801 Shop Costs
802 Prime Cost
803 Workshop Costing
804-806 The Work Order System
807-808 Revenue standing Work Orders
809 Job Orders
810 Job Costing
811 Other Standing Work Orders
812 Standing Work Orders for Oncost
813 Standing Work Orders for Manufacture
814 Grouping Work Orders
815 Inter-departmental or Inter-divisional Work Orders
816 Standard System of WorkóOrder Numbering
817 Printed Lists of Work Order Numbers
818 Linking of Work Order Numbers
819-820 Numbering of Revenue Standing Work Orders
821 Numbering on Oncost Work Orders
822 Numbering of Sundry Work Orders
823 Numbering of Manufacturing and Capital Work Orders
824 Standing Work Orders for the Manufacture of Component Parts
825 Work Order
826 Work Order Register
827 Lead Chart
828-831 Method of Posting the Load Chart and Allotment of Job to Machines
832-833 Points to be seen before issuing a Work Order
834 Advice of Completion
835 Monthly Statement of Work Orders Completed  
B-Standard System of Work Order Numbering
836 Shop Numbers
837 Classification and Numbering of Work Orders
838 Standing Work Orders for Locomotive Repairs
839 Work Order No. Có231, Periodical Overhauls
840 Work Order No. Có241, Intermediate Overhauls
841 Work Order No. Có251-Special Overhauls
842 Work Order No. C- -271-Superheater and other Conversions
Work Order
843 No. C    26 l-Other Repairs..Ö
Work Order No.
844 Có272-Trials and Experiments
846-847 Work Order No. C 274-Overcharges & Manufacture and Repairs
Repairs to and Maintenance of Plant, Machinery and Tools
849 Repairs to and Maintenance and Working Cost of Service Motor Cars (Rail Road and Trollies)
850 Repairs to Furniture and Office Equipment
851 Job Cards
852 Sub-division of Standing Work Orders
854 Stores Manufacturing Orders
855 P. Orders
856 G. Orders
857 R. Orders
858 Oncost Work Orders
859 General Oncost
860 Shop Oncost
861-862 Standing Work Orders for Process Shops
863-864 Grouping
865 Inter-departmental Work Orders
866 Capital and Depreciation Reserve Fund Work Orders
867-869 Carriage and Wagon Workshops Standing Work Orders
870 Repairs to and Maintenance of Plant and Machinery
871 Overcharges and Undercharges
872 Capital and Depreciation Reserve Fund Work Orders
CóStandard System of  Work Orders Numbering under Computerised System
873-874 Computerised System of Numbering Work Orders
DóWork  Order System  in  Production  Units
875 Work Orders
876 Production Work Orders
877 Non-Production Work Orders
878 Expense Numbers
879 Receipts Numbers
880 Standing Work Orders
881 Numbering of Work Orders
882 Special Work Orders