9.1. Reference to Rules :

9.1. 1. The safety of the travelling public is ensured by the Rules laid down in— 

(i) The Indian Railway Act. 

(ii) The General Rules for all Open Line Railways.

(iii) The Rules for Opening of a Railway or section of a Railway for the public carriage of passengers. 

(iv) The Indian Railway Schedule of Dimensions.

9.1. 2. The rules provide for the legal authorization that shall be obtained for any work which affects the running line, before the work is started or brought into use and before a new section of a line is opened for public traffic.

9.2. Notification to Railway officials before opening works.—No signalling work affecting the running of trains or working of traffic at a station shall be brought into use until staff of all concerned Departments have been notified by means of a circular issued by the Operating Department Timely intimation of the date of commencement of work, duration of work, arrangements for working of trains during the progress of the work, date of opening of work, etc., shall be given to the Operating Department, whenever any new or revised traffic working instructions are to be brought into use to enable operating Department to give the station and running staff due notice.

9 3. Approved plans, Drawings and Specifications.—All works shall be carried out strictly in accordance with the approved plans, standard drawings and specifications and should conform to the provisions of this manual where such are applicable. Deviations, if any, shall have the prior approval of the Chief Signal and Telecommunication Engineer. All deviations shall be marked on the completion drawings and forwarded to the Chief Signal and Telecommunication Engineer for correction of the tracings and issue of revised prints.

9.4. Responsibilities of Engineer-in-charge.

9.4. 1 The Engineer-in-Charge shall ensure that no work is commenced without— 

(i) Proper men and materiel-:; being available for its execution.

(ii) Approved signalling plans, locking tables and diagrams, selection tables and circuits, standard drawings and specifications.

(iii) Sanction of Commissioner of Railway Safety in the case of works on lines opened already for passenger traffic.

(iv) Station working Rules and temporary working instructions.

(v) Sanction to the detailed estimate for the work with necessary allotment of Funds. (This does not apply to works started on urgency Certificates).

9.4.2 The Engineer-in-Charge shall, besides authorising commencement of works—

(i) Be responsible for proper and efficient execution of works, 

(ii) Make frequent inspections and issue detailed instructions to the Inspectors.

(iii) Sec that the progress of work is satisfactory and submit progress reports to the Chief Signal and Telecommunication Engineer.

(iv) Be responsible for correct booking and control over expenditure within the funds allotted.

(v) Assist the Operating Department in preparation of the Station working Rules.

(vi) Arrange for sighting of new Signals by sighting committee before commissioning the same.

(vii) Fix a date for opening jointly with other concerned officials and notify the same to all concerned.

(viii) Arrange to issue safely certificate and joint message to the Commissioner of Railway Safety

9.5. Responsibilities of the Inspector in charge—The Inspector in charge of the work shall, besides ensuring the conditions stipulated in Para 9.4.1. be responsible for ensuring that—

(i) a work is not started unless authorized by the concerned officer ;

(ii) all necessary steps are taken for the safety of trains movements during the execution of the work;

(iii) there is no avoidable detentions to trains and if any detentions do take place particulars are advised promptly to the Engineer-in-Charge ;

(iv) the station staff have received the necessary notice and Station working Rules ;

(v) the work is tested and found correct by him before requesting the Engineer-in-Charge to test and commission the work ;

(vi) all precautions are taken to prevent accidents to staff or damage to equipment ; and 

(vii) all accidents are promptly reported.


Works on Lines opened to Traffic

9. 6. Works requiring notice to and sanction of the Commissioner of Railway Safety.—Under Section 20 of the Indian Railways Act and Chapter VI of the " Rules for the Opening of a Railway or Section of a Railway for public Carriage of Passengers " the approval of Commissioner of Railway Safety is required for the execution of any work on the open line which will affect running of passenger train, and any temporary arrangement necessary, for carrying it out except in cases of emergency. The following signal and interlocking works, when they are connected with or form part of a Railway already opened for carriage of passengers require the sanction of Commissioner of Railway Safety before they arc commenced or opened-—

(i) Additions/extensions or alterations to existing Block, Signalling and Interlocking installations

(ii) New Block, Signalling and Interlocking installations.

(iii) New Stations temporary or permanent.

(iv) Interlocking of level crossing, catch siding slip sidings, etc.,

9.7. Application to the Commissioner of Railway Safety for sanction for works:

9.7.1. Applications to the Commissioner of Railway Safety for sanction for carrying out works listed in Para 9.6 shall be submitted in the following manner.—

(i) When the work is executed by the Divisional organization, the application shall be mad by the Divisional Railway Manager.

(ii) When the work is executed by an extra Divisional Organization e. g. Construction Organization, the application shall be made by an officer not below the rank of Deputy Chief Signal and Telecommunication Engineer for signalling works. For joint works the application shall be made by an officer not below Junior Administrative grade of the department which controls the work.

(iii) Station Working Rules obtained from the Operating Department shall accompany the application.

(iv) The application shall be made on the prescribed form 1606/1 " Application of or Sanction " (Annexure ' 37 ') and shall be complete in respect of all documents mentioned therein.

(v) The application for sanction shall ordinarily be made at least fourteen days in advance of expected commencement of the work. When a sanctioned work is not taken on hand within twelve months of the date of sanction, a fresh sanction shall be obtained.

9.7.2. If any material deviation from the plan approved by the Commissioner of Railway Safety which affects the yard layout or signalling and interlocking arrangements or system of train working, is found necessary, his prior approval to such deviations shall be obtained with reference to application first made.

9-7.3. The Commissioner of Railway Safety in according his sanction may or may not propose to inspect the works.

9.7.4. If the Commissioner of Railway Safety decides to inspect the work prior to opening, he will, after inspection in the company of the officers concerned, communicate in writing his sanction to open the work.

9.8. Safety Certificate:

9.8.1. If the Commissioner of Railway Safety decides not to inspect the work prior to the opening, the Engineer in-Charge shall submit the Safety Certificate on the prescribed from (Annexure ' 38') signed by him prior to the opening of works and in case of joint works, signed also by Engineering-in-Charge of Civil Engineering portion.

9.8.2. Before signing the Safety Certificate the Engineer-in-Charge shall—

(i) Test the new works and see that the installation has been carried out correctly.

(ii) Fully satisfy himself, that the work can be opened for the public carriage of passengers without endangering the safety of the traveling public or of the employees of the Railway.

9.8. 3. After fully satisfying himself he shall bring the installation into use by issuing a message in the form given on the sanction Application (Annexure '37') to the Commissioner of Railway Safety with copy to all concerned.

In case of joint works the message shall also be signed by the Engineer-in-Charge of the Permanent Way portion of the work.

9.8.4 The Safety Certificate shall be countersigned by the Officer who applied for the sanction of Commissioner of Railway Safety. A certificate from Operating Department, stating that the necessary Station Working Rules have been issued and giving reference to sanction of deviations (if any) from General and Subsidiary Rules, shall also be attached.

9.8.5 Copies of the Safety Certificates shall be sent to the Divisional Railway Manager and the Chief Signal and Telecommunication Engineer and also the Chief Engineer if the Engineering Department is involved in the work.



9.9. Application to the Commissioner of Railway Safety :

9.9. 1. In the case of new lines or electrification, prior sanction of the Commissioner of Railway Safety for commencement of the work is not necessary but when it is proposed to open the line for passenger traffic or to initiate electric traction on a line already opened, the following documents are to be furnished by the General Manager of Railway to the Commissioner of Railway Safety at least one month before the date by which the line is expected to be ready for opening. These documents collectively are termed the Opening Documents ;—

(i) Tabulated details, 

(ii) Index plan and section of Railway, 

(iii) Drawings of works.

(iv) List of questions and answers duly filled in. 

(v) Certificates.

(vi) List of infringements of maximum and minimum dimensions, 

(vii) Diagram of proposed testing train

(viii) Station working rules to be enforced at each station.

9.9. 2. Of the above only the following items concern signalling and interlocking ;— 

(i) Tabulated details Form No. VIII of Rules for Opening of a Railway (Annexure ' 39'). 

(ii) Drawings of works, plans of station yard showing gradients, the layout of tracks and signals and interlocking including locking and selection tables.

(iii) List of Questions and Answers (Annexure ' 40').

(iv) Station working Rules (assisting the Operating Branch in their preparation).

(v) Certificate for introducing or extending electric traction (Annexure' 41 ').

9.9.3. The new line shall be opened for passenger traffic or electric traction shall be initiated only after the Commissioner of Railway Safety authorises the Railway to do so after his inspection.

Note.—If any part of the work relating to a new line or electrification affects any existing signalling or interlocking installation, prior sanction of the Commissioner of Railway Safety shall be obtained for that part of the work and the work executed on the basis of instructions contained in Section ' A ' of this Chapter.




9.10. Sanction of the Commissioner of Railway Safety is necessary for the running of new types of locomotives or rolling stock or for increasing the maximum permissible speed on a specified section or of locomotives or rolling stock. The application for this purpose shall be made by the Chief Engineer and it shall be accompanied by the following document;:—

(i) Load diagram.

(ii) Certificate for Track strength.

(iii) Certificate for strength of girders.

(iv) Certificate of test runs (if required by the Commissioner of Railway Safety) obtained from Operating Department.

(v) Certificate on Form Annexure ' 42' signed jointly by the Chief Mechanical Engineer, Chief Engineer, Chief Signal and Telecommunication Engineer and Chief Operating Superintendent.

(vi) A statement (in Form XI of the " Rules for Opening of a Railway or section of a Railway for the Public carriage of passengers") detailing any " infringement of maximum and minimum dimensions" involved in running of the locomotive or rolling stock.

On receipt of such an application, the Commissioner of Railway safety if he so desires, will inspect and/or try out the new locomotives and/or rolling stock and the Railway Administration will afford him the necessary assistance to do so.