Railway Board's References (TL & AC Coaches)

SN. Reference no. and date Subject
1 No.E(LL)/73/HER/26dt. 13.1.77 Working hours for AC Attendants and AC coach In charges and payment of night duty allowance.
2 No.E(LL)/78/HER/69dt. 21.3.79 Outstation and overnight stay by ACCIs/ACCAs - Grant of credit.
3 No.82/TG-I/200/SIG dt. 6.5.82 Coach Attendant in 2-Tier AC coaches.
4 No.84/Elec.(l)/114/2dt. 15.2.84 Unauthorized use of Electric Heaters by AC attendant for cooking purpose
5 No.E(LL)/83/HER/1-2 dt. 27.6.85 HOER - Computation of duty hours of AC coaches attendants and AC coach In charges.
6 No.85/M(W)/814/64dt. 19.8.1985 Marking of return date on overhauled coaches and wagons.
7 No.83/Elec(l)/138/8 dt. 24/25,10.85 Escorting duty for Air-Conditioned coaches and power coaches.
8 No.86/M(N)/951/7dt. 25.6.87 Corporate objectives - ineffective percentage of coaching stock - 7th Plan.
9 No.87/Elec. 1/138/2 dt. 6.7.87 Revised temperature setting in AC coaches
10 No.87/Elec.l/114/1dt. 6.7.88 Temperature control in AC sleeper coaches
11 No.87/Elec(l)/180/6dt. 2.8.88 Coach Attendant in 2-Tier AC coaches.
12 No.88/Fuel/282/20 dt. 21.11.88 Conservation of HSD oil.
13 No. 85/Elect.l/138/4 dt. 26.4.1989 Scale of equipments to be provided in Accident Relief Trains
14 No.89/Fuel/282/29dt. 16/18.8.89 Issue of HSD oil from loco feeding points to power cars.
15 No.89/Elec(G)/138/2 dt. 19.2.90 Guidelines for holding MSG TL & AC meetings
16 No.85/M(W)/814/88dt. 29.3.90 Periodicity for overhaul of Air-Conditioned coaches.
17 No.92/E!ec(G)/138/1 dt. 13.3.92 Escorting duty for Air-Conditioned coaches and power cars.
18 No.85/M(W)/814/88 dt. 15.7.1992 Periodicity of POH of mid life rebuilt coaches.
19 No.93/Elec(G)/114/9 dt. 9.7.93 Failure of AC equipment in AC coaches and refund of fare
20 No.85/M(W)/814/88Pt. dt. 10.2.94 Periodicity of POH of Air-Conditioned coaches.
21 No.93/Elec(GV114/10 dt. 22.3.94 Issue of HSD oil from loco feeding points to power cars
22 No.94/Fuel/282 dt. 28.3.94 Issue of HSD oil from Loco fuelling point to generator cars with under slung tank.
23 No.94/Elec(G)/113/1dt. 14.6.94 Derailment of 2521Up NE Superfast Exp. between Karhogola Road and Bakhri station of NER on 16.11.92
24 No.95/Elec(G)/137/3dt. 22.3.95 Smoke in AC coach no. 14033 of 4229 Up between Pitamberpur and Rasoi stations.
25 No.94/Elec(G)/165/3 dt. 28.6.95 Sick marking of coaches - evolving a rational system
26 No.95/Elec(G)/138/6 dt. 18.2.96 Escorting staff on Rajdhani Express trains.
27 No.95/Elec(G)/138/6 dt. 29.2.96 Provision of fluorescent light fittings in conventional coaches
28 No.96/TG.I/20/23 dt. 26.12.96 Deployment of escorting staff on Rajdhani Express trains.
29 No.95/Elec(G)/165/6dt. 7.1.97 Special drive for checking AC & TL coaches
30 No.96/TG-l/20/23dt. 12.2.97 Deployment of Escorting Staff on Rajdhani Express trains
31 No.96/Elec(G)/114/4 dt. 3.4.98 Workinq of Rajdhani/ Shatabdi with 2 power cars.
32 No.95/Elec(G)/165/5dt. 14.5.98 Provision of 3 phase leads in SG AC coaches
33 No.98/Elec(G)/138/3dt. 26.5.98 Performance review of AC/TL coach with CESEs
34 No.98/Elec(G)/138/3dt. 3.6.98 Steps to control line failure on TL & AC account
35 No.98/Elec(G)/138/3 dt. 12.6.98 Pre-cooling of AC coaches
36 No. 95/Elect(G)/165/5 dt.17.8.98 Conversion of AC coaches with 1100 Ah SMF 54 cells into 56 cells
37 No.95/M(C)/165/11 dt. 20.8.98 Integrated maintenance of coachina stock.
38 No.97/TG-V/17/Pdt. 22.9.98 Supply of Bed Rolls in 3AC coaches
39 No.98/Elec(G)/138/5dt. 7.10.98 Action Plan for improvement in AC coaches.
40 No.98/Elec(G)/165/5dt. 8.10.98 Maintenance contract for equipment of AC coaches
41 No.96/Elec(G)/165/5dt. 2.11.98 Testing  facilities for  regulator setting   and   alternator generation
42 No.98/Elec(G)/138/5dt. 2.11.98 Power Supply for charging and pre-cooling of AC Coaches
43 No.98/Elec(G)/113/Safety dt. 4.1.99 Provision of emergency lighting equipment in passenger train and search light with portable generators in relief trains.
44 No.98/Eiec(G)/113/Safety dt. 1.2.99 Periodical inspection of emergency lighting equipment Drovided in accident relief trains
45 No. 98/Elect(G)/138/2 dt. 16.3.99 Supply of bed rolls in AC coaches
46 No 97/Elect(G)/114/1 dt. 23.3.99 AC coach log book trouble shooting instructions
47 No. 98/Elect(G)/180/6 dt.13.4.99 Provision of fluorescent light fittinqs in conventional coaches
48 No.95/Elec.(G}/114/11 dt. 12.7.1999 Inadequate linen space on initially built ACCN coaches.
49 No. 95/M(C)/165/11dt. 9.8.99 Standardisation of infrastructure in coaching maintenance depots
50 No.95/Elec.(G)/114/3 dt 27.8.99 Manufacture of RMPU type AC coaches by ICF.
51 No.97/Elec.(G)/180/7 dt. 2.9.99 16 points Action Plan for AC & TL Coaches.
52 No.99/TG.V/12/2dt. 13.9.99. Deployment  of  escorting   staff  on   Rajdhani/Shatabdi express/Rajdhani type nominated trains/other super fast and mail/express trains.
53 No.99/Elect(G)/180/6dt 27.11.00 Provision of fluorescent light fittings in BGTL coaches
54 No. 96/Elect(G)/114/7dt 12.2.01 Replacement of CFC Refrigerant (R-12) with suitable environment friendly refrigerant in AC coaches mounted with underslung AC equipment
55 No. 99/Elect(G)/165/116 dt. 14.2.01. Approval   of   sources   for   procurement   of   items pertaining to train lighting and AC coaches.
56 No. 98/Elect(G)/107/2 dt 23.3.01 Provision of 3rd fan in GS coaches.
57 No. 98/M(C)/140/10dt. 20/24.4.01 Provision of Traffic & Maintenance Spares for coaching stock.
58 No. 98/Elect{G)/114/3 Pt. dt. 27.8.01 Issue of separate specification for 25 KVA inverter for At, coaches viz on board & underslung version
59 No. 2001/Elect(G)/165/3 dt 7.9.01 Decentralisation of procurement of electrical items
60 No.99/Elect(G)/165/2 dt. 3.10.01 Inspection of electrical equipment of AC & TL coaches by RDSO
61 No.99/Elect(G)/165/2 dt 12.10.01 Inspection of electrical equipment of AC & TL coaches by RDSO.
62 No.2001/Elect(G)/170/7 dt. 29.10.01 Resting facilities for AC coach attendants & in charges
63 No. 98/Elect(G)/114/3 dt 27.11.01 issue of separate specification for 25 KVA inverter for AC coaches viz on board & underslung version
64 No. 2000/Elect(G)/114/1 dt 4.2.02 Procurement of electronic thermostat for RMPUs.
65 No. 95/Elect(G)/114/11dt15.4.02 Inadequacy of linen space on ACCN type coaches.
66 No.2001 /Elect(G)/138/3dt 1.5.02 Manpower planning - offline activities
67 No.2000/Elect(G)/138/2 dt. 29.5.02 Review of yardstick for AC & TL coaches
68 No. 98/Elect(G)/180/6 dt. 3.6.02 Provision of fluorescent light fittings in BG TL coaches
69 No.2001/Elect/165/2dt. 7.6.02 Use of 2V/1500 AH VRLA batteries
70 No.98/Elect(G)/165/1dt 10.6.02 Procurement of Electronic Rectifier -cum-Regulating Unit (ERRUs) for 4.5 KW & 25 KW alternator for field trials
71 No.2002/Elect(G)/165/2 dt 28.6.02 Use of batteries with PP-CP container for TL coaches.
72 No. 2001/Elect(G)/165/2 dt. 1.7.02 Procurement of 6V 120 Ah TL batteries with PP CP containers
73 No.2002/Elect(G)/114/1 dt. 22.7.02 Adoption of underslung version of 25 KVA 3-phase inverters for AC coaches
74 No. 98/Elect(G)/165/1 Pt. 1 dt. 30.7.02 Procurement of electronic thermostat for RMPUs.
75 No. 98/Elect(G)/138/12 Pt. 1 dt. 9.8.02 Wearing of uniforms by AC coach attendants & coach attendants
76 No. 99/Elect(G)/165/16 dt. 18.9.02 Development of sources for TL lamps
77 No. 2000/Elect(G)/109/14 dt. 22.10.02 Provision of 110 V AC single phase two pin socket & switch for charging of mobile phone & laptop
78 No. 99/Elect(G)/165/16 dt. 22.10.02 Procurement of electrical items for AC & TL coaches decentralised by Railway Board educational orders
76 No. 2001/Elect(G)/125/3 dt. 28.10.02 Electrical scheme for Jan Shatabdi Express trains from 3rd rake onwards
77 No.99/Elect(G)./113/1 dt. 28.11.02 Scale of electrical equipments to be provided in ARTs & ARMEs
78 No.2002/Elec(G)/114/ dt. 10.12.2002 Development of Microprocessor based control system for RMPU.
79 No. 2002/Elect(G}/129/10 dt. 10.12.02 Improvement in electrical fittings/wiring of SLR coaches -avoidance of electrical short circuit thereof
80 No.2000/Elec(G)/109/14 dt. 30.12.2002. Illumination of reservation chart and coach numbers in passenger coaches.
81 No.2000/Elec(G)/165/8 dated 06.02.2003 Provision of 3rd fan in GS coaches.
82 No.2000/Elect(G)/109/14 dt18.2.2003 Provision of berth number indication along with night lamp in 3AC III tier coaches.
83 No.2001/Elect(G)/113/4 (Safety) dt. 18.2.2003 Provision of emergency lights in passenger coaches
84 No.2002/Elect(G)/165/4 dt. 24.02.03 Failure analysis for various equipments of Roof Mounted Package Units by the Railways.
85 No.98/Eiect(6)/165/1Ptl dt. 12.3.03 Procurement of electronic thermostat for RMPUs.
86 No. 2000/Elect(G)/109/14 dt. 8.4.03 Provision of berth no. indication along with night lamp in sleeper class coaches.
87 No. 2003/Elect(G)/150/8 dt 2.6.03 230 V plug point at waiting room & platform for charging of mobile phone/laptop
88 No. 99/Elect(G)/113/1 dt. 16.7.03 Scale of electrical equipments to be provided in ARTs & ARMEs
89 No.2003/Elect(G)/165/1 Dt. 25.07.2003 Development of 1100 Ah Lead Acid flooded battery.
90 No. 2003/Elect(G)/113/4 dt .7.03 Recommendation of high level committee on Disaster Management over Indian Railways
91 No. 2001/Elect(G)/113/4 dt 28.8.03 Development of emergency light for AC & TL coaches
92 No. 98/Elect(G)/165/1 Pt I dt. 28.8.03 Procurement of Electronic Rectifier cum Regulating Unit (ERRU) for 4.5 KW & 25 KW alternator
93 No. 2000/Elec(G)/181/21-Pt. dt. 09.10.2003 Review of existing yardstick of maintenance & escorting staff for AC coaches as well as maintenance staff for TL coaches.
94 No.2003/Elect(G)/138/1dt 5.11.03 Guidelines for the decision taken during the MSG meeting forAC&TL
95 No.2003/Elect(G)/135/1 dt 10.11.03 Implementation of the recommendation of restructuring committee of RDSO.
96 No.2001/Elec(G)/165/4 dt. 27.11.2003 Approval of sources for procurement of items pertaining to Train Lighting & Air Conditioning for LHB coaches.
97 No. 2003/Elect(G)/165/1 dt. 26.12.03 Development of 1100 Ah LA flooded batteries
98 No. 2001/Elect(G)/165/4 dt. 29.12.03 Running of Rajdhani & Shatabdi trains with LHB type coaching stock.
99 No. 2000/Elect(G)/165/8 dt. 12.1.04 Development of Brushless DC (BLDC) fans with permanent magnet for coaching stock.
100 No.2003/Elect(G)/114/2 dt. 6.2.04. Development of scheme for extension of emergency feed in air condition coaches from one coach to adjacent air condition coach in case of failure of power supply of one coach.
101 No.2003/Elect(G)/165/1 dt. 16.02.2004 Development of 1100 Ah LA flooded batteries
102 No.99/Elect(G)/165/16 dt.26.02.2004 Approval of sources for procurement of items pertaining to IL & AC coaches
103 No.2003/Elect(G)/135/1 Pt. dt.09.03.2004 Approval of sources for procurement of electrical  items pertaining to electric locomotive, EMU, MEMU, AC, TL & Traction distribution installation.
104 No.99/Elect(G)/165/16 dt.10.03.2004 Approval of sources for procurement of items pertaining to IL & AC coaches