Estimates and Completion Reports A—ESTIMATES

1401 Estimates
1402 Forms of Estimates
1403 Estimates for Rolling Stock Addition
1404 Estimates for Workshop Machinery
1405-1406 Schedules of Carriag* Materials
1407 Report accompanying the Estimates
1408-1410 Estimates for Renewals and Replacements
1414 Average Annual Cost of New Minor Works
1415-1416 Revised Estimates
1417 Estimates of Works for Other Government and Non-
1418 Government Railways and Department and Ministries
1419-1420 Charges  for  Preparation  of  Estimates
1421-1423 Interest
1424 Profoma Oncost
1425 Extent of Proforma Oncost Leviable
1426-1427 Waiving of Proforma Oncost and Profit
1428 Departmental Charges on a Reciprocal Basis
1429-1430 Work Done Outside the Workshops
1431 Sanction for Works to be executed in Workshops
1432 Funds for Home Line Revenue Works
1433 Verification of Estimates
1434 Propriety of Expenditure
1435-1436 Incidence of Classification
1437 Existence of Budget Provision
1438 Errors and Omission
1439 Competency of Sanction
1440 Subsidiary Points to be Checked
1441-1442 Certificate of Accounts Verification
1443 Estimates Register
1444 Sanction to Estimate
1445-1446 Currency of Sanction
1447-1466 Incidence of Cost of Work Done For Other Departments/Ministries
1467 Execution of Works
1468-1470 Completion Reports
1471-1474 Completion  Report Register