Para No.   Subject
20500 Remote Control Centre
20501 Manning of RCC
20502 Knowledge of Rules
20503 Entry into RCC
20504 Shift Duty
20505 Shift Duty Register
20506 Repair and Adjustment of RC Equipment
20507 Switching Operations to be Deliberate
20508 Liaison with Section Controller
20509 Prompt Attention to Telephone calls
20510 Log Book
20511 Movements of Maintenance Staff
20512 Checking of Time
20513 Alarm Circuits
20514 Emergency Generator Set
20515 Duties of Chief Traction Power Controller
20516 Duties of Traction Power Controller
20517 Failures of Traction Power supply
20518 Failures of Grid Supply
20519 Prolonged Power Supply Failures
20520 Faults on Railway Equipment and Lines
20521 Lowering Pantograph of Defective Locos
20522 Isolation of Faulty Section
20523 Faulty Section to be kept isolated
20524 Advice to Section Controller
20525 Information to Traction Staff
20526 Action to Rectify OHE Fault
20527 Emergency Telephone Working.
20528 Breakdowns and Emergencies.
20529 Obstruction of Tracks - Protective Steps to be taken by TPC