Para No. Subject
21000 General
21001 Preparation by Open Line
21002 Organisation for Inspection and Taking over
21003 Duties of Sr.DEE/TrD
21004 Duties of Sr.DEE/RS
21005 Responsibility of Construction Organisation
21006 Commissioning of Traction Substations
21007 Sanction of CEE and Electrical Inspector to the Railway
21008 Notification Regarding Energization of OHE
21009 Application to CRS
21010 Procedure for Energization
21011 Precautions to be taken for Progressive Energization of OHE
21012 Final Inspection by CRS for the Introduction of Commercial Services
21013 Sanction of CRS
21000 Anti-theft Energization
21015 Responsibility for Maintenance and Provisional Acceptance certificate
21016 Contractors Responsibility During the Guarantee Period
21017 Failure of Equipment after Commissioning and During the Guarantee Period
21018 History Sheet
21019 Final Acceptance Certificate.
21020 Standard Forms