Second Reprint 2004

Embodying all advance correction slips upto number 93 dated 05-03-2004

(To First Edition)

The "Indian Railways Way and Works Manual" incorporating uniform procedure and practices to be followed on Indian Railways was first published in 1954. With the introduction of modernization of track structure, Mechanical maintenance of track and introduction of high speed trains in seventies and thereafter, the provisions in the manual relating to track needed updating. This has now been done by bringing out a separate "Indian Railways Permanent Way Manual". It is hoped that the procedures and practices envisaged in the manual will help the Permanent Way men in maintaining the track to better standards, ensuring safety, economy and efficiency.


      New Delhi,                                                                                                                           T. N. RAMACHANDRAN

Dated 17th July 1984                                                                                                    Member/Engineering, Railway Board


(to First Edition)

The Indian Railways Way and Works Manual was last published in 1967. Since then there have been considerable changes in the Track Standards, Maintenance practices and Track Monitoring. The Track Standards Committee had, vide Item 678 of the 49th Report, recommended the appointment of an Officer on Special Duty by the Railway Board for revising the Way and Works Manual. The Committee also recommended that the revised manual should be split into three separate parts, for Permanent Way, Bridges and Works.

Pursuant to the above recommendations of the T.S.C, the following three officers worked in succession as Officers on Special Duty and compiled this part of the manual dealing with Permanent Way :

Shri Y.G.Patwardhan               May 1978 - August 1979.
Shri R O. Thomas August 1979 - January 1981.
Shri K. S. Swaminathan March 1982 onwards.

The Draft Chapters, as compiled, were then scrutinised by a Select Committee consisting of the following Officers :-


Y.G.Patwardhan Principal, IRIATT, Pune.
N.Gopalan Director Standards, Civil, RDSO
Y. P. Anand Director, Track, Railway Board.
J.S.Mundrey Chief Track Engineer, N. Railway.
N.S.Raghavan Chief Track Engineer, S. Railway.
Y. V. Aswathnarayana Chief Track Engineer E- Railway.
N P.Ghose

Shri K. S. Swaminathan, Officer on Special Duty and CPDE/South Central Railway acted as Member and Convenor of the Committee.

While revising the Manual, the provisions in the Indian Railway General Rules 1976, Indian Railways Code for the Engineering Department, 1982 Edition and the accepted recommendations of the Committee set up for Review of Track Standards for Broad Gauge and Metre Gauge have been taken into account.

The Manual of Instructions on LWR/CWR 1979, the Manual of Instructions on Directed Track Maintenance, and instruction manual on Measured Shovel Packing have been incorporated as Annexures to this Manual. The provisions of SWR Manual have been incorporated in the relevant chapters of the Manual as major portion of the track in the Indian Railways is on SWR track.

In a volume of this type, it is not possible to provide for every contingency that may arise during the course of the working, though every effort has been made to make the instructions comprehensive. The Chief Engineers of Zonal Railways may therefore supplement, where necessary, the practices and procedures contained herein with such further instructions/orders, as would suit local circumstances on their Railway. Such instructions must not of course contravene any of the provision in this manual, the codes of the various departments of the Railways, General Rules, or any of the statutory regulations in force.

The Railway Board will be glad to consider any comments and suggestion from Railway Administrations. Any errors or omissions found in this Edition may be brought to the notice of the Board.

New Delhi,                                                                                                        TIRATH PRAKASH

Dated 17th July 1984                                                                 Director, Civil Engineering Railway Board




A separate "Indian Railways Permanent Way Manual" incorporating procedure and practices to be followed on Indian Railways after modernisation of the track commenced in the seventies was first published in 1986. It has been decided to reprint the existing IRPWM updating the same by incorporating all the Advance Correction Slips issued so far (i.e. Advance Correction Slip Nos. 1 to 27). It is hoped that this updated manual will help the Permanent Way Men in maintaining the track to prescribed standards.

New Delhi,                                                                                                         (V. K. Agnihotri)
June 1999                                                                                                      Member Engineering

                                                                                                                              Railway Board




A Separate "Indian Railways Permanent Way Manual" was published in 1986 pursuant to the recommendations of the 49th Track Standards Committee. With the passage of time, certain changes in Track Standards, maintenance practices, track monitoring, etc. have occurred and Advance Correction Slips have been issued from time to time. It was decided by the Railway Board to reprint the IRPWM incorporating all the Advance Correction Slips No. 1 to 27. Further, as a separate LWR Manual (1996) has already been published, Annexure-M2 of the IRPWM (1986) has been deleted.

Railway Board will be glad to consider any comments and suggestions from the Railway Administrations.

New Delhi,                                                                                            (N. C. Bindlish)

June 1999                                                                       Additional Member Civil Engineering Railway Board



"Indian Railways Permanent Way Manual" was published in the year 1986, as per the recommendations of the 49th Track Standards Committee. Thereafter, it was reprinted in the year 1999, incorporating Advance Correction Slip Nos. 1 to 27.

The present manual was issued in English only. It is now being issued in diglot form ( Hindi as well as English ) for the first time. This reprint incorporates Advance Correction Slips upto No. 93.

A Compact Diskett, containing the full content in PDF form has also been attached to the back cover. This will facilitate the viewing of the manual on a Personal Computer as well as for taking print, if considered necessary.

It is hoped, that this updated manual will help the Permanent Way men, in maintaining the track upto the prescribed standards.

New Delhi                                                                                                         (S.P.S. Jain)

May, 2004                                                                                                Member Engineering

                                                                                                                       Railway Board