SectionóA Open Line Workshop Foundry Account
1001 Job Costing in Process Shops
1002 The Iron Foundry
1003-1004 Standing Work Order for Metal and Melting
1005 Foundry on Cash Charges
1006-1007 Defective Casting
1008 Cost of Moulding, Cleaning and Dressing
1009 Special Steels
1010 Consumable Foundry Material
1011 Daily Log
1012 Monthly Wastage Statement
1013-1014 Monthly Out turn Statement
1015 Overcharges and Undercharges
1016-1022 Alternative System of Costing for the Iron Foundry
1023-1024 The Brass Foundry
1025-1027 The Smithy
1028 Labour
1029 Materials
1030 Shop Oncost with the Smith Shop
1031-1032 Metal Losses
1033 Wastage
1034-1035 Defective Products
1036-1039 Spring Shop
SectionóB Foundry Accounts in Production Units
1040 Procedure
1041 Standing Work Orders
1042 Charge Issue Slips
1043 Day Book
1044 Imprest Accounts of Virgin metal and other materials
1045 Imprest Account of Furnace Oil
1046 Wastage Statement
1047 Out turn Statement
1048 Procedure of Pasting Out turn Statements
1049 Submission of Out Turn Statement to Account Office
1050 Certification of Weighment
1051 Procedure following in Accounts Office
1052 Reconciliation with Workshop General Registers