   Signal & Interlocking Materials, Mechanical Single Wire and their parts and fittings.
  01 Cabin Equipments.
  11  Interlocking frames, their parts and fittings.
    Points and Lead out Fittings.
  21 Cranks and Compensators, Detectors and Extension pieces.
  22 Indicators, Joints and Foundations.
  23 Keys and Key-boxes, interlocking.
  24 Lock-bars, clips, lock-bar, rockers, roller paths and steps.
  25 Locks, Lugs.
  26 Rodding, coupling ends, Goose and Swanneou and Rod Rollers.
  27 Screw adjusting.
  30 Arms Signal.
  31 Bases for Signal dolls and posts.
  32 Counter weight levers.
  33 Cranks, Signal.
  34 Joints, 3/4" rod.
  35 Ladders and Pinnacles, Signal.
  36 Lamps and Lamp Brackets.
  37 Lenses, Roundels and Glasses.
  38 Locks, Signal Post.
  41 Posts, Signal.
  42 Screen, Backlight.
  43 Signals, 1 -arm, 2-arm and bracket.
  44 Signals, shunt and draff.
  45 Spectacles and bearings, signal.
    Wires & Wire Transmission Fittings.
  51 Pulleys, wire.
  52 Screws, wire adjusting.
  53 Wheels.
  54 Wires and wire ropes.
  55 Links, Rivets, Bifurcated, Shackles, Sleeves, stakes and Thimbles.
  90 Miscellaneous.
  98 Railway's own items.
55   Signal and Interlocking Material, Mechanical Double Wire and their parts and fittings.
    Cabin and Equipment.
  01 Compensators.
  02 Coupling devices
    Gates, Level Crossings & their Fittings.
  11 Barriers, Lifting and Winches.
  12 Gate Locks.
  20 Interlocking Frames & their Parts & Fittings.
  30 Points Mechanisms and Fittings.
    Signals & Signal Posts, Fittings and Mechanism.
  51 Ladders, Signal.
  52 Posts, Signal.
  53 Signals, complete.
  54 Signal Fittings.
  55 Signal Mechanisms.
    Wires & Wire transmission Fittings.
  61 Pulleys, wire and brackets Pulley supporting.
  62 Wheels and Bases.
  63 Wires and Wire Ropes.
  90 Miscellaneous.
  98 Railway's own items.
 56   Signal and Interlocking Material, Electrical and their Parts and Fittings.
  01 Block Instruments—Double Line.
  02 Block Instruments—Single Line.
  03 Hoops  &  Punches—Token   Delivery   & Pick up Apparatus.
    Cables & Cells
  11 Cables & Signal.
  15 Cells.
    Control Frames & Cabin Fittings.
  21 Control Frames, Station Master's.
  22 Locks, Lever & Circuit Controller Combined.
  23 Repeaters and Indicators.
  30 Points Machines and Paint Fittings.
    Signal & Signal Posts, Machines & Fittings.
  41 Circuit Controllers.
  42 Posts, Signal.
  43 Reversers, Signal.
  44 Route Indicators.
  45 Signals, Banner.
  46 Signals, Colourlight.Multi unit type, Search light type.
  47 Signals, Shunt.
  48 Signal Machines, Electric.
  50 Miscellaneous. Appliances.
  90 Miscellaneous.
  98 Railway's own items.
99 ……………..
 60   Permanent Way, Track Tools and Bridge Works.
  1 Rails standard section.
  2 Rails, non-standard sections.
  3 Sleepers, wooden.
  4 Sleepers, steel.
  5 Sleepers, Cast Iron.
  6 Concrete Sleepers.
  7 Sleepers, non-standard.
  8 Crossings, Standard rail sections.
  9 Switches, Standard rail sections.
  10 Points & Crossings non-standard rail sections.
  11 Rails (Standard Sections) fittings.
  12 Rails (Non-standard Section) fittings.
  13 Fittings for wooden sleepers.
  14 Fittings for steel sleepers.
  15 Fittings for C.I. Sleepers.
  16 Fittings of Concrete Sleepers.
  17 Points & Crossings-Fittings-Blocks of all types.
  18 Points & Crossings-Fittings-Bearing Plates.
  19 Points & Crossings Fittings other than bearing, Plates and Blocks.
  20 Points and Crossings-non-standard rail sections-fittings.
  21 Other Permanent Way fittings.
    Sleepers, Steel for Crossings (Switch Sections).
  23 Track Tools.
  26 Track Machinery, Components and spares.
  31 Complete Bridge girders.
  33 All other items of Bridge work other than complete girders.
 61   Building Materials including Sanitary-ware, Roof-ing Material (Other than G.I. Sheets), Bricks, Sand, Cement, Lime etc.
  01 A.C. Sheets.
  02 A.C. Ridges.
  05 Tiles Roofing and Ridges.
  07 Hook bolts, Mashroom, Slotted Head, Nuts, Washers Bituman and Limpet, etc. Sanitaryware.
  11 Wash basins, Sinks, Water Closets, Urinals and bath tubes, including traps, etc. and other fittings.
  13 Flushing cistern, tanks and T. fittings.
  15 Pans dust, Pans Latrines, drums, C.I. Boxes, etc.
    Building Materials.
  21 Cement.
  23 Lime.
  25 Bricks, Sand etc.
  27 Tiles for Flooring.
    Other Items
  31 Water Columns and fittings.
  33 Yard Enclosing material (not included elsewhere).
  90 Miscellaneous.
  98 Railway's own items.
  99 ……………….
62   Pipes, Tubes and Fittings including Valves.
  1 Pipes—Cast iron.
  2 Pipes—Asbestos Cement.
  3 Pipes—R.C.C.
  4 Pipes—Stone Ware.
  9 Pipes—Miscellaneous.
    Pipe Fittings including Water Meters.
  10 Pipe fittings—Malleable Iron.
  11 Pipe fittings—Cast Iron.
  12 Pipe fittings—Mild Steel.
  13 Pipe fittings—Galvd. Iron.
  14 Pipe fittings—Asbestos Cement.
  15 Pipe fittings—R.C.C.
  16 Pipe fittings—Stone Ware.
  17 Pipe fittings—Valves and Cocks of sorts and sizes.
  28 Pipe fittings—Miscellaneous.
  29 Pipe fittings—Water Meters.
  30 Tubes M.S. Black.
  31 Tubes Galvanised.
  32 Tubes Bright.
  33 Tubes Seamless.
  34 Tubes Miscellaneous.
  90 Miscellaneous.
  98 Railway's own items.
  99 ………………….
65   Plant and Machinery including Cranes—Complete Unit.
  01 Air Compressors.
  03 Pneumatic Machines.
  10 Machine Tools.
  20 Pumping Sets.
  30 Prime Movers.
  43 Mobile Cranes.
  45 Overhead Cranes (Spares).
  50 Earth Moving Equipment.
  55 Road Rollers, Concrete Mixers and other Engineering Plant.
  61 Weighing Machines.
  70 Stationery Boiless & Spares.
  90 Other Machinery.
  98 Railway's own items.
66   Spares for Plant and Machinery and Cranes.
  01 Spares for Air Compressors.
  03 Spares for Pneumatic Machinery.
  04 Forges Portable, Pressure Gauge Lubricators, Piston, Rods & Vice Benches etc.
  10 Spares for Machine Tools.
  20 Spares for Pumping sets.
  30 Spares for Prime Movers.
  43 Spares for Mobile Cranes.
  45 Elec. Overhead Cranes (Spares).
  50 Spares for Earth Moving Equipment.
  55 Spares for Road Rollers, Concrete Mixers and other Engineering Plant.
  61 Spares for Weighing Machines.
  90 Miscellaneous.
  98 Railway's own items.
67   Road Motors, Auto-trucks, Trolleys and material handling equipments and other spares.
  01 Road vehicles and their spares.
  02 Auto Trucks and their spares.
  03 Trolleys and their spares.
  04 Material handling equipment and their spares.
  90 Miscellaneous.
  98 Railway's own items.
  99 …………….
69   Engineering Plant reserve.
70   Abrasives and Grinding Wheels.
  1 Wheels, Grinding, abrasive, plain.
  2 Wheels, Grinding, abrasive, recessed one side.
  3 Wheels, Grinding, abrasive, recessed two sides.
  4 Wheels, Grinding, abrasive, straight cup.
  5 Wheels, Grinding abrasive, Flaring cup.
  6 Wheels, Grinding, abrasive dish.
  7 Wheels, Grinding, abrasive, special shape.
  8 Wheels, Grinding, abrasive, Segments.
  15 Grinding attachment and accessories.
  20 Cloth aluminum oxide in rolls.
  21 Cloth Emery or corundum.
  22 Cloth Silicon carbide.
  23 Paper sand and glass.
  30 Abrasive steel regular.
  31 Pastes.
  90 Miscellaneous.
  98 Railway's own items.
  99 ………………….
 71   Brushes, Brushware,  Basketware and  Bamboo Products.
  01 Painter's brushes.
  05 Brushes, Wire.
  07 Brushes, other types.
  08 Brooms.
  11 Cane, Cane-Baskets and other Cane Products.
  13 Baskets Bamboo and other bamboo articles.
  90 Miscellaneous.
  98 Railway's own items.
  99 ………………….
72   Tools Accessories and Components and Instruments.
  01 Blades and Saws
  02 Tipped Tools High speed sleel.
  03 Cemented Carbide Tipped Tools.
  04 Taps.
  05 Dies and chasers.
  06 Cullers.
  07 End Mills.
  08 Drills. Reamers.
  09 Sleeves and Sockets.
  10 Drifts, Punches and Chisels.
  11 Files.
  12 Hammers.
  13 Handles.
  14 Spanners and Wrenches.
  15 Carpenter Tools.
  16 Measuring Instruments including Survey Instruments (other than Electrical—Gauges,   Scales, Measuring
  17 Screw Driver.
  98 Miscellaneous.
  99 Railway's own items.
73   Hardware, Fastners, Rivets, Bolts, Nuts, Screws, Studs, Pins and Cotters. Bolts with/without Nuts.
  01 Bolts with/without nuts CSK Head raised CSK head.
  02 Bolts with/without nuts cup head square neck round.
  03 Bolts with/without nuts hexagonal head black.
  04 bolts  with/without nuts Hex.  head precision and turned.
  05 Bolts with/without nuts pan head/M.S.
  06 Bolts with/without nuts Round head.
  07 Bolts with/without nuts square head.
  08 Bolls with/without snap head.
  09 Bolts Miscellaneous.
  10 M.S. Nuts hexagon black.
  11 M.S. Nuts Hexagon bright.
  12 M.S. Nuts Black.
  13 M.S. Nuts lock bright.
  14 M.S. Nuts slotted black.
  15 M.S. Nuts square black Nuts Nylock self locking and vibro lock nuts.
  16 M.S. Nuts castle, Nuts Winged or fly.
  17 M.S. Nuts black lock (check Hex.).
  18 M.S. Nuts Misc.
  20 Rivets boiler CSK head steel.
  21 Rivets boiler pan head steel.
  22 Rivets boiler snap head steel.
  23 Rivets flat CSK head for general purpose.
  24 Rivets Rounded CSK head.
  25 Rivets cup snap head.
  27 Rivets pan head.
  29 Rivets Miscellaneous.
  31 Pins Panel.
  32 Pins Split cotter steel.
  33 Pins Split taper.
  34 Pins solid taper.
  37 Cotters.
  38 Wire nails and tacks.
  50 Screws coach square head M.S. with gimlet point.
  51 Screws hexagonal bright.
  52 Screws machine slotted chees head/with B.A. threads.
  53 Screws machine slotted CSK head.
  54 Screws machine slotted raised CSK head.
  55 Screws machine slotted round head.
  56 Screws set, hexagonal steel.
  57 Screws, self, lapping.
  60 Screws wood slotted CSK head steel.
  61 Screws wood slotted CSK head steel galvd.
  62 Screws steel wood slotted raised CSK head galvd.
  63 Screws wood slotted round head steel.
  64 Screws wood slotted round head galvd. steel.
  66 Studs.
  70 Washers punched steel.
  71 Washers spring steel single coil flat section.
  72 Washers spring steel single square section.
  73 Washers spring steel single girder section.
  74 Washers spring steel double coil.
  75 Washers M.S. Black.
  76 Washers plain galvanised.
  77 Washers lock.
  78 Washer bevel.
  80 Nuts, non-ferrous.
  81 Bolts non-ferrous.
  82 Washers non-ferrous.
  83 Rivets non-ferrous.
  84 Screws non-ferrous.
  90 Miscellaneous.
  98 Railway's own items.
74   Hardware—Other than fasteners-Ironmongery-Tin ware, etc. including expanded metals, oil lamps, parts and fittings, stores, etc. wire ropes, chains and allied fittings.
  01 Expanded Metal.
  03 Wire Mesh.
  05 Wire ropes.
  08 Chains.
  10 Buckets.
  12 Cans and drums.
  14 Cases Tin.
  16 Clips.
  18 Fasteners Belt.
  20 Lacing steel for belts Allegator type.
  22 Feeder Oil.
  24 Kettles.
  26 Pans and pots.
  42 Lamps Blow and spares.
  44 Pressure lamps and spares.
  46 Lamp oil and spares.
  49 Door and window fittings (Ferrous) including locks.
  50 Door and windows fittings (non-ferrous) including locks.
  90 Miscellaneous.
  98 Railway's own items.
75   India Rubber, Leather, Canvas and Plastic and kindred Materials (Except those pertaining to Technical Classification).
  01 Belting all types.
  03 Hoses all types.
  10 Canvas and Canvas goods.
  20 Leather and Leather goods.
  32 Rubber and other rubber products.
  40 Plastics, linoleum, Rexine and other coated fabrics.
  54 Coir jute, Manila and other vegetable fibres and other product excluding cotton.
  55 Synthetic fibres and their product.
  61 Carriages and Wagon Roofing, furnishing and flooring materials.
  90 Miscellaneous.
  98 Railway's own items.
76   Electrodes Cutting and Welding Accessories Elec. and Oxyacetyler.
  01 Electrodes.
  11 Welding Rods (Filler Rods).
  21 Welding accessories.
  90 Miscellaneous.
  98 Railway's own items.
 77 Paints, Enamels, Varnishes and Painter's including Painter's Oils and Spirits.
  01 Distemper.
  03 Enamels
  05 Stoving enamels
  07 Paints primer.
  09 Faints Ready Mixed.
  11 Paints, Acid, Alkalies and Heat resistinqs.
  15 Pigments.
  17 Polishes and Varnishes.
  19 Thinner.
  29 Painters Misc. Stores.
  90 Miscellaneous
  98 Railway's own Items.
78   Crockery, Cutlery, Napery, Kitchan and Tableware Furniture and other equipments including clocks watches etc.
  01 Crockery.
  03 Cutlery.
  05 Utensils.
  07 Napery.
  10 Furniture Wooden etc.
  15 Furniture Steel.
  20 Office and Station Equipment.
  21 Clocks and watches.
  90 Miscellaneous.
  98 Railway's own items.
 79   Cloth, Clothing and Personal Equipment and Cotton Products such as Cord, Twine Ropes and Waste Cotton.
  01 Cloth Cotton, Khadi.
  02 Cloth Cotton other than Khadi.
  03 Cloth Woollen.
  09 Other Cloth.
  11 Cut garments Cotton Khadi.
  12 Cut garments Cotton other than Khadi (Other than Coats & Trousers).
  13 Cut garments Cotton other than Khadi (Coats).
  14 Cut garments Cotton other than Khadi (Trousers).
  15 Cut garments, Woollen (Excluding Coats & Trousers).
  16 Cut garments, Woollen (ExcludingCoats).
  17 Cut garments, Woollen (Excluding Trousers).
  19 Cut garments other cloth.
  21 Finished garments Cotton Khadi.
  22 Finished garments Cotton other than Khadi(ExcludingCoats & Trousers).
  23 Finished garments, Cotton other than Khadi (Coats).
  24 Finished garments, Cotton other than Khadi (Trousers.
  25 Finished garments, Woollen (Excluding Coats & Trousers).
  26 Finished garments, Woollen (Excluding Coats).
  27 Finished garments, Woollen (Excluding Trousers).
  29 Finished garments other cloths.
  31 Personal equipment other than garments.
  32 Waterproof Equipment.
  33 Bed liners, including Mattresses, Pillows,   Pillow covers, Bed Covers and allied items.
  51 Ropes, Cords, Threads etc. Cotton (including cotton waste).
  90 Miscellaneous.
  98 Railway's own items.
80   Petroleum and Petroleum Products other than fuel oil.
  01 Lubricating oils.
  03 Greases.
  09 Other petroleum products including Kerosene.
  90 Miscellaneous.
  98 Railway's own items.
81   Acids,   Chemicals   and   Chemical   Products (Including Soaps, Disinfectents, Insecticides and Ex-plosives) and Vegetable Oils.
  01 Acids.
  03 Chemical.
  04 Gases.
  05 Soaps, detergents and other cleaning material.
  07 Disinfectants, deodorants insecticides.
  11 Explosives items.
  21 Vegetable Oil including linsed Oil.
  90  Misc. including Electroplating materials Fluxes and Foundry material.
  98 Railway's own Items.
 82   Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, Hospital Instruments and Appliances.
  01 Drugs and Pharmaceuticals.
  11 Hospital instruments, Equipments and Parts.
  90 Miscellaneous.
  98 Railway's own Items.
83   Stationery,   Forms, Drawing Office Instruments, Laboratory Apparatus, Photographic Equipment and Printing Press Equipment.
  01 Paper drawing.
  02 Paper writing.
  03 Paper printing.
  04 Paper other kinds.
  05 Made up items (Paper).
  06 Paper Boards (Paste).
  07 Blank Card Tickets.
  09 Paper Board (Straw).
  11 Drawing Office equipments and materials.
  14 Writing material.
  15 Binding material.
  17 Duplicating and typewriting material,
  19 Rubber stamp, ordinary.
  21 Typewriters and duplicators.
  25 Printing Press equipment material.
  31 Laboratory apparatus and equipment.
  41 Photographic goods and equipment.
  90 Miscellaneous.
  98 Railway's own items.
  99         _
 84   Refractories, , glass,  glass   sulxstitude,  asbestos, asbestosfibre, joint and packing material.
  01 Fire bricks (including loco fire bricks),
  02 Fire bricks and fire clay.
  04 Crucibles and Accessories.
  05 Mirror.
  06 Other glass items (oilier than table-ware).
  11 Asbestos, asbestos fibre.
  13 Joining and packing material.
  90 Miscellaneous.
  98 Railway's own items.
 85   Bearing Kail and Roller.
  01 Single Row Deep groove Ball Bearing.
  03 Self aligning Ball bearing—Single Row.
  04 Self aligning Ball bearings—Double Row.
  05 Single Row angular contact Ball Bearings.
  06 Double Row angular contact Ball Bearings.
  09 Single Thrust Ball Bearings.
  11 Double Thrust Ball Bearings.
  13 Spherical Roller Bearings.
  15 Cylindrical Roller Bearings.
  17 Taper Roller Bearings.
  19 Spherical Roller Thrust Bearings.
  29 Ball & Roller Bearings exclusively for Rolling Stock.
  31 Bearing housings.
  33 Balls steel for bearing.
90 Miscellaneous.
  98 Railway's own items.
86   Miscellaneous including fire fighting equipment and marine material.
  01 Fire fighting equipment & their spares.
  02 Marine Material and their spares.
  90 Miscellaneous.
  98 Railway's own items.
  90 Metals Ferrous & Ferro Alloys including Alloy Steels and Wires.
  01 Pig iron.
  04 Ingots.
  10 Blooms.
  11 Slabs.
  12 Billets M.S.
  21 Beams.
  22 Channels.
  23 Equal Angles.
  24 Unequal Angles and Bulb Angles.
  25  Tees.
  33 Rounds.
  34 Squares.
  35 Flats.
  36 Hexagons and other Sections.
  40 Plates (4 to 8 mm).
  41 Plates (over 8 mm)
  42 Plates (over 8 mm other than class II IS. 226).
  50 Sheets (Thinner than 20 gauge) C.R. & C.P.
  51 Sheets (16 to 20 gauge) C.R. &C.P.
  52 Sheets (10 to 14 gauge) H.R.
  60 Strips and Hoops.
  65 Tin Plates.
  70 Wires.
  72 Special Steel Class I to XI (Except class II) (Metric Size only).
  74 Special Steel Class I to XI (Except Class II) (FPS sizes only).
  75 Steel Die Blocks.
  76 Steel High Speed.
  77 Other Tool Steel.
  79 Ferro-alloys.
  81 Steel Stainless.
  82 Steel Spring Flats.
  83 Steel Spring Round & Wires.
  84 Steel Spring Tapers & other Sections.
  90 Miscellaneous.
  98 Railway's own items.
91    Metals, Non-ferrous & Non-ferrous Alloys.
  01 Aluminum.
  02 Anti-friction, bearing alloys.
  03 Antimony.
  04 Brass Hexagonal bars.
  05 Brass round bars.
  06 Brass Sheets.
  08 Brass Wire.   
  09 Bronze.
  10 Copper.
  11 Lead.
  12 Manganese.
  13 Nickel.
  14 Siloer.
  15 Solders.
  16 Tins.
  17 Zinc.
  21 Other Non-Ferrous metals & Alloys.
  90 Miscellaneous.
  98 Railway's own items.
92    Fuel and Fuel Oils.
  01 Coal.
  02 Coke.
  11 Fuel Oil.
  90 Miscellaneous.
  98 Railway's own items.
  01 Bamboos, Bullies.
  11 Logs, Teakwood.
  12 Cut Timber Teakwood.
  21 Logs Hardwood.
  22 Cut Timber Hardwood.
  32 Softwood.
  41 Plywood.
  90 Miscellaneous.
  98 Railway's own items.
  99 ………………
98   Scrap and Receptacles.
  1 Industrial Scrap, Ferrous.
  3 Re-rollable Scrap, Ferrous.
  5 Melting Scrap, other than cast iron.
  8 Cast Iron.
  9 Other Ferrous Scrap.
  11 Condemned Rolling Stock & Wheels sets.
  20 Bronze Scrap.
  21 Copper Scrap.
  23 Other Non-Ferrous Scrap.
Appendix II
SI. No. Group No. Description Unified or Not Nominated Railway
1 2 3 4 5
1 0 WP, WG, WL, WT Unified Central Railway
2 1 All other IRS Locos B.G. Non-Unified  
3 2 Non-I.R.S. Locos B.G. Ditto  
4 3 YP, YG, YL, YM Unified N.E. Railway
5 4 All other I.R.S. Steam Locos M.G. Non-Unified  
6 5 All non-I.R.S. Steam Locos M.G. Non-Unified  
7 6 All N.G. Steam Locos. Ditto  
8 7 All rail mounted Steam Cranes B.G., M.G. and N.G. Ditto  
9 8 All rail mounted Diesel Cranes B.G., M.G. and N.G. Ditto  
10 10 Alco/D.L.W. Diesel Electric Locomotives B.G./M.G., N.G., WDMI, WDM2, WDS5, YDM4, YDM4-A. Unified D.L.W.
    Power Packs    
11 11 Ditto Vehicle portion. Ditto Ditto
12 12 Ditto Transmission. Ditto Ditto
13 13 M.A.K./C.L.W. Diesel hydraulic locomotives, B.G., M.G./N.G., WDS-4, WDS4-A, ZDM3, Power pack. Unified C.L.W.
14 14 Ditto vehicle portion. Ditto Ditto
14A. 15 Hardware item (Common items of Vehicle and Power packs).    
15 16 General   Motors diesel electric locomotives, B.G. and M.G., WDM4, YDM3, YDM5. Unified N. Railway
16 17 Herschel Main Line diesel hydraulic locomotive-WDM3 Non-unified  
17 19 Non-standard Diesel Locomotives-YDMI, N/ZDM1, ZDM2, WDS1, WDS2. Non-unified  
18 21 D.C. Electric Locomotives, B.G. pre-war. Unified Central Railway
19 22 D.C. Electric Locomotives, B.G. post-war WCM1, WCM2, WCM3, WCM4, WCM5, WCC2. Ditto Ditto
20 23 A.C. Electric locomotives of "Group" design WAM1, WAG1, WAG2, WAG4. Ditto Eastern Railway
21 24 A.C. Electric Locomotives of Japanese design WAM2, WAM3, WAG2. Ditto Ditto
22 25 A.C. Electric Locomotives of C.L.W. Indigenous design WAM4. Unified C.L.W.
23 27 A.C./D.C. Electric Locomotives, B.G. Non-unified  
24 28 All A.C. Electric Locomotives, M.G. Unified S.Railway
25 30 I.C.F. Coaches B.G. and M.G. Unified I.C.F
26 31 I.C.F., E.M.U. Coaches B.G. and M.G. Ditto I.C.F.
27 32 Diesel Rail Cars B.G./M.G., N.G. Ditto  
28 33 B.E.M.L. Coaches B.G. and M.G. Unified S.Railway
29 34 Jessops Coaches B.G./M.G. Non-unified  
30 35 E.M.U. Coaches B.G./M.G. (Jessop, Braitewaite & c). Ditto  
31 36 Other Coaching Stock/B.G./M.G. Ditto  
32 37 Old I.R.S. design wagons, CR, O, MBC, NCL. Unified S.Railway
33 38 New I.R.S. Stock Wagons BOX, BOL, BCX, BRH and future new designs. Unified E. Railway
34 39 Other goods stock e.g. I.R.C.A. and non-I.R.S. Non-unified  
35 40 Cables Unified C. Railway
36 41 Insulators. Ditto Ditto
37 42 Electrical fitting. Unified W. Railway
38 43 All Instruments. Non-unified  
39 45 T.L. Cells and Train Lighting Material. Unified W. Railway
40 46 Sub-station equipment. Non-unified  
41 47 Electrical machinery and parts. Ditto  
42 50 Telegraphs and Telephone equipments. Unified Eastern Railway
43 52 Wireless Equipment. Ditto Ditto
44 54 Mechanical Signaling Equipment, Single Wire. Ditto S.E. Railway
45 55 Ditto Double Wire. Ditto Ditto
46 56 Electrical Signaling Equipments. Ditto Ditto
47 60 Permanent Way Track Tools and Bridge Work. Ditto S.C. Railway
48 61 Building Materials. Unified N.F. Railway
49 62 Pipe Materials. Ditto Ditto
50 65 Plant and Machinery. Non-unified  
51 66 Spares for Plant and Machinery. Ditto  
52 67 Road Motor & c. Ditto  
52a. 69 Engineering Plant (Reserve). Ditto  
53 70 Abrasives. Unified N. Railway
54 71 Brushes, brush ware break ware, bamboo products. Unified S. Railway
  72 Tools Accessories and Components. Unified S.C. Railway
55 73 Hardware. Unified N.E. Railway
56 74 Hardware (other than fasteners). Ditto N. Railway
57 75 India Rubber. Ditto S.E. Railway
58 76 Electrodes. Ditto Ditto
59 77 Paints, Enamels, Varnishes. Ditto N. Railway
60 78 Crockery, Cutlery. Non-unified  
61 79 Cloth, Clothing. Unified S. Railway
62 80 P.O.L. Ditto N. Railway