Time Records and Allocation of Iabour

501 Records of Allocation
502 Chargemen's Time Book
503-504 Time Sheet
505 Reconciliation of Time Worked
506 Job Card
507 Job Card for Squad Work
508 Squad Summary Card
509 Idle Time Card
510 Overtime and Night Shift Working
511 Monthly Time Sheet of Indirect Labour
512 Monthly Statement of L.A.P., L.H.A.P., Paid Holidays etc.
513 Proceeding Time Card
514 Incentive Bonus Allocation Statement
515 Suspended Job
516 Resumption of Suspended Job
517 Entrusting Job-in-Progress to another Operator
518 Reconciliation of Time Worked (use of Tally Sheets)
519 Register of Monthly Reconciliation
520 Average Labour Hourly Rates
521 Evaluation of Labour Hours
522-523 Labour Sub-Ledger
524 Register of Shops Labour Charges
525-526 Labour Schedule
527 Policy Computerisation
528 Master Data
529 Gate Attendance List
530 Printing of Pay Rolls
531 Inclusion of Incentive Bonus in the Pay Rolls
532 Mechanisation of Incentive Bonus Bills
533 Major Outputs
534 Mechanisation of Labour Classification