Para No.          Subject
20600 Operation of Isolator Switches
20601  Isolators in Yards and Sheds
20602 Maintenance Blocks
20603 Power Blocks
20604 Emergency Power Block
20605 Reporting Abnormalities in OHE
20606 Request for Emergency Power Block
20607 Action to be taken by TPC
20608 Precautions after Emergency Power Block is imposed
20609 Identification of Sectors, Sub-sectors and Elementary Sections
20610 Telephone Messages
20611 Procedure for obtaining Traffic or Power Blocks and Permits-to-Work
20612 Pre-arranged Power Block
20613 Restoration of Supply after a Permit-to-work is returned
20614 Work by other than Authorized persons
20615 Local Cancellation of Permit-to-work when Telephones are Interrupted
20616 Multiple Working Parties
20617  Entries in the Log Book
20618 Work Inside Loco shed or Car shed
20619  Local Block
20620 Protective Measures for Power blocks
20621 Longitudinal Protection
20622 Transverse or Cross Protection
20623 Procedure for Arranging Longitudinal and Transverse Protection
20624 Station Working Rules for Longitudinal and Transverse Protection
20625 Protection of Dead section
20626 Shunting Movement Towards Dead Section
20627 Movement of other than Electric Trains
20628 Standard Forms for Power Block Messages