(First Revised Edition—1991)


(Embodying All Correction Slips issued upto 07, dated 24.03.08)


The State Railway Code for the Mechanical Deptt., was originally published provisionally in March, 1940, and its first Reprint Edition was brought out in 1944, without incorporating any corrections. Subsequently three reprint editions were brought out with the changed name as Indian Railway Code for the Mechanical Department (Workshops) in 1950, 1970 and 1974 the latest incorporating Advance Correction Slips issued upto.3Wl-1974.....

2. Since then certain provisions of the existing code have become obsolete, while others need revision. Further, there is no mention of Production Units in the existing Code, as such it has' '"; been felt necessary to incorporate the procedures relating to Production Units in the revised edition. Therefore, the present revised edition is presented in its' enlarged scope. In this revised edition obsolete provisions have been deleted and all modifications '.'and additions issued upto Advance Correction Slip No. 47-W dated 11/ 78 and other procedural changes like development of incentive scheme, time keeping and time booking functions, production control organisation, job costing of shop manufactured stock items etc. etc, have been incorporated. A new Chapter titled "Railway Production Units'' explaining broad organisation of production units, nature of production undertaken etc. has been added. Certain Chapters and paras of the existing code dealing with establishment matters have, however, been excluded by transferring them to the Indian Railway Establishment Code/Manual.

3. The provision and chapters included in this revised edition supersede all the rules, and orders contained in 1974 Reprint edition to the extent these have been revised and incorporated herein.

4. As per policy of the Govt. of India, this edition is being issued in diglot.

5. Corrections to this Code book, if and when found necessary, will be issued serially numbered. The corrections will be printed in Hindi and English both on one side of paper, so that these may be cut and pasted at the suitable space. 

6. Suggestions for improvement in this code including amendments and Corrections, or errors and omissions, if any, would be welcome and may be addressed through the proper channel to the Secretary, Railway Board.

New Delhi                                                                                                                                                                 (MASI HUZZAMAN)
Dated 20-2-1991 ;                                                                                                                                                            Secretary 
                                                                                                                                                                                     Railway Board.