(Embodying All Correction Slips issued 3 dated 25.08.2023 )






Pursuant to the recommendations of the Railway Convention Committee, 1971, the erstwhile Indian Railway General Code was re-written in two separate texts under the titles " The Indian Railway Administration and Finance—An Introduction " and " Indian Railway Finance Code ". The first re-written edition of the Indian Railway Administration and Finance Code deleting all obsolete provisions of the erstwhile General Code and incorporating all procedural changes introduced over the years on the specified subjects of general application to all departments dealing with Advances, Arrear claims, Disallowance and objections and Record of Service of railway employees, vis-a-vis general information on Organisation, Management structure, objectives, accountability of the railways to the public and Parliament. Operational and Financial planning and Financial Structure in general was published in 1976.

2. Since then several provisions of the existing 1976 edition of this code book have undergone changes. With a view to suit the present day need, it has been felt necessary to update and revise the existing 1976 edition. In this revised edition, all modifications and additions issued up to correction slip No. 2 dated 16-7-1991, have been incorporated.

3. The provisions included in this revised edition supersede all rules and orders contained in 1976 edition to the extent these have been revised and incorporated herein.

4. As per policy of the Govt. of India, this edition is also being printed in diglot. All corrections to this code book, if and when found necessary, will be issued serially numbered duly printed in Hindi and English on one side of the paper, so that these may be cut and pasted at the appropriate places of the book.

5. Suggestions for improvement in this code book including amendments and corrections or errors and omissions, if any, would be welcome and may be addressed through the proper channel to the Secretary, Railway Board.

    NEW DELHI                                                                                                                                         MASIHUZZAMAN                                                                                                           Dated : 30-12-1992.  

                                                                                                                            Secretary, Railway Board.



1. Index letters for Codes.—The following index letters are used for distinguishing the several Indian Railway Codes from each other :-
A—Accounts Department
E—Engineering Department
F—Financial Code
G—Administration & Finance—an Introduction .
R—Establishment Code
S—-Stores Code
T—Traffic Department (Commercial)
W—-Mechanical Department (Workshops)

2. Paragraphs Numbers.-For convenience of indexing and of reference, the paragraphs have been numbered according to a 3/4 figure "Code", in which the last two figures give the number of the paragraph and the remaining figures the number of the Chapter. Thus paragraph 101 of any code is paragraph I of Chapter I of that code and paragraph 1421, paragraph 21 of Chapter XIV.

3. Reference to paragraphs.-Reference to the paragraphs of a code is made by putting the paragraph number, suffixed by the index letter of the code concerned. Thus 1335-R. I means paragraph 35 of Chapter XIII of the Indian Railway Establishment Code, Volume I and 5 Appendix Vlll-R. I means paragraph 5 of Appendix VIII of the Indian Railway Establishment Code, Volume I.

4. Reference to " Forms ".-'The " forms " referred to in any of the Indian Railway Codes (except the Establishment Code) take the number of the paragraph of the code in which they are described, the index letter of the code in question being prefixed to the number of the paragraph in which the form is Illustrated. Thus W-703 Is the form that is described and Illustrated in paragraph 3 of Chapter VII of the Indian Railway Code for the Mechanical Department (Workshops).

5. Correction Slips.—The correction slips will be printed on one side and issued in separate series for each code so that these may be cut and pasted against the relevant rules.

6. Index to Correction Slips.—To facilitate reference to correction slips that have been issued to the Codes an up-to-date index of correction slips is published from time-to-time showing for each Code the paragraph or rule numbers affected by correction slips and the numbers of such correction slips. This Index may be paste inside the cover of each Code.