Chapter I

Organisation and functions of the commercial department

Commercial Department. 101. Chief Commercial manager, 102. Powers of the General Manager in Commercial matters, 103-105. Subjects dealt with in the Commercial Department, 106. The Headquarters office, 107. Marketing and Sales. 108. Public Relations. 109. Divisional Commercial Manager/Area Manager, 110. Commercial Staff, 111. Indian Railway Conference
Association. 112. Function of the IRCA, 113. Commercial Committee of the Indian Railway Conference Association. 114.

Chapter II

Rates and fares

Rates Branch, 201. Rates and fares for goods and coaching Traffic. 202-204. Fixation of tentative classification for commodities not already classified in the Goods Tariff, 205. Minimum weight conditions for traffic in wagon load 206. Quotation of station to station Rates. 207-208. Conditions for quotation of station to station rates for GoodŁ Traffic, 209-215. Conditions for quotation of station to station rates for Parcel traffic, 216-220. Quotation of lumpsum Rates, 221-222. Notice of enhancement of rates, 223. Quotation of Rates, 224-225. Railway Rates Tribunal, 226-229.

Chapter III

Claims for compensation and for refund of overcharges

Organisation of claims and Refund Branches, 301-303.

(A) Claims for compensation

Prevention of claims, 304-313. Tracing of Unconnected Consignments, 314-318. Authorisation to specified officers to receive Notices of claims. 319. Expeditious disposals of claims, 320-326. Displaying of suitable notices inviting attention of the public to the provisions of Section 103 of the Railway Act 1989. 327-329. Time barred and suit barred claims for Compensation, 330-331. Minimising Litigation, 332-333. Filing of Appeals, 334-338. Check of Compensation Claims sanctioned by the Commercial Department, 339. Lost Property offices, 340-342. Restoration of lost Articles to owners, 343.

(B) Claims for Refund of overcharges, 344-347.

Unclaimed overcharges, 348-350. Claims of Govt. Deptts. for Refund of over-charges, 351-352.

Chapter IV

Claims for compensation other than those relating to loss etc. of goods and powers of General Manager's for making ex-gratia payment to persons involved in accidents to trains

Liability of Rly. Administration for death and injury to passengers due to accidents, 401-402. Ex-gratia payments to persons involved in accidents to moving trains including shunting engines and light engines. 403. Claims for compensation other than those relating to (i) goods lost or damaged and (ii) those arising out of railway accidents, 404.

Chapter V

Railway user's consultative council and commitees

Divisional Rly. User's Consultative Committee, 502. Zonal Rly. User's Consultative Committee, 503. National Rly. User's Consultative Council, 504-506. MEMBERSHIPS—Divisional Railway User's Consultative Committee, 507-509. Zonal Rly. Users' Consultative Committee, 510-512. National Rly. User's Consultative Council, 512-515. Tenure of Membership, 516. Meetings, 517. Travelling facilities and Travelling allowances, 518. Suburban Rly. User's Consultative Committee, 519-520. Functions, 521. Tenure. 522. Travelling Allowance Payable to Member of the Suburban Rly. Users' Consultative Committee, 523. Station Consultative Committee, 524.

Chapter VI

Amenities for Railway Users'

An important function. 601. Norms for provision of passenger amenities. 602. Minimum passenger amenities. 603. Additional passenger amenities at important stations, 604. Provision of better and improved passenger amenities, 605. Provision of improved facilities in "Goods Sheds" and "Parcel Offices", 606.

Chapter VII

Catering and Vending Services

(A) Catering and Vending Services, 701-702. Applications. 703-704. Selection Committee. 705-708. Preferences, 709, Licence Fee, 710. Tenure of the Contract, 711. Renewal. 712. Ceiling Limits, 713. Number of Licencees, 714. Transfer of Licence in the event of the death of the licencee, 715. Tariff, 716. Prohibition of sub-letting, 717. Issue of passes to Catering/vending licencees, 718. Ban on the sale of certain articles and regulation of sales generally, 719. Prohibition of Communal denominations, 720. Fixation of prices, 721. Price lists, 722. Medical Examination, 723. Character Verification 724. Dress Regulation, 725. Supervision and Inspection, 726-728. Complaints against Catering and Vending Services, 729. Prompt and Vigorous action to improve service, 730-736.

(B) Book Stalls, Sales of news papers & periodicals on Railway Platforms, 737-739. Licence Fee. 740.743.

Chapter VIII

Inter Modal Transport

Objectives, 801. State Road Transport Undertakings, 802. Duties and Responsibilities of Rly. officers nominated as Directors in State Road Transport Corporations & Undertakings, 803. Watching of movement of traffic by other modes of transport, 804. Freight Forwarding, 805-812. Nodal points, 813. Container Corporation of India, 814. Setting up of Container Freight Station by private parties, 815-816.

Chapter IX

Ticketless Travel—its check and prevention

Measuring for Combating Ticketless Travel, 901. Checking of Tickets, 902. Ticket Nippers, 903-904. Stationery Stall", 905-906. Ticket Checking Stations 907-908. Travelling Ticket Examining Staff, 909-911. Flying Squads, 912. Statistical check, 913. Concentrated Section Checks—914. Concentrated & Spot Check, 915-916. Checks for ensuring efficiency of the ticket checking machinery, 917. Special checks by Members of the national/Zonal Rly. Users Consultative Council/Committee, 918. Uniform for Staff, 919. Provision of adequate booking facilities, 920-921. Beggar and hawker Nuisance, 922. Preventing entry of unauthorised persons into reserved .coaches, 923-924. Ticket Frauds. 925. Statistics, 926. "

Chapter X

Station outstandings

Machinery for ensuring prompt clearance of station outstandings, 1001. General instructions for ensuring clearance of Station debits. 1002. Inspecting officials to watch proper posting of corrections in Tariffs at Stations, 1003. Statistics of station outstandings. 1004. Special drives to be launched for clearance of outstandings, 1005. Special watch to be kept at the outstanding!; of siding holder. 1006.

Chapter XI

Wharfage and demurrage

General, 1101. Powers of officers to waive demurrage or wharfage charges, 1102. Refund of wharfage or demurrage charges, 1103-1104. Waiver/Refund of Wharfage or demurrage charges. 1105. Appeals, 1106.

Chapter XII

Mode of payment of railway Freight and other Railway dues

Payment by public, 1201. Amount of Security required for availing of the facility of payment of railway dues by Credit Note or Under the "Weight only" system, 1202-1204. Credit Notes for use by Private Firms or individuals. 1205. Weight only System. 1206-1210. Credit Notes, 1211-1212. Payment by Govt. Departments, 1213-1221.

Chapter XIII

Deleted. 46

Chapter XIV

Registration of indents allotment and supply of wagons

General, 1401-1402. Priority/Wagon demand Register, 1403-1405. Limit on registration of goods, 1406. Allotment of Wagons, 1407-1410. Exemption from payment of registration fee, 1411.

Chapter XV

Rules and conditions of carriage of Railway material and stores

General. 1501. Rates for Rly. Materials and stores by Goods train, 1502. Rates for Rly. Coal, Coal Shale, Coke, Lignite and patent fuel. 1503. Rates for Rly. Materials and Stores at Rly. Risk, 1504. Dangerous Goods etc., 1505-1507. Loading and Unloading of Rly. Materials & Stores, 1508. Renting of traffic in Rly. Materials and Stores, 1509. Charges for private and railway sidings, 1510. Authority for despatch, 151-11. Rates for Ballast trains, 1512. Booking of Rly. Materials and Stores by Passenger train, 1513. Wharfage/Demurrage Charges, 1514. Free carriage of Rly. materials. Stores and Publications, 1515-1516.

Chapter XVI

Postal Traffic

Conveyance of Mail, 1601. Haulage of Postal Van, 1602-1605. Haulage of non-postal vehicles, 1606. Adjustment of charges for the haulage of vehicles. 1607. Billing of charges for the haulage of Postal Vans and other Coaching vehicles, 1608. Procedure for daily conveyance of mails under the weighment system, 1609-1612. Mail bags carried by Mail peons, 1613. Adjustment of charges for daily conveyance of Mail. 1614-1616. Rebate to Postal Deptt. on account of interruptions-1617. Conveyance of Mail Bags as occasional Despatches. 1618. Rates for occasional Despatches of Mail Bags, 1619. Adjustment of charges for occasional Despatches. 1620. Charges for mail bags of High officials of Govt., 1621-1622. Seals on mail bags, 1623. Carriage in Mail Vans of articles on postal service, 1624. Unusual charges in accommodation for Postal Deptt., 1626.

Chapter XVII

City booking offices and out agencies

City Booking offices, 1701. Out Agencies, 1702-1703. Working of City Booking offices or Out Agencies, 1704. Awarding of Contracts, 1705. Tenure of Contracts, 1706. Restriction on calling of fresh tenders, 1707-1708. Forms of out-agency Agreement. 1709. Form of City booking Office Agreement, 1710-1716.

Chapter XVIII


General. 1801-1805. Interest charges and maintenance of Assisted Sidings, 1806. Fixation and Review of Siding Charges, 1807. Annual examination of earning of sidings, 1808. Posting of Railway clerks in Assisted/Private Siding for tallying goods, 1809. List of Assisted Sidings, 1810. Issue of "Said to Contain" Rly. Receipts, 1811. Goods to be loaded or delivered at a siding not belonging to a railway Administration, 1812. Only private siding to be provided, 1813. Facilities to be provided in the sidings, 1814, Take-off point, 1815. Electrification, 1816. Carriage & Wagon Facilities, 1817. Rest Rooms/Running Rooms, 1818. Staff Quarters, 1819.

Chapter XIX


Commercial statistics, 1901. Overcrowding in Trains, 1902. Opening of Flag Stations and Train halts, 1903-1905. Working of Train Halts, 1906. Rate of Commission payable to Halt Agents, 1907. Periodical examination of existing halts, 1908. Redressal of Public Grievances, 1909. Loss of Revenue through Mis-declaration or Under Weighment of consignment, 1910. Frauds, 1911. Safe custody of Money Value Documents, 1912. Destruction of Records, 1913.

Appendix I to X

Indian Railway Traffic Commercial Code Revised Edition—1993 Concordance.