Recruitment, Training, Confirmation and re-employment

Section - A
Training of Officers

Part I 


General--101,Monitoring/Co-ordination of probationary training--102, Schedule of Probationary Training-103 Maintenance of diary etc. by probationers--104, Confirmation after probationary training--105, Determination of seniority of Group (A) probationers of different services in junior scales after their confirmation-106, Departmental Examination-107, Number of chances for passing institutional or Departmental examination-108, Minimum percentage of pass marks in the examination prescribed after completion of institutional extension of probationary period-109, Extension of probationery period-l 10.


Rules for the recruitment and training of Group (C) and Group (D) and Workshop Staff.



Extent of application 101, Recruitment--102, Definitions-103, Period of probation-104, Health Certificate 105, Special representation of certain communities -- 106, Persons having more than one wife or husband--107, Knowledge of Hindi- 108.


Method of making appointment -- 109, Advertisements -- 110, Applications for employment -- 111-113, Powers to relax or modify rules -- 114, Relaxation of age limit--115, Employment of physically handicapped persons --116.



Recruitment and Training -- 117, Refresher and Promotion Courses -- 118, Security Deposit by Apprentices and Trainees --119, Stipend --120, Technical and non-technical qualifications for recruitment-- 121.

I. Transportation (Traffic)--Department

(i) Station Masters --122, (ii) Traffic Signallers -- 123, (iii) Guards -- 124, (iv) Traffic Apprentices -- 125, (v) Train Clerks --126.

II. Commercial Department

(i) Ticket Collectors -- 127, (ii) Commercial Clerks -- (for Coaching and goods work) -- 128, (iii) Enquiry cum Reservation Clerks --129, (iv) Commercial Apprentices -- 130, (v) Law Assistants -- 131, (vi) Catering. Manager Grade-III--132, (vii) Catering Manager/Inspectors -- 133, (via) Assistant Cook--134, (ix) Senior Cook--135.

IIL Transportation (Power) Department

(i) First Fireman--136, (ii) Diesel Assistant -- 137, (iii) Electric Assistant--138, (iv) Steam, Shunters --139, (v) Drivers and Loco Running Supervisors -- 140.

IV. Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Departments

(i) Apprentice-Mechanics - 141, (ii) Train Examiners - 142.

V. Civil Engineering Department

(i) Permanent Way Mistry -- 143, (ii) Permanent Way Inspector -- 144, (iii) Inspectors of Works -- 145, (iv) Bridge Inspectors -- 146.

VI. Signal and Telecommunication Department

(i) Signal Inspectors--147, (ii) Telecommunication Inspectors --148, (iii) Electric Signal Maintainer --149, (iv) Mechanical Signal Maintainer -- 130, (v) Telecommunications Maintainer Grade III, Wireless Maintainer Grade III, Telecommunications Maintainers Line --151, (vi) Telephone Operators -152.

VII. Drawing Office Cadre

(i) Assistant Draftsman in Civil/Mechanical/Electrical/S & T Department--153, (ii) Draftsman in Civil Engineering Department--154, (iii) Draftsman in Mechanical/Electrical Engineering Department--155, (iv) Draftsman in Signal and Telecommunications Department--156. 

VIII. Stores Department 

(i) Asstt. Store Keepers.--157, (ii) Staff in Printing Press.--158.

IX.    Skilled Artisans-159.

X.    Medical Department--Para Medical Staff

(i) Staff Nurse.--160, (ii) Physiotherapist.--161, (iii) Pharmacist.--162, (iv) Health and Malaria inspector--
163, (v) Radiographers.--164, (vi) Laboratory Staff.--165, (vii) Dietician.--166, (viii) Mid-wife.--167.

XI.    Scientific Staff.--168.  

XII. Ministerial and Non-Ministerial Categories

   (a) Accounts Department

(i) Cash and Pay Officer Shroff.--169, (ii) Cashiers.--170, (iii) Accounts Clerks and Section Officers etc.--171, (iv) Finger Print Examiner.--172, (v) Electronic Data Processing Centers.--173.
(b) Other than Accounts Department
(i) Office Clerks.--174, (ii) Typists.--175. (iii) Stenographers.--176.

XIII.    Official Language Department

Hindi Asstts. --177.

XIV.    Railway School Staff


Sub-Section -- IV

I.--Procedure.--179. II.--Promotion to Higher grades in group 'D' and group 'C' posts.--180, Civil Engineering Department--181, Medical Department.--182, Signal and Telecommunication Engineering Department.--183, Mechanical Engineering Department.--184, Electrical Engineering Department--185, Promotion of Safaiwalas etc.--186, Promotion to skilled categories--.187, Promotion to lower grades in group 'C--188, Promotion to higher grades in group 'C--189.


Employment of Tuberculosis, Pleurisy and Leprosy patients in the Indian Railway Services.--101--105.


Verification of Character and Antecedents before appointment and exclusion from Govt. Service.


Extension of service/re-employment of Railway servants

Extension of service/re-employment.--101-103, Staff of Ex. Company and Ex. Indian State Railways--104, Authorities empowered to grant extension beyond the age of superannuation .--105, Terms of extension of service --106-110, Terms of re-employment.--111-116, Fixation of Pay re-employed pensioners.--117, Delegation of Power.--118, Privilege Passes and Ticket Orders.--119, Notice of termination .--120, Re-employment of Central Govt. servants/State Govt. servants/Quasi Govt. servants of Railways.--121-124, R;-employment of Railway servants elsewhere than on Railways.--125-127.                                                                  


Rules governing promotion of subordinate staff 

Promotion of Group 'B' posts 201.1 to 204.10, Currency of Panel.--205, Consideration of employees on deputation .--206, Supplementary selection.--237, Other instructions.--203-209.


Rules governing the promotion of Group 'C staff

Application .--210, Definition.--211-212, Promotions--213-214, Selection Posts.--215, Ad-hoc promotion against selection and non-selection posts.--216, Selection Boards.--217-218, Procedure to be adopted by the Selection Board.--219, Currency of Panels.--220-222, Supplementary selection .--223, Refusal of promotion.--224, Trade Test-for Artisan Categories.--225-227, Erroneous promotion.--228.                                   


Rules regulating seniority of non-gazetted Railway servants.

General.--301, Seniority in initial recruitment grades.,--302-308, Seniority on promotion.--309, Mutual exchange.--310-311, Transfer on request.--312, Medically unfitted Railway servants.--313, Seniority where date of appointment to a grade is same.--314, Dapartmental Examination/Trade Test.--315-316, Seniority for promotion as Section Officer (A/cs) Inspector of Station (A/cs)/ Inspector of Stores (A/cs)--317, Seniority of Accounts Clerk on promotion as Junior Accounts Asstt. in Accounts Department--318, Seniority on promotion to non-selection posts.--319, Relative seniority of employees in an intermediate grade.--320, Permission to railway servants to peruse seniority list.--321, Effect of reduction in pay or grade .--322, Staff directly recruited on the Locomotive [Components Works.--323, Staff directly recruited in D. L. W.--324, Staff transferred from Railways or Production Units.--325, Staff transferred from Construction Projects.--326, General.--327.


Scales of Pay applicable to principal categories of non-gazette  staff.

Civil Engineering Department.--401, Mechanical Engineering Department.--402, Electrical Department. --403, Signal and Tele-Communications Department.--404, Transportation Department.--405, Loco Staff.--406, Accounts Department.--407, Office Clerical Staff.--408, General Administration Department.--409, Stores Department.--410, Printing Press.--411, Medical Department.--412, Security Department.--413, Technical
Training School and Basic Training Centres.--414, Drawing Office Staff.--415.


Percentage of Posts fixed for various categories

General .--501, Typists.--502, Traffic Controller.--503, Office Clerks.--504, Clerks of Accounts Department.--505, Commercial Clerks--506. Trrin Clerks.--507, Signallers.--508, ASM/S M.--509, Station Masters.--510, Ticket Collectors and TTE.--511, Train Examiners.--512, Permanent Way Inspectors.--513, Sanitary/Health Inspector.--514, Pharmacists.--515, Chargeman Mechanical Department.--516, Cashiers in Accounts Department.--517, Record lifters/Record Sorters etc.--518, Daftries.--519, Wireless operators.--520, Shroff in Cash and Pay Office.--521, Hospital Attendants and Ayas.--522, Dressers in Medical Department--523, Gangman.--524, Skilled Workshop Staff.--525, Welfare Inspectors.--526, R. P. R--527, Conductors.--528, Staff on the Deck side.--529.        


Pay Increment s and Efficiency Bars

Pay, Increments and Efficiency Bar.--601-604, Drawal of Increment in Time Scale of Pay 605-609, Annual Increments to directly recruited Junior Accounts Assistants in A/Cs Department.--610. Efficiency Bar Gazetted Railway Servants.--611-629, Procedure for holding Efficiency Bar tests.--630, Authority competent to hold Efficiency Bar Test.--631-634, Advance Increments.--635-637, Names of Professional Institutions.--638, Awards to be granted.--639, General conditions for grant of incentives.--640, Categories and circumstances for grant of incentives.--641-644, Grant of dual charge allowance.--645-649


Compensatory and other Allowances

General.--701 703, Break down Allowance.--704, Out-turn allowance.--70S, Washing allowance.--706, Construction/Survey allowance to open line employees.--707, Project allowance.--708, Conveyance hire.--709 Travelling Allowance in respect of journeys to Airport.--710, Other allowances.--711-712.


Dearness Allowance

Title.--801, Application.--802, Definition .--803, Scales of Allowance--804, Allowance to contract officers --805, Allowance to officers on ad-hoc rate of pay.--806, Allowance to Military Officers.--807, Allowance on varying rate of pay.--808, Allowance on joining and leaving service.--809, Allowance during foreign service.--810, Allowance during deputation out of India.--811, Allowance during suspension.--812, Allowance during leave and joining time.--813-814, Allowance during unpaid Holidays.--815, Allowances to re-employed persons
--816, Liability towards Income Tax.--817, Classification of the allowances.--818, Dearness Allowance to National of Nepal and Bhutan--819.


Running Allowance Rules

Running Allowance to staff for performing running duties.--901-902, Pay element in running allowance--903, Dearness Allowance on pay element of running allowance.-904, Types of allowances admissible to running staff.--905-910, Out station allowance.--911, Accident allowance.--912, Officiating allowance.--913, Minimum guaranteed Kilometerage allowance--914, Incentive scheme for through Goods Trains.--915, Compilation of Kilometerage for slow moving trains.--916-919, Shunting duty allowance.--920, Waiting duty allowance--
921, Ghat Sections.--922, High speed trains.--923, Reckoning of running allowance and pay.--924-930.


Arrears claims and recoveries of overpayment

Arrear Claims of railway servants.--1001-1012, Recovery of over-payment.--1013-1019, Payment of settlement dues from station earning.--1020 1030. 



Rules.--1101, Purposes for which advances can be sanctioned.--1102-1103, General conditions for grant of Advances for Motor Vehicles.--1104, Purchase of Motor Car.--1105, Purchase of Motor Cycle/Scooter, Moped etc.--1106, Cycle Advance.--1107, Other conditions for purchase of conveyance.--1108, Advances on proceedings on tour .--1109-1112, Advances for on transfer.--1113-1118, Advances for deputation abroad.--1119, Advances on return from leave or deputation out of India.--1120-1122, Advances under special circumstances.--1123, Advances for treatment of Cancer.--1124, Advances for festivals.--1125-1127, Advances for law-suits.--1128, Advances for warm clothing.--1129, Advances for purchase of outfit for school going children.--1130, Advances for purchase of Table Fans.--1131, House Building Advance.--1132. 


Change in names.--1201-1205.


Absorption of medically in capacited staff in alternative employment

General.--1301, Clarification.--1302-1304, Alternative employment.--1305-1311, Treatment of past services.--1312, Fixation of Pay.--1313, Seniority.--1314-1315.


Forwarding of Applications from serving Railway employees for posts outside Railways

Number of opportunities.--1401, Authorities competent to forward applications.--1402, Application for employment in a private concern--1403, Retention of lien--1404, Continuity of service on technical resignation.--1405, Forwarding of applications for posts under State Govts.--1406, Forwarding of application for posts advertised by U. N. Agencies etc.--1407, Forwarding of applications to U.P.S.C.--1408, Issue of No-objection Certificate .--14C9, Refund of cost of training.--1410, Transfer in Public interest.--1411, Forwarding of application of railway servant when conduct is under investigation.--1412.


Terms and Conditions applicable to Railway Servants and substitutes in temporary Service

Temporary railway servant.--1501, Termination of service and period of notice.--1502, Pay & Allowances --1503-1504, Educational Assistance.--1505, Medical Attendance.--1506, Leave Rules.--1507, Allotment of residence and recovery of rent.--1508, Passes.--1509, Advances.--1510, Provident Fund and Gratuity.--1511, Substitute Definition.--1512, Circumstances under which substitutes can be recruited.--1513, Emoluments payable to substitutes .--1514, Rights and Privileges admissible to substitutes.--1515, Break in service.--1516.


Holidays and Special Casual Leaves